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Ch. 9: Just Purrfect

"…Uh, hello?" Tucker uttered with bitter disappointment. He looked back down at the cats to see that they haven't brought out the scratching and biting yet. "I said--"

"Tucker," Sam interrupted. "Have you ever actually seen a cat fight that involved actual cats?"

"Well." Tucker scratched his head under his hat, then found himself unable to remember an occasion. Sam rolled her eyes in distaste for his comment, then redirected her eyes to the growling furballs in battle ready stances. Neither one had moved an inch, they were just…growling, and staring daggers into each other's soul.

"They start with a stare-down." Sam declared aloud, but did in no way help ease the tension between the rage filled cats and the human onlookers. And staring they so did, for what seemed like hours, but was in fact maybe six minutes. It was as if they were speaking through their glowering, like the witty banter for cats. A fang would be bared, a twitch of an ear, the size of pupils pulsating like an unsteady heartbeat, and perhaps a single step would be taken toward or away from his opponent. One can say that this form of combat lasted so long, the teens almost lost interest, but of course never let their guard down if so the battle would start any second.

Absolutely every strand of hair stood on end, claws were flexed, ears pinned back, fluffy tails lashed back and forth, and the two began to circle each other like predator and prey. Danny kept his head very low, almost touching the surface of the beach, as Vlad made his eyes look downward on the rebellious kitten, as if to make himself look bigger, dominant. Paws moved painfully slow, as slow as snails, but then Danny made a sudden movement followed by a hiss. This quick jerk made Vlad do the same, and the pull of muscles so abrupt it caused a noise to ring in everyone's ears, making everyone stop and stare, then snort.

"What was that?" Jazz asked to anyone with a possible answer.

"I think that was a…jingle bell." Tucker suggested, which Sam responded to with a hearty cackle.

Danny laughed as well, while Vlad fumed and stood paralyzed, completely ashamed and finally regretting this whole thing. He looked down at the wretched item attatched to his collar; sure enough, he saw a dull grey jingly bell. Being turned into a cat was one thing, but having a bell in your collar? Total humiliation. Where the heck did it come from?!

Ha! I don't know which is manlier, Plasmihiss, Danny chuckled, the bow around your neck or the jingle bell. Danny's human nature had been recovered in the form of insults, and unable to contain his amusement he fell on the ground to roll in hilarity. Vlad's cat-like reflexes however quickly returned, after that short embarrassment, and he took his chance and attacked while his opponent was down.

Cat morality being so quickly injected into him, and notorious for having a murderous intent before paw, Vlad was merciless. Danny couldn't keep himself from shrieking when his fur went flying, and Vlad growled like a cougar more so than a house cat. Danny quickly changed his reaction and fought back with flailing claws, Vlad too feeling the sting of a cat's claw to one's face. The humans had to back away in horror to avoid getting caught in the struggle, realizing this wasn't going to be stopped by reasoning. Vlad got nipped on the ear, Danny had teeth sink into his left flank; though not a gory mess, droplets of green blood were visible in various places on both contestants in this match. Eventually ghost powers came into play: ectoblasts enhancing scratches, shields breaking claws, and finally they took to the dark night sky!

Vlad dive-bombed on Danny at full speed after he hid momentarily behind a thick swirly cloud, but Danny dodged and shot brilliant blue light from his eyes. Vlad looked down to find that bothersome tail of his had been frozen solid, and he cursed it for causing him so much discomfort! AH, KIBBLES! He snarled, Danny sneaking another snicker under his breath.

Vlad's sensitive hears caught it however, and made sure Danny was punished. Vlad tackled Danny, and they tumbled, rolled three times into the ground, and had him pinned. They were covered with sand by this point, a horrible irritation for someone with fur (and who can't remember to go intangible for circumstances such as this), and they had to resist to stop and shake and/or clean it off. Danny was then shocked by red lightning, and Vlad in turn was pierced with green. They let go of each other to back off and shake the dizziness, and charge once again like senseless bulls. They merely needed to wait a few seconds for their eyes to focus and the flash of pain to subside.

The humans had to cover their ears, but it wasn't enough to block out the shrieks and screams. They gritted their teeth and closed their eyes for the headache that came with that nasty noise, trying in vain to drown out the sound with happy thoughts. Danny no longer had whiskers, they had been singed off. Vlad's blood red eyes began to flicker, this battle gradually taking its toll on his still weakened frame from the plummet into the ocean. Danny squinted, having specs of sand in his eyes, but he made the mistake of blinking. Vlad slashed at his face and Danny fell back onto the beach, staggering to get back up.

The bigger cat landed a bit clumsily, but appeared in far better shape than his young adversary. Danny's short legs were shaky, and they wouldn't respond when he told them to move. Vlad was approaching slowly, as if preparing energy for the final blow. His eyes hadn't blinked once this entire tussle, and they never lost their malicious glare. He licked his fangs and showed them once more, letting a hiss stream out as he slinked ever closer. Danny's tiny heart pounded, his chest heaving deeply in and out, basically out of breath, a bad sign for a half ghost. Vlad was less then two feet away from the feverish kitten, stomping so hard he left deep, near burning paw prints behind him that melted sand. The kitten opened his mouth and made a growl of his own.

"Aw, c'mon!" Tucker cried, as a green sonic boom emitted from Danny's mouth, accompanied by the worst screaming imaginable. "As if it wasn't bad before dude!" Tucker attempted to shove his hat in his ears, unable to block out the cat version of Danny's Ghostly Wail, which, according to the opinion of anyone who was present, was ten times worse than the original. Vladdycat was blown back, far back down the shore. This landing was exrtemely rough, more like a crash, and he had to cough to get the dirt out of his throat. At first he wasn't able to get back up after the dozen skids, but seeing Danny smirking at him once his little wail was finished, his blood boiled. Sure, he was temporarily deaf for the time being, but that didn't stop him from listening to his instincts. Both cats' auras began to intensify, powering up for their impending attack. Backs were arched and tails flicked in the air, another hissy-fit ensued.

"Ok, that's enough you animals!" Sam ordered as she stepped bravely between them, breaking their staring contest. She put her hands on her hips and looked back and forth into their eyes, reading their surprised countenances and watching the glow around their bodies fade off. "We better stop this now before we have to take you two to the vet." Vlad did not take too kindly to the intrusion; he hissed back at Sam absent-mindedly. Sam furrowed her brows and turned to face him completely, then answered threateningly back, "Watch it Mister, keep up that attitude and I'll get you fixed!" Vlad's eyes notably widened, and from then on he kept his trap shut.

"Listen up." Jazz broke in. "I know you are having a tough time controlling your instincts, but remind yourselves that you're still humans and think this through!" Danny and Vlad tilted their heads to look up at Jazz, and silently admitted she was right. What came over them? Sure, they've been hostile towards each other before, but never this violent and without any strategy or banter. One thing simply led to another and they couldn't stop! Jazz studied their movements and expressions, satisfied that they were reasoning again. "Danny, instead of trying to declaw your arch enemy, why don't you demand for the antidote?" Danny nodded, glared at Vlad, but scampered over to him with dignity.

You said you had it with you, the white kitten retorted angrily, so where is it?

You made me drop it! The black cat accused hotly. Along with the extra elixir!

Extra? Danny repeated, unwittingly tilting his head adorably in question.

Extract of cat. Vlad recited. I brought it in case those incompetent vultures of mine were lying.

Wait wait. Danny waved a paw to stop him, sitting down to scratch his ear with a back foot, now deep in thought. How did you transform into a cat? It was a comeback Vlad didn't have, and suddenly he too had to halt and dwell on it.

That techno friend of yours, he started, thinking back, looking directly into Danny's green eyes. He shot me with some sort of bazooka.

The teens stood by useless, wishing they could understand a word of the cats' conversation. They wanted to help, they wanted to contribute, but all they could do was listen and stare awkwardly at one another. Suddenly Danny bounded toward them mewing nonsense. "What is it?" Jazz asked, glad they were thinking again instead of fighting, but at a loss for comprehension. Danny stood on hind legs and waved his front paws above his head, but made a frustrated sigh when his friends and sister merely shrugged.

What the heck are you doing? Vlad huffed, slowly creeping forward with a sour disposition. You look ridiculous.

If they were able to turn you into a cat, maybe they found the right vial to do so. Danny processed aloud. And if they found that, then they could have found—

The antidote! Vlad finished, amazed that his young nemesis could have figured that out before he did. Hmph, I must still have some cat thoughts in my head he thought for an excuse, protecting his ego. I simply can't think clearly yet.

Danny recalled the color of the antidote, then lifted a paw to his face. He sorted through his chipped claws, found one that was still sharp, then wrote in the sand, BLACK VIAL. The humans stared flatly at the words for a second, then it hit 'em.

"Oh!" Tucker dug into his pocket and pulled out the vial they sought, then held it out in the moonlight. "You mean this?" he asked dimly. Vlad immediately growled for its surrender.

Hand it over he demanded.

I don't think so! Danny defended. I'm going to drink it first! They locked eyes once again, and the war between them was about to revive.

But what if it doesn't work, boy? Vlad suggested slyly, with an air of deception. Would you truly want to risk losing not only your humanity, but your life? The fiend let that idea loom over Danny's head ominously, but he frowned when he saw Danny shake his head and dismiss it.

And what if you become a human while I stay a cat? Sorry, but I know you, Vlad, you don't play fair. Danny floated up to Tucker at eye level and held out a paw for the vial. Tucker gladly gave it to his friend, but shrieked when it slipped through Danny's, uh, fingers.

Don't drop it! Vlad growled furiously, Danny nervously stumbling and catching the precious concoction, then all made a phew.

Danny descended to the ground and held the piece of glass in his paws, once again debating with himself if he should try it. He looked back up at the humans to search for some sort of support, but they too weren't sure what to do. He looked back down at the vial and carefully popped the cork, then cringed at the black potion he had to drink. The color made him think of liquorish, and he was never fond of liquorish. He readied himself for the bitter swig, uttered a Here goes everything, then held his breath and threw back his head.

He forced down half of the liquid, to his displeasure all too correct about the taste. It was a potent, harsh bitterness that caused an awful grimace. He almost dropped the vial, to cause even greater uneasiness for the by-standing Vlad, but Jazz it took away from him just in time. All backed away from Danny at this point, having to once again cover their ears for the wail that followed.

This pain was even worse than when he was shrunk, this time he felt like he was going to explode! His heartbeat raced, his temperature skyrocketed, and he was almost sure that a rib was protruding from his torso. The world went bright white, he was blind, deaf, but certainly not mute. He collapsed and writhed on the ground, then he realized how loud he was screaming and tried his hardest to hold it back. He closed his eyes and let a thick, black mist swivel around his entire body. The odorless smoke enveloped his lungs, and soon every blood cell, as organs were being molded from the inside out.

"Hey, hey guys!" Tucker unexpectedly interjected. "He's not wearing any clothes, does that mean when he changes back he'll--?" It was then that all hands (and paws) were slapped promptly over every eye. They waited with great apprehension for the expected transformation, but to Danny it felt like an agonizing eternity. They heard a sound similar to an explosion, and their dark vision flashed white for a single second. They refused to open their eyes, even when they heard the desperate panting coming from what they hoped was the world's favorite ghost boy.

Danny was thankfully still conscious, but in great shock and unable to move. His entire body was limp, his arms aching horribly when he attempted to lift them. He looked himself over with blurry, droopy eyes, eyes widening in surprise. "Look, look." He said weakly through a hoarse voice.

"Danny, we love you," Sam stated, still covering her eyes tightly, "but we'd really rather not--…Danny!" that was his voice! That was his human voice! Sam couldn't keep her eyes closed any longer, and to her relief, the collar was gone, but the familiar black and white jumpsuit took its place. "You're a human again!" she exclaimed as she threw her arms around his neck and painfully brought him to a sitting position, nuzzling against his white hair. "And you're fully clothed!" This led the others to open their eyes and cheer, that is of course except Vlad. The cat stood by solemnly and watched as his nemesis was suffocated with hugs. He seemed a little miffed about being left out of the little party, perhaps his cat side was jealous of not receiving any of the shower of affection.

"Are you ok? Where do you hurt? Are you still thinking like a cat? Do you want a ball of yarn?" Jazz's worried questions never stopped coming, she was examining almost every inch of him. She was glad to see his familiar face, but didn't like the look of his contorted smile. He tried his hardest to appear unharmed, because basically HE WON. He was back! And it was Vlad's turn to be tortured.

Just wonderful, now what about me? Vlad growled, not expecting an answer. Apparently Danny was able to hear him, and everyone gasped when he made the most unpredictable reply.

Danny's cheeks glowed crimson for a moment, surprising even himself. Vlad too was astounded that even after the transformation, Danny couldn't hold back a hiss. Danny had enough feeling back in his right arm to bring it up and rub the back of his neck nervously with his hand. "I-I guess some of the stuff hasn't worn off yet." He stammered, completely embarrassed. Everyone hurridly brushed it off, to avoid an awkward silence. Danny then turned back to Vlad, with renewed confidence, then smirked menacingly. "It's time for some well-deserved karma, don't you think?" The teens followed his lead and mimicked his tigerish smile, Vlad backing away angrily.

Don't you try anything, boy. He bared his fangs. Just give me the antidote and I'll go home. I'll leave you kids alone for a while. His words were half promise, half compromise, but the teens didn't buy it.

"We know you will." Danny said boldly as he held a very familiar device, retrieved from his sister. "At least after we get some payback." He snapped open the lid of the Fenton Thermos, and sucked in a distraught but ferocious Vladdycat kicking and screaming.


Danny trotted through his bedroom door and collapsed on his bed, exhausted, but at ease. He huffed a sigh of relief and rolled over to stare at his own ceiling, never before had he missed it so much. He was going to sleep like a rock tonight, possibly all day tomorrow as well, feeling the natural kitty laziness still inside him. Jazz had explained to him the lie she had told their parents about his disappearance, and his innate tall tale abilities gave him the perfect words to fool them that Jazz told truth. Of course, this will mean that he would have to do very well in school this year, or else they would get on him for letting that "extra credit" go to waste. He heard from Sam that her parents weren't very happy with the redecoration Danny and Vlad had done to their living room, and that because of him she would never be trusted with a pet again. It was all in good sarcasm, but she was going to hang it over his head for the rest of his life. Sam's grandmother kept her mouth shut, yet never forgave herself for letting Dannycat get taken away. Sam had tried to console her, tried to hint that all was well, but the suspicion and dread would cling to her forever.

Vlad on the other paw had been very well taken care of. The antidote was left on one of the many counters in the lab of his mansion, but he was sent to the ghost zone. Danny was there in person to explain to him the terms, "You can have the antidote, but you'll have to get to your house by yourself." To which Vlad replied with an unimpressed laugh.

That doesn't seem very clever, or difficult. He quipped, but by then Danny couldn't understand his language, yet he did continue explaining, knowing that Vlad must have made some wise guy comment.

"One more thing." Danny added raising his pointer finger in the air. He also raised his other pointer finger and brought both to his lips. He gave a long, obnoxious, high pitched whistle which made Vlad cringe and his fur tingle. They floated in the black and green abyss for a few seconds before Vlad tried to make another snide remark.

And what, pray tell, did that do? Vlad growled, but his was cut short by another, deeper, louder growl. He spun around to face a green puppy, about half his size, with black ears and red eyes. Is this cute little fleabag supposed to sca—


REEEEEEEER!!! The dog grew larger, uglier, and meaner in a matter of seconds. He became a not so gentle giant, with drool pouring like heavy rain from his sharp, canine teeth. His eyes narrowed on the, now puny in comparison, black cat, which made a run for it.

"Cujo got bored of his squeaky toy!" Danny yelled as the two speeded over what could be called the horizon of the ghost zone, or at least out of his sight, folding his arms and believing whole heartedly justice had been served.

At home though, Danny only had one thing left to worry about. His eyes darted left and right suspiciously as he got back up and tiptoed toward his desk. Of course no one was there, but he wanted to make sure not a single soul saw what he was about to do. He cautiously pulled back the handle of one of the drawers, then glared hatefully, but pitifully at the item inside, under its spell. Curse these stupid cat impulses! he thought madly as he pulled out a tiny bag of stolen catnip.


That wretched boy. Vlad thought venomously, storming into his colossal study to sit in his most comfortable chair. How dare he do this to me, when I could teach him so much! He had made it to his home, found the stupid antidote, and was back to his creepy, surly, sharp and scheming human self. He sunk exasperated into the velvet sanctuary, massaging the lids of his eyes and cursing silently. He made a long sigh and stared at his elaborate ceiling, a bit glad that he's still here to see it. That monster of a dog gave him a run for his money, that's for sure. Exactly how did Daniel know that thing was going to come? Hopefully he learned something from that little escapade, how easily our drive to kill could cloud our human born advantage over all creatures. Little did the eccentric billionaire know he had learned the same thing.

Though it would have been pleasant had I won that challenge, Daniel could have finally joined me, he could have finally seen what I have to offer. He closed his eyes, a scowl present on his face. Then again, I'd rather a son than another pet…Speaking of which, he felt something light and soft tread on his torso, and he opened his eyes to find his current delight curling up on his stomach with a loud purr. She was a sleek white cat, with yellow eyes and almost always a grin on her face. He called her Maddie...and ironically when he entered his mansion in the form of a cat, she was a bit more welcoming than usual, how he wished the real Maddie would act around him. And I suppose it was also a good thing that he didn't see that I actually took his advice. He scratched his beloved Maddiecat under her chin, the purr as loud as a motorboat. It may not have been his true love, but she pined for his affection so often he found her quite enchanting. Maddie moved further up his body to rest her little nose under his big chin, and Vlad added to his thoughts once more, And…that it was helpful advice.



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