Chapter 1: Heartbreak

Elizabeth had no idea that Will had seen the kiss she shared with Jack. She honestly hadn't been able to focus during it. All she could think about was how disgusting the situation was. Kissing a pirate was one thing Elizabeth hoped she'd never have to do again!

She honestly didn't care for Jack in even the slightest way. If she had of, she certainly wouldn't have chained him to the Pearl. The man she loved was Will. He was perfect for her, everything she'd ever wanted in a man. She couldn't wait to marry him, but Will's thoughts were not on marriage at all.

Will felt his heart being ripped out inside of him. How could she do this to him? The woman he loved was betraying him and for Jack Sparrow of all men! This was absurd! How dare she! There was no way they could move past this. As far as Will was concerned, their relationship was over.

Will didn't even think he could speak to Elizabeth. She'd betrayed him. He'd trusted her and she'd let him down. He knew he'd never be able to trust her again and even he could she didn't love him now. She loved Jack.

How could Jack have done this to him? What could he have possibly done that he deserved this for? Jack knew how much Will loved Elizabeth. He knew how important Elizabeth was to him, so why did he do it?

Perhaps Jack really didn't want to do it, but it was all Elizabeth's fault. That definitely didn't make Will feel much better at all. From either perspective his fiancé had kissed Captain Jack Sparrow. She no longer cared for him. It was over.

Will knew what he needed to do. He had to leave. He couldn't stay here. He thought he could handle it. He thought he could save Jack to ask what had really happened between him and Elizabeth, but now he knew he could not.

It was over. There would be no more Will and Elizabeth. From now on it was just Will, no Elizabeth.

Will faced the rest of the crew sitting in Tia Dalma's room. "I'm not going to be joining you on your quest to World's End," he announced.

"Why not?" Elizabeth asked.

Will tried to remain as calm as possible while he spoke to her. "I think you know why."

"I honestly can't say I do."

"I saw what you did on that ship."

Elizabeth's eyes widened. He'd seen her kiss Jack. He probably hadn't seen her chain him to the ship though. This was not going to be easy to explain.

Will left the hut. He had no idea where he was going, but that didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore.

"Will wait!" Elizabeth yelled running after him.

"I do not wish to talk to you!" Will yelled, not even looking at her.

"Will please, let me explain."

"Sometimes our actions explain more than our words."

Elizabeth paused, not knowing what to say. Will continued walking away. She knew she had to stop him before he was gone forever.

"Will please, wait!"

"Wait for what, you to rip out my heart again, stomp on it and smash it into 100 tiny pieces and then you try to convince me that you still care about me? Is that what you're planning on doing Elizabeth? Well, let me tell you that I will not be tolerating this anymore!"

Tears came to Elizabeth's eyes. "It wasn't what it looked like, honestly. You know I'd never hurt you, Will."

Will continued walking away. There was no point in having this conversation. One can only get their heart broken so many times in one day.

"Will please," Elizabeth begged, "You're making a big mistake!"

"No! You were the one who made the big mistake when you kissed Jack!"

"It was nothing, Will honest!"

Will finally stopped walking. "It sure didn't look like nothing."

"It was nothing, honest. I was kissing him, yes, but for a good reason."

Tears came to Will's eyes, tears that he had been fighting for quite awhile now. How could she possibly have a good reason to be kissing one man when she was engaged to another?

"While I was kissing him, I shackled him to the ship, Will," Elizabeth explained, "There was nothing between us. It was just a distraction to prevent him from noticing what I was really doing."

Will felt somewhat relieved to hear this, but still wondered whether or not she was telling the truth. He still couldn't even look at her.

Elizabeth looked at Will, sadness shining in her eyes. "You do believe me, don't you?"

"I'm not so sure if I do."

More and more tears began pouring out of Elizabeth's eyes. She had possibly just lost the most important thing in her life and all because of some bloody pirate!

"The Kraken was after Jack, not us. By sending him down with the ship I saved our lives!" she tried explaining.

Will had to agree that did make a lot of sense, but even still did she have to kiss him?

"Will please, I love you too much to let it end like this."

That made Will feel slightly better. She just told him she loved him, but did she really mean it or was she just going to break his heart again?



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