Random Thoughts of a Musical Fairy

Summary: You thought I was odd before, you ain't seen nothin' yet folks. This story is set in Musa's POV. And it's very crazy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Winx Club. If I did Riven would appear more often and there'd be a few more dolls of him. And Bloom would have punched out Sky/ Brandon whoever.

Dedication: Las chicas muy locas. I think I translated that to the very crazy girls. If not- that's who it's dedicated to.

Chapter One: Musings

I'm sitting here reading at the book Professor Wizgiz assigned for metamorphosis class thinking of the events that occurred last week. Okay, staring would be more accurate because I wasn't getting any work done. But it's not my fault! Stupid Bloom and her stupid boyfriend are doing stupid making out stuff in the hallway! So I can't study! Have a listen:

"Oh Sky!"

"Oh Bloom."

It's enough to make you lose your lunch. Which I believe I did and now I'm hungry. You know it's too bad this isn't a fanfic because then I could find some fried chicken in my closet or at least a sandwich. Man I'd love a tuna sandwich right now.

Flora looks a bit nauseous as she enters my dorm room. Well, who wouldn't be with that crap going on out there? I know I'd definitely lose my lunch. That is if I hadn't already done so.

"Hey Flora." I say smiling. My floral fairy friend says nothing. Just grabs the bottle of antacids Tecna bought us for just such an occurrence.

"Sky!" Calls an arrogant sounding male voice, causing the inane making out to cease. "Stop the make out session and let's get down to business with what Codatorta sent us over here for."

'My savior.' I think happily. Then I look up to see who it was. Riven. Oh joy unbounded. Thank you, but I'd rather just vomit. Oh no! Wait! Wait a minute he's staring at my ass! Who gave him permission to stare at my perfectly shaped ass? Okay, he's cute. He can stare. 'But he'd better not open his mouth to speak to me.'

"Hey Musa. I didn't know you had books without pictures." The magenta haired boy quipped

'Too late.'

"Oh Riven don't pick on her. Musa's trying to study."

'Flora- here to rescue me as usual. Goddess bless Flora.'

"Is it emphasis on the trying?" I hear Riven ask in his usual look at me I'm a hot jerk tone

"Who knows?"

'Goddess kill Flora'

"So what business do you have here?" Layla asks. Dear Layla, shall I mention now that she's my favorite, or shall I wait and see what she Says about me? "You know, besides making out with your girlfriend and hitting on the other students?" Yes, Layla is my favorite; I love how Brandon is petrified of her.

"There's a new threat in Magix and it can't be stopped by magic." Timmy says. The poor guy is sweating buckets; this makes me wonder if he's scared of Layla too. Or perhaps he should just invest in armpit shields. Either way I pity Tecna.

"So what do you want us to do about it?" Layla asks. "You're the ones with the weapons you handle it."

Oh the wonderful bluntness of Layla, unfortunately I don't think this will work, why don't we see what the guys have to say about it… ah I believe I see Riven about to open his mouth.

"It's not that simple. Just come with us, Griselda and Cordatorta are waiting."

Oh joy unbounded, I can't wait to see what these two have in mind.

Until next time

Well, I can't wait to see what Griselda and Cordatorta have in mind either. But I need some suggestions and reviews. I hope everyone likes this new idea I have.