Title: Roommates Diary II - Double Date In Hell (Part I)
Author: ficeler37
Note: Don't own Mai-Hime. I'll let Sunrise take the credit.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1345

Summary: Shizuru and Natsuki are now roommates, but they seem to be stuck at that "better than friends but not yet lovers" stage. Will there be any breakthroughs in their relationship in the near future? (Oh my god, that sounds so cheesy. I'm not very good with summaries. So just bare with me.) In this chapter, Natsuki, Mai, and Mikoto are having lunch in Fuka High school. (If you want to read something interesting, just skip the summary.)

A/N : I'm actually going to attempt to write something with a plot this time. Hopefully I won't fail too horribly. Same old style - fluff plus comedy equals ficeler37's fic. I'll try to do some more omakes this time around. Happy belated New Year!


A week has passed since Natsuki and Shizuru moved in together. Many things happened during the short amount of time. Mostly good things from Shizuru's point of view, but also some unforgettable moments that both girls would prefer never to live through again. To the curious ones out there, let's just say that Natsuki is forever banned from her own kitchen. But no matter what bizarre events are thrown at the two girls, in the end they always manage to move on with a smile. Who cares if half the kitchen is coal black? Who cares if they were sent to the hospital for two days battling food poisoning? As long as they are together, they can face anything. But will their happy days as roommates last forever?

At the sound of the lunch bell in Fuka High School, Kuga Natsuki takes out her bento from her backpack and steps out of her classroom, heading towards her usual meeting place with Mai and Mikoto. As soon as the sound of her footsteps disappears from the hallway, quiet murmurings begin to surface in the student-filled room.

"Hey, have you noticed that Kuga-san has been preparing her own lunch for the past week?" "Yea, I know. That's so weird. Anyone who shares home economics class with her knows that she can't cook." "Well, maybe she took some cooking lessons over the weekend." "Oh my god, maybe she moved in with someone who cooks!" (Short pause) "C'mon, that's not possible. Kuga-san is our ice princess." "Haha, you're right. Who can tame someone like her?"

"Achoo." Natsuki sneezes suddenly as she leans on a cherry blossom tree, waiting for her orange-haired busty friend and her feline counterpart. "Someone better not be talking about me behind my back…"

Moments later, two running figures come into the blue haired girl's view. "Sorry, Natsuki. Have you been waiting for long?" Mai brings up her hand in an apologetic manner and pulls on Mikoto's skirt to make the jumpy middle schooler sit down with her.

"Nah, don't worry about it. Why don't you hurry up and go feed your pet? Don't mean to be rude, but she's burning a hole through my bento box with her eyes." With furrowed brows, Natsuki turns her body in order to shield her bento box from the feral gaze.

"Natsuki's lunch smells so good. Can I have some?" Closing her eyes to enhance her sense of smell, Mikoto begins to sway towards where Natsuki is sitting.

"No, go bug your owner and step back. You're going to put drool all over my bento." Modifying the traditional Japanese custom to chase away demons with beans, Natsuki picks up some grass and throws them at the approaching body with an annoyed look.

"Natsuki, you don't seem excited at all to see me. Now that you have Kaichou to make you love bentos everyday, you don't need me anymore…" Mai hides her face behind her hands as her shoulder trembles intermittently. Any passerby from afar will think that Mai is going through an emotional breakup.

"You're faking it. I can tell. I live with the mistress of deceit, remember?" Rolling her eyes with a sigh, Natsuki carefully unknots the handkerchief around the bento.

Mai brings down her hands and pouts. "I'm going to tell Kaichou you called her that." Now that Kaichou is back in Natsuki's life, payback is just too easy.

"Mai, Natsuki threw grass at me, tell Kaichou about that too!" Mikoto buries her face in Mai's soft bosoms and complains like a spoiled child. "Can I have my lunch now?"

"Why … you two …" Numerous crosses appear on Natsuki's forehead. If Shizuru hears any strange rumors about today, I swear I'm going to make your life hell, Tokiha Mai.

An unexpected shout halts Natsuki's attempt to throw more grass at the duo. "Oh no! Where are my lunch boxes?" A few more seconds of frantic digging in her backpack later, Mai looks down worriedly at the petite girl in her lap. "Mikoto, how do you feel about getting some delicious curry buns at the school cafeteria?"

"EHHHH???" The black haired girl instantly narrows her eyes at the tempting bento just a few feet away. "Mikoto wants food NOW."

A looming black shadow is all she sees as Natsuki picks up her head after shuffling some mayonnaise shumais in her mouth. When she looks down at her lap again, she finds that the neatly prepared lunch box is now being held by two pairs of hands. "Hey, what are you doing? Let go! Shizuru made this for me, not for you."

"Natsuki can eat curry buns from the school cafeteria. Mikoto is hungry now." Two black braids swing freely in the air as their possessor shakes her head passionately while grabbing onto the little box of food with newfound strength.

"Mikoto, you get your butt over here right … Oh my goodness …" Everything seems to be happening in slow motion according to Mai. Tiny shumais and dumplings perform an aerial dance with speckles of rice raining in the background. As soon as everything hits the ground, cries of disappointment shoot out from two different directions.

Within seconds, Mikoto's natural instinct drives her to scramble behind Mai's back. Actually anyone with a normal vision can see steam coming out of the top of Natsuki's head.

"Natsuki, listen. We can talk about this." Move, damn feet, move!

"You can talk to what is left of Shizuru's cooking in the mud. I'll only say this once. Give her to me." With each step she takes, Natsuki's face contorts to a more menacing degree. How dare you ruin Shizuru's hardwork!

Soft whimpers on her back remind Mai that she needs to come up with a distraction quickly. "Hey, this is a great opportunity for you to go take Kaichou out for a surprise lunch."

The idea enters Natsuki's mind for the first time and stops her in her track. "Alright, why should I do that today? I'm picking her up after school anyways. I can wait for a few more hours before meeting up with her."

"Natsuki, I have one word for you." How thick can this girl's skull be? I feel bad for Kaichou sometimes …

"And that is …" Natsuki raises an eyebrow.

"Romance." Mai replies with a cheeky grin.

"Ro … ro … what?" If a thermometer is put in Natsuki's mouth, the mercury inside will probably burst through the top immediately. "Why do I need to be romantic towards Shizuru? She and I are just … We are not …" Damnit, what are we?

Fine, I'll give you a break. "By the time you figure out where you stand with Kaichou, her lunch break is going to be over. Natsuki, stop over analyzing everything. Just go!" To emphasize her point, Mai turns Natsuki's body around roughly and gives her back a solid push. Nicely done. Disaster dodged.

Still not really sure how she ends up dashing towards the forest for her motorcycle, Natsuki nevertheless smiles at the prospect of seeing her lovely roommate in a few minutes. Can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees me. I mean, she won't turn me away …right?


----Omake begins----

Mai: C'mon, Mikoto. The big bad is gone now. Let's head over to the … What are you doing?

A crouching Mikoto looks up at Mai with a mouthful of muddy dumplings.

Mikoto: Huh? Wha diju say?

Mai: Spit everything out! You're gonna get sick!

Mikoto: (Swallows hard) What about the Five Seconds Rule?

Mai: I don't think that applies when the food falls on a muddy surface.

Mikoto: (Pout) If only Miroku is still around …

Mai: What does Miroku have to do with this?

Mikoto: In the past, if I saw that food was about to fall on the ground, I just called out Miroku to catch everything so that the food would remain mud-free.

Mai: Don't tell me that's how you came up with the underground spikes attack …

----Omake ends----