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Chapter 26: Through It All

Will was at a point in his life when everything seemed right. He'd reached this point twice before. One being the day Elizabeth first told him she loved him and the second being the day he was suppose to have married Elizabeth. That hadn't gone as planned though. The two of them had been through difficult times together he had no doubt of that.

There was one thing right now that wasn't entirely right in Will's life however. It was close to it that was for sure, but not quite there and that was something he was going to fix tonight!

"Will!" Elizabeth yelled as she came running up behind him.

"Elizabeth?" he responded.

"You must certainly be happy today. Reuniting with your father, destroying Davy Jones... It's been amazing."

Will nodded.

"But now I have one question for you, Mr. Turner."

"And what's that?"

"Where are we off to next?" she asked, "We can't very well return to Port Royal since we are indeed criminals there now..."

"Well since you have such a longing for piracy, as you've previously proven, I suggest we pick up a crew in Tortuga and begin our life as pirates."

Elizabeth thought for a second then nodded. "Yes, I wouldn't mind that."

Will smiled.

"But what of my father?" Elizabeth asked.

"Who says pirates can't stop at Port Royal occasionally? As long as we don't get caught we're fine and if we do, I just so happen to know how to get out of their jail cells."

"I wonder if he'd come pirating with us."

"I doubt it," Will said, "But you never know."

Suddenly Will's expression changed to a very serious one. "Elizabeth," he spoke.


Will wasn't exactly sure how to word exactly what he wanted to say, but he knew it must be said. He couldn't hold this off any longer, his heart wouldn't let him.

"We've been through a lot together," he stated.

Elizabeth nodded in response.

"Difficult circumstances occurred, but we've always managed to overcome them," Will explained as he gently grasped her hands in his.

"Not many women have come into my life Elizabeth," he continued, "But out of those few women who have, none of them can even begin to compare to you.

I know this isn't the first time you've heard this from me. I know it's been done before, but Elizabeth we weren't as strong before. My trust in you wasn't what it should have been. I should have known you never had any feelings for Jack. I shouldn't have doubted it even for a moment.

But we've surpassed that, Elizabeth. We've made it through the difficult times, the simple ones, everything, but through it all there's one thing that's never changed--the fact that I love you.

I can't say my love for you has stayed the same because it's grown. I never thought it possible that I could love you anymore than I did, but it is possible. I know that now.

Elizabeth, without you I am nothing. I know I've told you that a million times over, but it's true.

Elizabeth, I love you and it would make me the happiest man alive if you'd marry me... again, but this time we'll actually go through with it."

"Will," Elizabeth smiled, "I would have to be a complete fool not to."

Upon hearing her response Will leaned in to kiss his fiancée.

Neither Will nor Elizabeth knew it, but nearby Bootstrap was watching. He hadn't heard the entire conversation, but he'd heard enough to know what was happening and truthfully he couldn't be any happier.

In all honestly Bootstrap had never been 100 certain that Will would come back, but the fact that he had made him incredibly happy. Finally he was free--free to be with his son and his soon to be daughter-in-law.

And so the newly engaged couple and the on looking father all felt ridiculously happy for what seemed like the first time in forever. Life couldn't be better. As far as they were concerned it was perfect. Never again would they be without the ones they loved.

Now father and son could be together and perhaps more importantly Will and Elizabeth could also be together. They had each other now for the bad times, the good times and whatever else life may bring their way. They were stronger now than they'd ever been. Now they'd always have each other. They'd always be together, through it all.



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