Summary: Kids everywhere depends on the Kids Next Door to protect them. But what happens when the Kids Next Door can't protect them? Then what? What happens… if the Kids Next Door's enemies are themselves? Then what? Father has a new trick up his sleeves and it isn't pretty.

Operation K.N.D.

By Cyrix




Chapter Three

The Wrath of Kuki

Numbahs Two and Four frantically tries to push the huge purple rainbow monkey off Numbah Three, who was under there. Meanwhile, Numbahs One and Five is grabbing whatever is left in the store and flinging it at the ninjas, who are getting closer to them by the second. This… of course isn't working since the ninjas are just slicing up anything they throw at them.

Numbah Two turns to Numbah Four with a worried look and tells him, "This isn't working Numbah Four! It's just too heavy!"

"We have to try Numbah Two! Numbah Three is under there!" He desperately pushes the plush toy with both hands. "We have to get her out!

"Forget it Numbah Four! It's not use, it will take a lot of muscular guys to push this rainbow monkey," he tells Numbah Four and lies on the ground.

"NO! We got to keep trying!" he shouts angrily at Numbah Two.

"Numbah Five don't mean to interrupt your arguing, but… we are running out of things to throw here!" she shouts over to them.

Suddenly, the ground starts to shake violently as everybody stops what he or she was doing. Numbah Four stops pushing and looks around. Numbah Two gets up from the floor and backs away from the toy. Numbahs One and Five drop whatever they were holding and back away. The ninjas stop moving toward the kids.

Numbah Four starts to feel the rainbow monkey toy vibrating and back away to the group. Everyone hears a girl shrieking get louder and louder. Numbahs One, Two, Four and Five backs into the ninjas; they all huddle with each other scared, wondering what will happen next.

All of a sudden, the huge purple rainbow monkey that weighed a ton is knock straight up as a demon girl with horns on her head wearing a green sweater screams out, "NOBODY TOUCHES MY RAINBOW MONKEYS!"

She jumps out and lands in front of the frightened bunch. "Are you going to take my RAINBOW MONKEYS!"

Everybody shakes his or her frightened heads.

"LIAR!" she yells at them in a demonic voice. The ninjas drop their weapons while running away screaming like little girls.

"No really… We won't take your… rainbow monkeys…" Numbah Five tells her with a scared look.

With her fiery red eyes, she looks at each of her teammates one by one then screams out as fire engulfs her whole body. Just like that, the fire is gone and the demon girl is replaced with an innocent sweet little Asian girl standing in its place smiling at them.

"Okay! I believe you!" she tells them and skips out the store. Her teammates just look at each other wondering what just happened.

She pops her head back in the store and waves at them, "Come on guys! Father is getting away with all the rainbow monkeys!"

They start to follow her out the store as Numbah Four said, "Cruddy rainbow monkeys…"