Living With A Sneaky Devil

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT (Author's Note): The ugly truth comes here. I'm sorry to say but I guess I have neglected myself and this story (and others) for way too long—To be honest with you, readers, I must confess that I lost all interest in writing this story. All in all, I won't necessarily leave you hanging, I have written the ending. But the bad news is that it's summarized so I'm so sorry that you'd waited this long to see a cliff and no proper ending. I will probably start something new, and it wont be TGND (that might be left on it's on). Carnal Desires might be slightly altered since I haven't written much and I lost the point in the current plot.

Summarized ending: (Continuing after Chapter 20):

Athrun is forced to leave the Hibiki property after causing a ruckus. He knew that fighting his once-friend was no use and still with Kira's unwillingness to let him see Cagalli, Athrun finally left. The hidden pregnancy of Cagalli still fresh in his mind, Athrun doubts that the baby is his, thinking Cagalli might have been seeing Canard behind his back. And after a day of no rest, in the morning at work, Athrun soon finds out that he's being sued by leaking company confidential papers to Gilbert Durandal, a client, and secretly working for one of the company's competitors. Athrun's forced to take a leave of absence from work.

Cagalli decides to keep the baby (if that's not said already) and move to somewhere quiet. She still has no idea that Dearka and the gang spilled the beans about her pregnancy to Athrun or that he came by to see her many times after that (Kira still wouldn't let him in; warning him of restriction orders). As she announces to everyone that she's keeping the baby, she moves to her family lake house with her mom and a couple of maids in hand. She refuses Kira to visit her until he agrees to respect her choices (which likely was not going to happen after he stormed out of the house later after her announcement).

Athrun goes to court with proof of not leaking company files; it was all going well till Meyrin showed up. After several proofs of him committing the obscene crime, Athrun outrage decides to fight her. To his bad luck, the only lawyer who could help him in this mess was the only person who wouldn't let him see Cagalli was Kira Hibiki, Cagalli's brother.

(Kira refused to work for Athrun but knowing it will be a good advantage for his law firm company, he took on the challenge. Little success came over their poor collaboration knowing his animosity towards Athrun was bad, the lost of the case was so close.

Between the four months that Athrun dragged on the court work with little and sometimes no sleep at all, Athrun, in the meanwhile tried to locate Cagalli after he heard from Dearka who was talking to Miri earlier on—(Apparently Shinn's mother knows Cagalli's mother, who told him as a gossip, who told his girlfriend, Stella about Cagalli's identity, who spilled the beans to Miri, who later on told Dearka, who was asking a lot of questions concerning her friendship with Cagalli. It was a huge linking mess.) —that Cagalli moved away from the mansion. With the help of Dearka, he locates Cagalli. But with the hurtful knowledge that she doesn't want to see him, he makes Dearka check on her every so often with Miri and Stella tagging along.

Still with Kira's animosity not subsiding and the pain that he was not to see his ever-growing womb in his sister's belly, Kira finds out from Canard that all the little gifts that her former coworkers came with were actually from Athrun. It was a surprise to see his sister smile again when he finally went and visited her)—He decided to finally dig in the case, for Cagalli's sake, not Athrun's.)

Finding the key solution to the case with the help of Kira, who expose his knowledge of knowing about the presents and Dearka's visits to Athrun, he apologized. And also confides in him about Meyrin's visit to one of the buildings that Kira was making legal meetings in (she dropped off a package).

Athrun soon finds out, after several secret testing, Meyrin's been lying to him all along. The womb in her wasn't real. And He finds out from a lab test that she was infertile. And that Canard's gay.

Athrun comes next early afternoon on the seventh month in the courthouse to find Dearka pulling him out in the middle of the finishing settlements to tell him about Cagalli's emergency. Athrun knew that it wasn't Cagalli's due date yet, so that couldn't be it. He finally finds out that Cagalli accidentally slip from the middle of the staircase. Quickly resolving the case, the company's charges on him are put off; Athrun and Kira run to the hospital.

Cagalli gives premature birth to a baby girl. But after the painful birth to her daughter, the doctors realize that there's a critical blood lost on the baby, Cagalli almost loses her if not without the blood transfusion from the father's blood type. Refusing to see Athrun, who was standing outside the room, she realized all the stuff that happen, all the visits from her friends, and presents, were all by Athrun. Cagalli demanded responses from Dearka, everyone, even Kira. Hearing the ugly truth, Cagalli was silent for a minute, she watched as her daughter heart monitor dropped. Frowning, she gave an Ok.

After recovery, Cagalli silently thanked Athrun and told him she would take her daughter with her to Milan, Italy, were Dad's company was primarily stationed, so she wouldn't be an eyesore to him. Rejecting his repetitious apologizes, Cagalli told him her wishes to be alone, just with her daughter.

On the one month she spent in the hospital, she finds out from Kira about Meyrin's awful blackmailing, fake pregnancy, and the final divorce papers, and uninterested she listened about Athrun worsening health. Though, deeply inside, she didn't know how to repair things with him. It hurt, it still does.

The night she was to flight out to Milan with her dad, she's surrounded by all her friends and family. She finds out from her former boss, Mwu La Fllaga that Athrun nightly comes in the café and has the same dessert at the same exact time, pays, then leaves, only to come back the next night. Finding it none of her business, Cagalli suddenly gets a call from an unknown caller telling her in a deep tone that Athrun was going to die. Thinking it was a prank call Cagalli's attention caught a maid scream about a man with dark blue hair on the back lawn with oozing blood with a knife to his chest.

Cagalli's panic caught to her when she dashed out to the garden, Audrey in her hands, to see Athrun's body laying there, a knife to his chest. Hearing Athrun's last words shocked her. The proposal of his true feelings to her made her cry. With her response to his feelings, she agreed to give them a chance, once again, if he nursed himself back to health.

But sooner she saw him raise from the grass pulling out the fake knife off his unwounded chest, smearing off the oozing red dye off his shirt, with a low chuckle, the hand that she's been holding back into a tightening fist met his jaw, hard.

Trying to push him off from crushing their daughter, their lips met. It was almost bittersweet from all the events.

Her friends and family planned Athrun's little murder scene all along, Cagalli figured. She was a bit relieved to have him back. The scent of him reminded her of the things she missed about him.

Four years after they got back together, Athrun and Cagalli celebrated their little girl's fourth birthday in Kira's beach house. Carrying a little boy in her arms and one more in her womb, Cagalli felt overjoyed at the little wonders she and Athrun made. And not regretting the decisions made, as she was young, she felt wonderful to at least have known the horrendous experience might indeed have a beautiful ending.

For Kira and Lacus, they had a little boy of their own, followed by another boy then another one. Sadly to say their hopes of having a girl soon stopped when their brood finally hit five children with twins in tow, and they were all boys, unfortunately. They both love them either way.

Stella and Shinn couldn't conceive after their second miscarriage, so they adopted a little girl from Ethiopia.

Dearka became a father after he repeatedly chased Miriallia for three years straight. He's happily to have finally settle down with a wonderful woman, who sometimes admit of the regret of marrying him when he gets a bit too libidinous. And that's not particularly in the bedroom.

End of Living With A Sneaky Devil.

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