I hate it when you say it,

But it only feels right when you do,

From anyone else it's just an empty word.

You bring up my anger

You take away my words,

You only leave me confused.

You say you love me,

I say I hate you,

My name has no meaning, now that I've met you.

One with out love,

My name means nothing

When you are near.

I can not return your feelings,

I can not return you love,

Not even if I know who I am.

Memories lost,

Memories gained,

I only whished I could be the same.

Before he left,

Before you arrived,

Why can't that damn girl refer to herself as 'I'?

New friends,

New memories,

I wished I had my old life back.

You say you love me,

Please take it back,

Please spare me the pain,

Of being loved.