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Chapter 7: Kisses and Arguments

Shino jumped at the sudden loss of weight from his face and turned to look at the one next to him who instantaneously locked their eyes together. Teal vs. Brown, each searching for the answer to a question that neither knew. Gaara couldn't help but grin mischieviously as he leaned forward for a closer view.

They really were incredibly beautiful and he praised his choice in the Aburame even more as he was now inches from him. So close in fact that the other could feel the hot breath whisping across soft skin. The bug user suddenly became frozen, though their was no ice keeping him from moving, but a sudden wave of burning that was pushing for him to close the distance. He hadn't felt this fire, but when he had thought of Kiba and even now this seemed more potent.

"Gaara.." he whispered as he gulped back the sudden lump in the back of his throat. His kikaichuu buzzed in disaproval at the sudden lack of distance between them and quickly made thier thoughts known to the Aburame who demanded they keep quiet through thought.

Gaara paused at the sound of his name but grew even more bold when it was not negative, his title rolling off of those lips. Lips he decided he would claim as his, as he closed the distance between them resting his flesh against the others. The Kikaichuu screamed and raced from pale skin despite the Aburame willing them back. But right when they intended to throw the assailant from view they met resistance in the form of sand.

A barrier of grain began to grown around the two as Gaara lowered them both to the ground, wrapping his arms around the teal clad waist in front of him. Lips clung at the others as he refused to let go and once his partner's back lay completely on ground, he straddled him.

Shino gasped as a he found himself now laying down with a weight on top of him. Though it didn't matter much as he found a tongue introduced to the inside of his mouth. He had expected the rough tangle that Kiba had demonstrated, but the red-head was kind in his menistrations. Shino moaned as fingers trickled over the skin of his neck and couldn't help but revel in each touch. He was unexperienced in this line of work and these different touches entranced his thoughts. Gaara traced the black haired boy's jawline with the back of his index finger as he kissed every part of Shino's mouth he could.

A small grin graced the red-heads face and he released his tender grip reluctantly. This was his first time ever putting what he had learned from viewing others in the village to actual actions and was pleased with response he had gotten. However, he knew if he continued it wouldn't be the Aburame's thoughts actually allowing it to continue, but the persistant groin now pushing into his abdomen. It had only been a brief five minutes, but it seemed he had more of an impression on the boy than he first thought.

Shino opened his half lidded eyes and looked up into the teal that peered back down. "W..Why," he managed to say through his sharp intakes of air though his only response was Gaara's eye's tilting downward where their bodies met.

"You have business to take care of. I'll leave you to it, while I go annouce your arrival to my brother. I don't want him barging in to scream input on a subject that does not concern him." Lifting completely off of the leaf ninja, the red-head adjusted his clothes, before looking back to the fascination he knew would be and was his. "If you have no objections, I will give you a tour later on today." And with that he left, leaving Shino with the same predicament he was in when this whole thing started.


Gaara stood for a moment outside the door to his room until he knew that the brown eyed boy had made his way to his own bed to take care of the problem Gaara had graced him with. Walking down the hallway of the Kazekage tower he turned a sharp corner and proceeded down to a dead end with a door on both sides. His brother's and sister's quarters.

"WHAT!?" was heard screamed from the right and a hush was soon followed. It seemed Temari had beaten him to the announcement. Opening the door without a knock, he flicked his attention between the two. Stunned at first by his presense, then a second later infuriated by it they awaited whatever was to be said.

"I'm sure by now Temari has told you of whom is staying in my chambers?" "Hn-" Kankurou responded. "If you have anything to say on the subject then say it now. I won't have family quarrels performed in front of my guest." "Your permanent guest." Temari spat in.

"Your gay.." the puppet master grumbled as he went to glaring daggers at the floor, "And even more so, you picked Him as your partner. What the HELL are you thinking?" Gaara raised an eyebrow at this brother who crossed his arms in childish anger. "My sexual preference is mine and whoever I pick, is something you will have to deal with. This was done as a way to ensure the alliance between Konoha and Suna-" "But WHY HIM?!"

Gaara rolled his eyes as he dropped his stoic disposition in front of his family. "Because I chose him, now deal with it. I'm sorry if your imperfection of a sibling did something else wrong, but at least all of Suna's inhabitants will respect my choice and whether you agree or not, he remains." Both Temari and Kankurou grumbled incoherent nothings at his words.

"Throw your fits now and be done with it. I have papers to take care of in my office and Shino needs a tour of the city. Y'all will take him."

"Oh fuck no, brother, I'm not taking that shit for a round about of the city." "I didn't give you an option Kankurou." Temari just huffed and looked toward the window tapping her foot.

"I'll expect this be done by the end of the day. This is an order." That completed, Gaara turned and left, though mumblings of curses could still be heard as the door clicked closed.

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