I been thinking about finally typing this fic for a while now, and the only reason I start is because I saw a spoiler for one of the next episodes. All I can say is: FINALLY! I've been waiting for this moment! But why can't it air now? Ah well, here yas go

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Furry Phantom

Subtitle: I am not an Animal!

Ch. 1: Shrinking Pains

Summer is almost over, and Danny sits on his couch watching TV.

"Another back to school commercial." He said bitterly. He was not looking forward to this coming year. If it was going to be anything like last year, it would have to involve numerous social hurdles and back breaking school work. But, on the bright side, this year he'll have his powers almost fully under control, which means no dropping lab equipment, falling through floors, or pants falling down. Still, it's school, and dealing with it and the…other thing…was going to be tough.

The other thing: a gift and a curse at the same time, his being half ghost. It was cool but dangerous at the same time. It has caused him loads of trouble, and helped him make loads of enemies, but, he's able to save people, which in itself is rewarding. It'd be even more rewarding if more people would appreciate it. Well, if wanted or not, Danny Phantom isn't going anywhere, but Danny Fenton had to go somewhere. It was a good excuse to get away from depressing TV, but he still groaned a little when he felt cold all over, and a blue mist escaped his mouth.

He walked outside, looked around, and saw the problem. It was those ghost vultures with the fezzes. He saw that they were looking at him, they came for a fight, possibly by Vlad's command, so he was going to give them one.

"What are you looking at, Danny?" asked his sister behind him.

He turned to Jazz and simply uttered the word, "ghosts", but low enough so their dad in the kitchen wouldn't hear. She sighed.

"Be careful." She told him, he nodded, went out the door, and went someplace to hide and "go ghost". She had told him that so many times, "be careful", but it has lost no meaning. Jazz was fully aware how dangerous Danny's hobby was, and every time he flew off into battle, no matter how confident Danny assured her he was, she always worried a little. It was the natural big sister deal, but she let Danny do his thing, covered for him when needed, and sometimes helped.


"Oof!" In the local park, Danny began fighting the vultures. Equipped with the Fenton Thermos, he threw punches and ectoblasts, and every now and then attempted to trap them, but they always got away. Just now, all three of them dive-bombed on him directly above him, and sent him spiraling to the ground, unfortunately a park bench broke his fall. But that wasn't enough to stop this hardheaded teen. He got back up and readied an ectoblast as he flew at one of the vultures.

The vulture screeched and fell out of the sky with one shot. "Boy that schmarts," He started, gazing at the stars circling around his head. "How long can the ghost boy keep this uuuuuuuu--!!!" Danny almost got him with the Fenton Thermos, but one of the vulture's comrades pulled him out of the way.

"Pay attention!" He hissed. "It'll take all three of us to get this over with!" He flew back up and flew straight into Danny's back, and a sharp beak in one's back is not pleasant.

"Yow!" What were these vultures up to? They were throwing weaker shots than usual. After a moment to recover from that last attack, he decided to ask. "What do you want? Vlad did send you, right?"

"Yeah, he did. He would take care of this little business himself, but he's busy with some…business stuff. We dunno. Humans lead too complicated lives." Said the third vulture. The vulture floated in front of him, clenching his feet like fists. Now that he thought about it, Danny realized he did the least amount of fighting.

"So, what? You're just going to rough me up a little? That seems a little pointless." Danny crossed his arms and glared at the vulture.

"Yeah, that does, but that's not what we're here to do. And a word of advice kid." The other two vultures grab Danny's shoulders from behind. "You should pay more attention as well!" Danny struggled, but they drove him into the ground and held him there. The third vulture smirked as he revealed what he held in one of his talons. It was a vial of white liquid, which he took the cork out of and approached Danny. Danny realized that vial was for him, so he struggled more, then he prepared an ectoblast, but the other two vultures held down his arms. The third vulture hovered above him and held Danny's mouth open as he poured the white liquid down his throat. It was almost tasteless, but Danny knew darn well that this wasn't going to be good for him. With new fear, he made a small ectoblast with his finger to shoot the vulture off of him, then shot the others. He backed away and shot them again, this time a big blast, and they flew back, and the vial was broken. However, the vial was empty. "You drank enough." The vulture said proudly.

"What was that?!" Danny growled, wiping his mouth. "Poison?!"

"You'll find out soon enough." Said another vulture, and they were back to fighting again. Danny was filled with new rage, but all the while when fighting, he worried about what was going to happen to him. The vulture was right about one thing, he felt like such an idiot! He knew he should have been watching his other attackers! Even now, he felt a little sick, was it real or was it his imagination? Later, he confirmed it was real, when he ached all over his body. He decided he didn't want to risk becoming weak in front of his opponents, so he fled, as much as he didn't want to.

However, the birds pursued him, waiting for him to fall. He needed to hide until this pain subsided, but where? They ended up chasing him all the way to the pier, and by that time he was ready to collapse.

What's happening to me? He thought. His bones…at first they just ached but now they felt like they were about to break! Danny knew in a moment he wouldn't be able to stay airborne, so he took off with breakneck speed, just fast enough to get out of the buzzards' sight.

"Find him!" One ordered, and they split up.


Danny stumbled his way across the sand. Gotta…keep…moving he thought. Despite his efforts, he fell. His limbs went limp, his arms felt like noodles, his head was swimming. He kept himself from screaming as he felt like he was literally melting! Then he looked towards the sea. Aw great.

One of two things was going to happen here. Danny was losing consciousness, and he couldn't move. The vultures could find him and peck him to death in his weak state, or the tide could come in, and it would all be over. Things looked grim, and all Danny could do is groan, and then his vision went blank.

Yah, start with a cliff. Sorry about this being so rushed, really!