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Summary: Kids everywhere depends on the Kids Next Door to protect them. But what happens when the Kids Next Door can't protect them? Then what? What happens if the Kids Next Door's enemies are themselves? Then what? Father has a new trick up his sleeves and it isn't pretty.

Operation K.N.D.

By Cyrix





Sector V is walking through the playground observing the scenery.

"Status report Numbuh Five" Numbuh One said to Numbuh Five

"Everything is okay. The swings are functioning 100 percent and the slides are perfect for sliding" Numbuh Five replies back.

"Good, it is a beautiful day to be outside so we will make it safe for kids to be here" Numbuh One said to the others.

"Oooo!! But can we go on the swings though? Can we? Can we?" Numbuh Three said while jumping up and down excitedly.

"Yeah yeah, just keep a watch out for anybody trying to disturb the peace here" he replies back and shoo her off.

"Yay!! Come on Numbuh Four! Let's go on the swings!!" she shouts with excitement and pulls Numbuh Four along who doesn't look that excited.

Numbuh Five laughs and said to the remaining sector v "one of these days those two are going to have to admit their feelings soon"

Numbuh Two looks at Numbuh Three getting on the swing and then Numbuh Four pushing the swing.

"Yeah your right Numbuh Five, probably something really intense" Numbuh Two tells her.

"Well… to be intense it has to be life-threatening and I don't think that will happen any time now" Numbuh One responds to them.

"Yeah your right Numbuh One, especially since Father have ceased his attacks on the KND for some while now" Numbuh Two said to Numbuh One.

"Well… don't let down your guard just yet Numbuh Two. I know Father and I know he isn't just sitting around doing nothing. He is probably planning something so intense to destroy the KND, but whatever he is planning we are ready" he tells Numbuhs Two and Five.

"You said it Numbuh One! Nothing Father does will ever be hard for us!" Numbuh Two replies back.

"Yeah, now come on, Numbuh Five don't want Numbuhs Three and Four to have all the fun you know. Let's go on the swings also!" Numbuh Five tells them as she walks toward the swings.

"Yeah she is right, let's go Numbuh Two" Numbuh One said to him as he follows her.

"Right behind you!" Numbuh Two said and follows him.

While Sector V has fun on the swings, it pans left showing a little kid playing in the sand. Suddenly his eyes glow green as he pulls out a strange looking device.

What happens when the people you are protecting…

The kid pushes a button on the device and then the swings start shaking violently.

turn on you?

"Wheee!!! Huh?" Numbuh Three looks up and see the bars on top shaking.

"What the crud?" Numbuh Four asks when he sees the swings shaking. Suddenly Numbuh Three screams out as the swings themselves wrap around her and squeezes her tightly causing her to turn blue.

"Kuki!!!" Numbuh Four lunges for her but the chains of the other swings break free and pull him back. The rest of Sector V tries to help Kuki also but was pull back also.

"What the heck?!" Numbuh two shouts out as he is pulled back by the chains.

"This is nuts!" Numbuh Five said as she is also pulled back.

"Help… Wally…" Numbuh Three said while losing air fast. Numbuh One looks up and sees that it wasn't only the swings that was acting strange, but everything in the playground was also acting strange. The slide breaks off and points to the air as kids are sliding out into the sky and falling down on the ground. Everywhere was chaos as kids are crying for their mommies as the things in the playground goes nuts.

"What… is going on here??" Numbuh One said slowly.

"KUKI!!" Numbuh Four shouts out watching his crush get crushed. The little kid walks out of the playground smirking with satisfaction. Behind him you hearing kids screaming and crying.

The Kids Next Door…

"No this isn't the way to do this!!" Numbuh One protests as Numbuh 362 looks out the window sadly.

She turns to him with tears in her eyes and said "I am sorry Nigel, I don't see any other way…to do this…"


"No! You can't go!" Numbuh Five shouts as Numbuh Two gets up about to leave the room.

"I have to Abby… we just can't stay here and do nothing! We have to do something!" he tells her angrily.

find out that…

Numbuhs Three and Four hides behind a wall as a group of kids comes closer and closer to them.

"Wally?" Numbuh Three said to him. Numbuh Four looks at her and comes closer to her.

"What Kuki?" he asks her as they are face to face.

"I need to tell you something important…" she tells him.

"What is it Kuki? You know you can tell me anything!" he replies back with a smile.

Numbuh Three looks away playing with her sleeves nervously and said "Well… I…"

that their enemies…

There is a big explosion as KND operatives in the moonbase central ducks for cover.

are themselves…

Father walks down the aisle of kids as he said "Go and do whatever it takes to destroy the Kids Next Door!"

"Yes Father" they all replied while grinning evilly.

Operation K.N.D.

Chapter One coming tomorrow

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