Chibi-Kari: This was originally going to be a one-shot, but after starting it I decided that I would make it multi-chaptered after I figured out some ways to make if funnier than I planned. Most of the characters will be in here. Like An and Fuji…well at least those two…and Inui. I don't own and the title for the story is a line from my story Halfway Down the Block.

In which Momo meddles and gets hit by seven tennis balls and Ryoma's racquet…twice

Chapter 1- Life is Brilliant

The sun was setting; light pink and dark purples filled the sky as Ryoma watched from the hill where he and Sakuno were sprawled out.

"Ryoma-kun?" Her voice was soft as she cut into his exhaustion.

"Hmm?" He grunted lightly as he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye.

She giggled slightly shocking him enough to turn his head to see her, something he wished he hadn't done when it only made him more tired. "I know I shouldn't have…but I really enjoyed that. It was fun."

He sighed in exasperation as he hoisted himself in an upright position, "That was not how I wanted to spend our one month anniversary." He said gesturing vaguely with his arm.

He had definitely lost his composure, but really no one could keep their composure after what he had been through today. And to think, everything had started out so perfectly this morning. Practice had been cancelled because of family issues, which meant because it was Ryoma and Sakuno's anniversary. He was disappointed by this, but really if he couldn't play tennis he wouldn't want to do anything other then spend time with his shy and beautiful girlfriend…well normally shy and silent, at the moment she was anything but…as she was giggling wildly.

"The sunset is beautiful. This day couldn't have been more perfect." Sakuno said as her giggles subsided and she glanced over at Ryoma brushing his hand lightly with her own. Her face immediately turned red as she quickly tried to yank her hand back. With a smirk Ryoma snatched it into his own.

"Mada Mada Dane."


"Mom, stop fixing my shirt. It's fine." Ryoma squirmed under his mother's hands as she tried to fix his shirt for the fifth time that morning.

"This is really important, Ryoma. I can't believe my baby has been dating one girl for a month!" She finally stopped to brush her hand under her eyes lightly.

"Don't fuss over him like that. Women love scruffy men!" With his tennis honed skills Nanajiro brought his hand to his son's hair and messed it up before his wife could shoo him away.

"Uncle! Women do not like scruffy men!" Noriko threw her uncle to the side as she smoothed Ryoma's hair.

"Oh yeah! Why did your aunt fall in love with me then?"

Ryoma slipped towards the door as his father and cousin started one of their routine fights.

"Because you're rich!"

"That isn't true! She loves me because I'm scruffy!"

"No I don't! I love you because you're so incredibly dense." Ryoma's mother glanced towards the door as her son slipped out. "Something I think your son got."

"See! Wha-Wait." Nanajiro looked around the now empty room. "Fine, I'll just get one of my trusty magazines…they never insult me or let me down."

Ryoma shook his head as he walked down the street. Some things would never change. His father would always be perverse, his cousin would always be argumentative, his mother would always ignore both of them, and his girlfriend would always be waiting for him outside of her house.

Sakuno waved slightly as she saw Ryoma come into view. He smirked as he walked right passed her front gate and glanced back to make sure she was following him.

"Oi! Couldn't you just open the gate for her?" A young man skidded in front of Ryoma and Sakuno as they waited to cross the street.

"Hello, Momo-senpai." Sakuno greeted.

"Hi. Why do you let this kid treat you like that? Any gentleman would have opened the gate for you to walk through. Especially on your one month anniversary." Momo shook his head as he glanced at a fuming Ryoma. Ryoma wasn't one to take criticism, especially in front of his precious Sakuno. Momo rubbed the side of his head slightly as he remembered correcting Ryoma in front of Sakuno once…he was sure he had a concussion after Ryoma was through with him.

Sakuno only giggled lightly, "He doesn't do it any other day. Of course he wouldn't do it today. If he started he knows he'd have to keep doing it."

"Ah, so he's just too lazy. Well, that is something I knew already." Momo broke out into full laughter until contact with his head caused him to fall off his bike.

"Ryoma-kun! You really shouldn't have thrown a tennis ball at his head!" Sakuno started to lightly berate as Ryoma grabbed her hand and took off down the street leaving Momo behind on the ground.

"That boy is going to ruin this day." Momo muttered, "Unless I do something about it. Momo-chan to the rescue!"


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