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"Are you sure this is going to work?" Toph asked.

We found Toph and Sokka before we tried to get to the spirit world. Some one needed to help guard Aang's body ever since that incident at the North Pole and only 1 person wasn't enough. Plus we thought Sokka might have some ideas.

The door was locked and we were in a meditating room. It was small, but big so it could hold 4 to 5 people and still have room to breath. Aang and I were hanging out on the floor waiting for people to be quiet.

"I'm sure it will work its fool proof!" Sokka said

"That's what you said last time." Toph grumbled

The plan was to for me and Aang to get into the meditating position with our arms linked. They told me to follow what Aang did and to think about the destination: The Spirit World.

"Would you guys shut up you're making me nervous!" I screamed with my voice bouncing off the walls. Even Toph looked scared.

Aang got into his position. His legs crossed, fists closed and put together, no emotion on his face. I followed. Then I linked my right arm around his left arm and thought of our destination. A hazy place with many arches and rocks. Green grass everywhere with flowers in multiple places. Tall Sakuro trees and bamboo. A paradise. Then Aang's tattoo's and eyes started to glow and everything went blank.

"Lilly…Lilly… wake up…we made it." I heard Aang say as he shook me gently

"We did?" I asked while sitting up and rubbing my head

The place looked exactly as I imagined it, except it was prettier in real life. Aang and I looked like shadows. I tried to bend in order to heal my aching head. I couldn't!

"Aang! I can't bend!" I yelled

"It's okay. Nothing can hurt you here." Aang reassured while helping me up.

' Dai Ja vou'

"Now what?" I asked

"Umm… I think we should find Avatar Roku." Aang replied

"Avatar who?" I asked confused.

'All these names are confusing'

"Avatar Roku, The Avatar before me." Aang answered

All of a sudden a man in a red robe with long white hair and a long white beard appeared in front of us.

"Looking for me?" He asked playfully

"Avatar Roku!" Aang exclaimed while bowing

"Aang. Good to see you, but I believe Waterlilly is the person I should be talking to. Aang! Why don't you go and visit a friend?" Roku said motioning to a panda.

"Kawaii!(1)" I yelled

"Haibi" Aang exclaimed giving it a hug and jumping on it's back.

Walked off a distance before Roku turned to me. Before I could say a word he began speaking.

"Waterlilly. You have been brought here for a reason. All the past Avatars agreed that some one with a pure heart and who knew how to survive while traveling needed to help the Avatar and his friends. We looked around this world and couldn't find anyone, so instead we turned to your world and we found you. Once the Avatar has stopped the war you will have a big decision to make. You will be able to return home or stay here. You haven't been here long enough to make that decision yet and we hope you do not worry about it. You will know which choice when the time comes. You have been granted one of the Avatars powers to help you on your journey. That power is the Avatar State. The Avatar State is a defense mechanism that allows the past Avatars to tap into your mind and use their bending to help get you out of danger. It is triggered when you show signs of high emotion such as anger, or sorrow. Now I fear the worlds are slowly getting farther. Find Aang and tell him that Haibi will lead both of you back home." With that said he disappeared leaving me standing alone in a small pond.

"Aang!" I yelled running in the direction he went. "Aang where are you!"

"Over here!" He said.

I turned around and found him hanging off a Sakuro branch with its pink leaves in his face. Haibi was napping near the tree.

"We need to go. Avatar Roku said Haibi would lead us back home." I said

He jumped down. His gravity took over due too the fact that he couldn't use Airbending and he fell over. I helped him up. We jumped on Haibi's back and we rode like lightening back to the same place we arrived. Once we stepped foot under the archway the world went black again.

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(1) Kawaii means cute in Japanese