Specialists are Like Shoes

A song based on Shania Twain's song Shoes

Summary: The girls of Winx Club (all the Girls- not just fairies) Talk about how specialists are like shoes. In song format. See if you can guess who's saying what.

Disclaimer: Don't walk behind me for I will not lead. Do not walk ahead of me for I will not follow. Don't stand beside me either. Just go away and leave me the hell alone!

Heh, yeah tell me about it.

Oh yeah here it goes!

Specialists have you ever tried to figure them out?

No, but I've hypnotized a few!

Oh shut up Darcy.

What are you talking about Musa? You did it too!

Well, there's plenty more where he came from. Oh yeah!

But which one would want an icy girl like you,

When they could have someone warm like me?

Ouch! Oh Stella that was harsh!

There's the kind that are made for crushin'

The princes and the low down geeks

Oh and there's the crabby ones. And the ones who would rather date freaks.


Just sing it with me will ya?

Specialists are like shoes. They're here to confuse

Some you can manipulate so you can win.

Okay so they call taking away one's free will a sin.

The magenta haired ones have the best dark power.

They stare into your brown eyes and don't cower.

You've got your brooders and your mopers

Your everyday go fors an' some that are rude but fine. (Yum)

You've got your princes an' your squires,

Your ones full of fire an' ones that you can hire!

Bloom, how do you know about that kind? (No comment)

Some you wanted then and some you really want now.

And some you want to leave behind.

Sometimes you need 'em an' sometimes you loath 'em.

But I guess it all depends on how you stole 'em

(Was that supposed to make sense?)

But a girl can never have too many of 'em.

It's amazing what a cleaning spell will do:

Some will clean up just like new

Please they're clean enough already.

Some make you feel ten feet tall.

Some allow you to make them feel quite small.

And some you'd like to blast right through a wall.

Like you've never done that before Stormy?

Heh, Specialists are like shoes.

Okay so that was really short and kind of strange, but I needed to try and get this out since I've been working on it since last year. Please just be nice when you review.