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Chapter 1: Restless Nights

Yet. Another. Sigh. That damnable action seemed to occur every ten minutes between awkward stares toward the window on the other side of the Aburame's room. Shino shifted uncomfortably on his raised futon. Sleepiness apparent below his eyes, but a liveliness aching in his cough manhood cough. 'No Curtains; Damn the clan member who came up with the idea of no window treatments.' Shino shifted yet again. The memory of what occurred just hours ago echoing clearly in the bug boy's writhing conciousness.


"C'mon, Shino, it's part a' practice, you know it'll make you stronger," Anxious fidgets and a quirky smile donned the dog lover's features. "Please, I won't bother you to train for a while, I promise..."

"Kiba, we are required to train," Shino passively stated.

"Errr, well, umm please? It would be a new experience and I know you'll like it!" The grin widened.

"What you are asking, is to give into the fickle teenage hormones that we are taught as ninja to fight against." Though, despite the words, a tint of red burned brightly behind a teal collar.

"Damn it, Shino! If you don't do it willingly I'll...I'll...I...Oh Fuck it!" And with that the brunette rushed up on the Aburame and unexpectedly latched his lips upon the moist flesh of the others. Shino unconsciously moaned as he was thrown to ground, a knee brushing ever so softly, back and forth, on his groan.

"Kiba..." Shino gasped as a tongue fought its way into his mouth. But the Kikai were, apparently, not up for this kind of adventure. A buzzing erupted from pale skin and soon a swarm of wings pushed the dog boy onto the other side of the field. But something wasn't right. That was way too many kikai to belong just to Shino.

"So, this is what my son does while I'm away on missions, is it?" a very amused, it seemed, voice played upon the air.

"Shit" Shino looked up from the grass to a much brighter-than-usual father. 'Wait, brighter? Hell! Where are my glasses!?' Wide-eyed and thoroughly embarrassed, the young Aburame searched franticly upon the ground until finally his eyes landed right infront of his fathers' feet. Shibi looked down at him, eyebrow raised and left foot tapping in a bored manner.

"Any day now, my sex crazed son!" he said grinning idioticly, before turning on toe and motioning for Shino to follow.

Of course, the younger of the two leapt from his grounded position in response. He dove absent mindedly for the glasses. Standing mer seconds afterwards to regain the known to well demeanor labeled, deadly calm. He looked back only for a minute to give his partner a look of apology and to call back Kikaichu before he took off after his father.

An awkward walk home - and nagging from the father for more information on the "Love Affair" (as he had put it) - led to Shino's hurried retreat, locking of himself in his room.

End Flashback

"Parents!" Shino groaned into his pillow. 'God knows how long it will be before this will be forgotten. Knowing dad, the whole village will know by sunrise tomorrow.' A moan of agonized emotional stress bubbled out of the teenager as he flipped to face away from the window, only to be greeted by an eye.

An eye of sand.

In almost an instant, the eye zipped toward the window. A very annoyed and confused, yet still physically stoic, Shino jumped from the bed, Kikaichu already ahead of him as they flew violently onward . "If you plan on watching me, make yourself kno..." 'Gaara of the Sand?' The joys of fast information gathering. The bug user rushed to his undressed window, only to be greeted by the sight of a red head. A red head who was only about thirty feet away on the roof of one of his clan members.

'Why is he in the Aburame Clan's private property? Wait, how did he get past the Kikaichu? Even more so, why was he spying on me? Did that brother of his want a rematch?' A glare escaped through un-shaded eyes. Glasses on the night stand only inches away, forgotten from the moment of intrusion.

Cautiously he opened the glass that slightly swivelled the scene in his sight. Slits of dark brown eyes peering into the night. "What is your purpose here?" his menace whispered into the night, Only to be greeted by a sarcastically playful grin.

Well there you have it. The first chapter of Sand, Bugs, and Emotions. Yes It's kind of short, but it will be a long running story, so don't you worry. The chapters will get longer! Much lurve!

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