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Anna walked through the jungly area a few miles from the Axalon, towards the Maxiaml base. she ran a little ways, so it would sound like she was tired out. she pulled out her comm transmitter. Anna to maximal base, do you read me?" she panted.

"Hey, kid. We thought the Preds had nabbed ya fer sure." Rattrap's voice came through.

"Yeah... I got away... they're right behind me, though. I'm lost in the jungle, can you find me?" She asked, trying to sound worn out from running.

"Yeah, lemme get da boss monkey. Don't move, we'll be right there." the link clicked off. But the secret one was still open. And the Maximals had heard their entire plan of attack. Megatron stomped up in his beast mode. "Good work, human. now for the hard part." He grinned as the other Predacons took their locations around the perimiter of the base.

"Phoenix." she deadpanned.

"I beg your pardon?" Megatron tilted his head to one side.

The human turned to face him. "Phoenix is my name. I am a Predacon, not just a human."

Megatron smiled inwardly. Either this human was somehow effected by the stasis pod, or thought that she had been. He smirked slightly. "Very well, then... phoenix. Wait for the Maximals, and we shall ambush them. Then you shall complete the rest of your mission." The human bowed.

Megatron hid behind some foliage, and "phoenix" helped cover him with leafy branches to help conceal him. She stepped back. "Perfect." she smirked. One set of branches across his face so he couldn't see his lack of camoflauge, but still se through the branches, and a few around him, although you could clearly see the bright green and purple dinosaur between the trees.

Pretty soon, the rustling of leaves was heard, and Primal appeared. "Are you allright?" he asked. "I am now." she smirked. She and Primal both turned and fired at Megatron at the same time, just as the explosives sounded from underneath where the rest of the predacons were hiding. Megatron roared as he was knocked off his feet. "Curse you, human!" he roared. "Phoenix" smirked. "I may have sworn loyalty to you, Megatron, but I had my fingers crossed. Yeeeesssss." she said sarcastically. She grinned, and followed Primal snickering as they made a hasty retreat from the forest.

They met up with Rhinox, Rattrap, Airrazor, and Dinobot on the way back to the base. "Uh, you guys didn't leave the base ungaurded, did you?" she asked. "No, Cheetor's there." primal anwered from beside her "Come on, megatron was gonna attack the base behind my back. I overheard it." Anna broke into a run. "Care for a lift?" Airrazor picked her up gently, just as she said "no."

"Look, I'm sorry about what I said about you. I don't know how much you heard, but I should have been overhead watching, not chatting whith Cheetor." Anna would have shrugged if capable. "It's okay. At least this way I found out what Megsy's plan was." The other Predacons had come out from behind their cover, some scorched, some not. Waspinator was missing. Of course.

They were trying to attack the base, alright. And Primal and the others hadn't made it back yet. Anna and Airrazor were behind the Predacons, so they didn't see the two in the air behind them.

"Drop me off behind those bushes, then circle around a couple times. I've got an idea."

Airrazor nodded. Anna came up to where the other Predacons were. "Where is Megatron?" scorponok demanded. "He's on his way. The other maximals have been taken care of." she surveyed the battlefield. "Megatron sent me to inform you to make a false retreat while I convince Cheetor to let me inside and turn off the Sentinel.

"We don't take orders from you!!" scorponok retorted. "Fine. Tell that to megatron when he gets here and finds his plan has failed. He's fighting Primal. so if you want to distract him while he's in battle just to question his plan, go for it." she stared at him defiantly. The scorpion clicked his claws rapidly a few times in uncertainty.

"I say we make a false retreat while you go tell the kittycat to turn the field off. Then I will lead the attack on the ungaurded ship." he ordered, pointing at the human. Anna bowed. She circled around to one side, then ran out onto the battlefield firing at the allready-damaged Predacons. Blackarachnia fired back, and 'accidentally' hit her in the arm "oops." she said with mock innocence.

"Retreat." Scorponok yelled. Anna gave him a look. "Way to be convincing, moron." she thought. she ran up to where Cheetor had taken cover behind one of the structural braces. "Heya spots." she grinned. The cat's quasar rifle swiveled to point at her. "What? I just bought us some time." yellow optics narrowed."It was just an act." she explained. About that time, the rest of the maximals showed up. "It's all right, cheetor." Primal assured him. the teen looked at Primal then Anna. "Are they gone?" he asked. "For the time being. When they find out I lied about Megatron's orders, they might be back." she replied.

"Then we'd better get inside." Rhinox suggested, eyeing the burn mark on the human's arm. "I'm fine." she replied. They went inside, and Cheetor checked the are scans while the rest of the maximals got more weapons from the weapons locker.

"Yep, they're just over the next ridge. And it looks like Megatron's with them, too.

Rattrap made a face "man, don't they know when ta take a hint?"

Dinobot grabbed a gun. "Apparently not." he armed the gun with a click.

Rhinox went over to the storage closet, and ahemmed. Anna looked over at him. "I've been researching humans and their involvement in the Cybertronian wars.." he started. "And since you're not as impervious as we are to weaponfire, I thought you could make good use of this.." he pressed a button and the door slid open.

Anna blinked.

It was a sort-of suit, kind of like armor. She wiggled into the red and gold metal.

"Now, all you have to do is maximise." he instructed.

"Phoenix, Maximize."

The metal slid down into place, making a full suit of armor, and a visored helmet. there was also a pair of wings with loops on the underside, and a button on the outside of the loops. She turned around so her back was reflected in the surface of the storage cabinet, and found two jets between the golden-orange wings.

"It's beautiful." she breathed. "I don't know how I can ever thank you." she grinned.

The first clang sounded as weaponfire started to ping against sentinel's allready-abused forcefield. "We have to get rid of them before they can get through out forcefield." Primal ordered. "Rattrap, stay inside. Turn the field back on once we're clear of the base."

"yessuh!" the rat-bot saluted and headed for the controls. The lift started to descend, and Anna grinned. "base mode."

The armor retracted, looking more like regular clothing. "I want to suprise Megatron." she chuckled. They reached the ground and scattered going tow different directions. The field cut off, and Anna followed Primal and Rhinox one direction, while Cheetor and Dinobot went another. Once the shield had clicked back on, she grinned.

"Phoenix, Maximise." the Predacons wer making a long distance attack, and once they realized the shield was going to stay on, they would know for sure they were defeated. The armor and helmet slid into place, and she slid her fingers through the wing-loops, pressing the buttons to ignite the jets. Suddenly she was in the air, looking down at the Predacons.

And there was Megatron behind a rock all by himself.

Oh, she was gonna love this.

She fired off a wing-rocket, making him look up. he sqinted against the sun to see the outline of a bird. and the same cry as before sounded. Only this was no scream. It was the sound of joy. The 'bird' turned into a powerdive, coming inches from Megatron before landing.

The red and gold mech turned, and the helmet retracted. "Hello megsy, remember me?" she grinned, and aimed both wrisrocket launchers at him.

"this isn't over." he growled. He hit his comm. "Predacons... "

He snarled at the human.


The other Predacons sounded like they were ready to leave, and they quickly cleared the area. Phoenix walked up to the group, and past Dinobot towards the lift. "Still think I should have been slagged?" she snarked. Dinobot growled and muttered. They boarded the lift.

"I may have gone to the depths of the Predacons, but I rose back up to claim victory and rejoin my friends. I guess tha name fits." she grinned.


Anni was awakened by a strange light from down the corridor. The heavy sound of footsteps sounded from behind her. Primal and Rhinox, of course. primal eyed the doorway. "The computer said there was a spacial anomoly here." he said. "Maybe it's your way home. the green and brown rhino added. "Perhaps." Anna nodded.
fourty five minutes later, the rest of the crew were standing around. Anna had pulled on her mechsuit, not knowing what other world would be on the other side of the doorway.

"Bye guys, I'll miss you." she said.

"See ya later, kiddo." Rattrap yelled.

"Bye." Cheetor said. Rhinox added. "We'll tell Tigatron and Airrazor bye for you next time they report in."

Anna nodded. "Thanks again for the mechsuit. it is Way cool!" she grinned.

Primal came up and shook her hand. "Maybe we'll meet again. someday. "Maybe." Anna nodded, and stepped through the dimensional gate.



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