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I'm merely posting this here for reference. This was the first Beast Wars fic I ever wrote, in all it's mary-sue ness, and novice writerism. It was written back in 1998-99, when I was still in highschool. I wanted to re-write it, but it was so bad all the way through that there was no way to unless I canned the entire plotline. anyways, I really like the way the RP is going so far, and I do want to somehow follow the original plotline (minus the human switching sides thing) but her getting the mechsuit with a bird altmode. That was what I really wanted to keep. I have no excuse for the badness of this fic.

Also, two more things I should probably mention. a. the Maximals, being explorers, haven't had that much interaction with humans. They know english, but not exactly what humans are. the Predacons probably know even less. (But, of course, it's fanfic, so they gotta know english, right?) there's one scene where 'phoenix' mentions being programmed a Predacon. The Preds don't know any differently. If it's in a stasis pod, it's programmable. shrugs like I said, they don't know humans, do they?)

there. That is all. enjoy. Flames will be laughed at, and agreed with, most likely. I now this is badfic. like I said. reference. This is completely unserious, and any likeness to badfic is purely intentional.

set in season one


It was a grey day, as the Maximals went around the base doing various jobs. Rhinox was repairing a recently damaged Sentinel, as Rattrap and Dinobot argued. Ans Cheetor monitored the sensor grid. Suddenly, a beep sounded.

"We got something coming in fast, Bigbot!" cheetor exclaimed.

"Is it of alien origin? Primal replied. He was getting tired of those things showing up at random intervals, causing more trouble than they allready had.

"It looks like a stasis pod!" the young cheetah exclaimed.

"Right, I'll contact Tigatron and Airrazor. They were near that sector last we checked. We'd better get down there before the Predacons find out about it." he said. Everyone scrambled to get going. "Rattrap, you stay behind and gaurd the base." Primal said to the brown and grey rat, who scowled. "Aw, man! Why do I allways gotta get left behind?" he complained.

Dinobot answered from behind him. "Because you're an annoying vermin."

"Oh yeah, have you looked in a mirror lately, beautiful?" the rat retorted.

Dinobot snarled in his usual veceloraptoral manner. "No. I do not need to, unlike you, who have to check regularly to see if you've gotten any uglier."

"Ya? cause if you looked in a mirror, it'd probably break!" Rattrap sniped.

"We don't have time for this." Primal sighed. "Dinobot, come on. the ape went over to the lift. Cheetor, Primal, dinobot, and Rhinox beastmoded and entered the lift, and it started lowering out of the bottom of the ship, to the ground below.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the jungle, Tigatron padded aliong silently. Above, Airrazor flew swiftly, shadowing her partner on the ground in her beastmode. "It should have landed around here somewhere." the tiger remarked into his communicator. "Hang on, I think I see something." Airrazor said, gliding forward towards where the sleek, silvery pod lay. She circled twice, waiting for Tigatron to catch up. a blast came out of nowhere and nailed her squarely. The falcon barely had time to swawk before she hit the ground, knocked out.

Megatron emerged from the shadows, the other Predacons following him. "The stasis pod is ours, yesss." megatron gloated.Tarantulus removed the maximal chip, and replaced it with the Predacon one. Outnumbered, Tigatron waited in the shadowed underbrush across the small clearing. It would take them at least ten minutes to reprogram the pod, and he knew Primal and the others were close by.

He was wrong.

"chip accepted, starting scan for life forms." the computer sounded. Tigatron silently swore. Tarantulus chuckled in anticipation. "Scan complete. life form found." the computer finished. it was about that time the rest of the maximals decided to make their appearance. "Leave our comrade alone!" Primal burst from the foliage, Cheetor, Rhinox and Dinobot right behind him. By a plot device only Beast Wars can pull off, this was about the time Airrazor woke up, also. "You're too late, Primal! The stasis pod is ours!" megatron fired off a row of shots at the Maximals, who dove for cover, firing back. A cloud of steam rose from the stasis pod, signaling it's opening. Megatron triumphantly went over to welcome his new Predacon, and his optics widened at what he saw.

"Slag it! Now!" he yelled. Waspinator aimed his stinger gun into the pod when Tigatron pounced on him, teeth and claws shredding the poor yellow and black wasp.


He looked up at Megatron defiantly. "No. You shall not harm it." he growled.

Over the din of weaponfire, a birdlike shriek sounded. But it wasn't Airrazor.

It was coming from... the pod?

not a shriek, but a scream.

Megatron glared at Primal, but ordered a retreat anyway. Once they had gone, the Maximals joined Tigatron next to the pod.
"What... is it?" Primal queried. Tigatron glanced over. "It appears to be human." he replied quietly.

She was huddled in a tight ball in the corner of the stasis pod. she'd heard Megatron, and thought that was it.

"Hey, it's all right." Primal said gently, trying to speak in english. It was one of the languages he'd learned, even though they had never met any humans before. So this was what one looked like? She almost shrank back, but realized it was a different voice than before and looked up.She saw Tigatron first, then Primal.

"Who... Who are you?" she slowly asked.

"I am optimus Primal, leader of the Maximals. We mean you no harm." he held out a giant (to her) hand, and she tooke it, carefully getting up and out of the pod. "This is Cheetor, Rhinox, and Dinobot, I'm sure you allready know Tigatron. Who are you?"

she didn't seem willing to answer, she just looked at them one by one with an incredulous look.

She finally said "Anna... I'm Anna."

Rhinox spoke next. "Are your memory circuits damaged? we could fix them." he offered.

"Rhinox, she's a Pred! If we help her remember, she'd probably turn right around and slag us!" Cheetor tried to whisper back. Although Anna heard it, and was getting more and more confused with every second.

"Uh... memory circuits? I'm not a maximal. Heck, I'm not even Cybertronian. I'm a biological life form, a living being." she flickered a glance at Primal. "Uh-huh, just try to transform." he offerred gently. Anna gave him a really wierd look, and rolled her eyes. Well, if she had to prove it...

"Anna, terrorize." she deadpanned. "anna maximise?" nothing.

"see, I told you so." she snarked, giving the ape another flat look. she shrugged.

Rhinox pulled out a scanner and did a once-over on her, just to be sure.

"I don't believe it!" he said in astonishment. "No mechanical devices of any kind." he glanced at the scanner again. Anna resisted the urge to say "Really? no duh."

or "I told you so" once again.

"It's a bio, all right." he concluded.

Anna facepalmed. How long was it going to take these robots to realize she was HUMAN!"

"No wonder Megatron wanted to slag it." Dinobot muttered. Anna shot him a look. That comment smarted. It would have hurt her feelings, but machines didn't have feelings, so why should she think he meant it? There was suddenly a whooshing noise and a transforming sound overhead. Thinking the Predacons may have come back, anna dashed into the jungle. Tigatron ran after her. Airrazor landed, and blinked confusedly. she was just scouting the area to make sure the Predacons had left.

There was a minute or so of silence and rustling undergrowth, then a scream and short growl. Then more silence. The other Maximals were about to go after her too, when the two emerged from the jungle, perfectly calm.

"We should get back to base." Primal suggested. They got the pod and some towing gear, and Rhinox pulled the pod behind them as they walked.

Anna looked over at the yellowish-tan and black Cheetor stalking along beside her. "So, you turn into a cheetah?" she asked. "Stupid question." she thought. "Way to start a conversation." But the youngster didn't seem bothered at all by the obviousness of the question. "Yep, fastest cat on the planet!" he boasted, beastmoding and giving her a dazzling grin.
"I can get back to base twice as fast as Bigbot here." "Oh really?" anna gave the leader a grin. He replied with a tired look and an eyeroll. "yeah, hop on." Primal opened his mouth to argue they shouldn't go off alone, but the 'yellow rocket' was allready speeding away, Anna's voice trailing behind them. "I hope you have the doorkey..."


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