Title— Side-Effects Sold Separately

Author's Notes—Just a little thing I randomly came up with. If I get an idea I have to write it down or I'll forget it later and blah, it's complicated. But anyway, I just pulled this off the top of my head and decided to write it… Flames are NOT welcome with this. Criticism IS, but Flames are NOT.

If you get bored with the plot... at least read Chapter 4. That's where I'll put the real plot into effect and you might get interested again. (If you're reading this and I haven't updated chapter 4 yet... um... I don't know)


I don't know how it happened… these sort of things just happen don't they? I mean, if things like this didn't happen… the world would be perfect… and if the world were perfect, these sort of things wouldn't happen to me.

I grabbed my head, both in pain and confusion; I had no idea what I was rambling on about in my own head. Funny, I seem to be doing that a lot lately.

'Well, this headache isn't going to go away… no way I could even sleep it off!'

I sighed and looked at the ceiling; the back of my eyes felt like someone was poking them with a fork, and the back of my head pounded.

'Ugh, am I going to die?'

Slowly, I slid out from under the sheets and collapsed on the floor. With a loud 'thud' the alarm clock decided that the nightstand wasn't good enough, and fell square on my forehead. My eyes closed tightly and a moan seeped out of me as I brought my hands to cradle my face. It probably would be better if I could remember the night before; it might explain this hellish headache.

Forcing myself to get off of the floor was more complicated than you'd might think, and with every moan and swaying motion I thought my knees were going to give way beneath me at any moment. I finally stood upright, straightened my pjs, and looked at the doorway I was going to walk though to get the miracle medicine, when the hallway started glowing a scarlet colour and I could have sworn that everything started going at an angle. The next thing I knew the pain in my head was gone; replaced by a far worse one everywhere else. I could hear multiple slashing noises as everything continued to get blurry.

Face full of carpet.


"…Do you think there would be any reason for her to bring harm to herself?" The first voice came softly to me, almost as in a dream, but the pain quickly reminded me of cursed reality.

"Wait, you think she did this to herself? What makes you say that?" This voice was familiar, my mother… She sounded worried.

"Well, the weapon was obviously a blade, and there was a knife covered in her own blood found near her body, no one else's fingerprints on it but hers. Also, her wounds are in places she could have reached."

"I'm not sure… but she was drinking last night… Odd for her, she never drinks. I guess there could have been something bothering her."

'What? Me… drinking? It wasn't possible. I never drink… it does explain why I don't remember last night. At all.'

For some god awful unknown reason, a dagger fell into my shoulder and the throbbing shot through my body like heroin; I could faintly hear myself groan.

Clustered footsteps came closer to me and I heard my mother's voice again.

"Relax, honey. Everything's going to be alright." She smoothed out her voice as if talking to a child.

"Mom, how do you know? What happened to me?" I barely got those words out the pain was so intense.

"We're not sure yet, Kagome; but I promise nothing else is going to happen. The nurse just hurried off to get some painkillers for you."

I tried to sit up but of course, I didn't get far. My mother stopped me and so did my wound.

Surprisingly, I growled. I didn't even realize I could do that. "Stupid shoulder… do you know anything else about what happened?" My voice was so helpless, and my mother's eyes were too. They looked at me with that spark that mother's have.

"All we know is that when I got home, you were on your bedroom floor, covered in… blood. There was a knife near you but there weren't any fingerprints on it… and you… weren't breathing and I thought that…" Her voice started cracking and the tears were getting lodged in her throat.

"It's okay Mom, you don't have to tell me the rest." I smiled at her, the best I could anyway; I had a three-inch gash in my shoulder blade remember?

She nodded and moved over to the window, it was a rather clear day. When she looked down I knew we must have been on one of the top floors of the hospital. That's when I finally took notice of my surroundings. The walls were a pasty grey colour and the bed reeked of chemicals and cleaners, filling everything with that indescribable hospital smell.

A small smile danced across my mother's face, breaking me out of my trance, and she looked at me. "You have a visitor."

A few question marks popped in my head and she could tell that I had no idea who it could be. Well, I had a pretty good idea…

"Kagomeeee!" The panicked scream preceded the giant fwomp and, of course, the pain. (A fwomp is a flying gwomp. A gwomp is a really, really big hug.)

"Ow… Sango… can you please… get off…" I mumbled, hardly able to breathe.

My friend quickly let go and looked at me, pitying me… lying in that hospital bed. "Kagome, I heard what happened. Are you alright? Please tell me you're alright!"

I raised an eyebrow at my friend, "I'm breathing, aren't I?"

"Shut up… I was just worried, ya know? Sheesh… what happened anyway?"

"I don't know. My mom just found me on my bedroom floor, covered in blood, with a knife near me."

Sango gave me a quizzical look. "They don't think you did it to yourself, do they?"

I shrugged. "Wouldn't ya know it, they do."

We both laughed and looked at the doorway, where a doctor, accompanied by a small nurse with a syringe was looking back at us.

The doctor cleared his throat and took his place beside Sango. The nurse quickly followed and came to the other side of me, where she deftly poked my arm with the needle, injecting some clear liquid into my veins.

She had bright blue eyes and a smooth voice, though she was probably trained to fake it, and her bright blonde hair was tightly held back with a white ribbon. "Here, this is an experimental painkiller. It should make your pain go away, just like that!" She snapped her fingers while saying "that" to be clever.

The doctor smiled while saying thank you to the nurse right as she was getting paged. After said nurse fled the room the doctor explained to me what the plan was.

"Well, Ms. Higarashi, we're planning on checking up on you for the rest of the day and-"

"Wait, what time is it?" I interrupted him, getting a scolding look from my mother.

"It's just 9 A.M. now. Anyway, we're planning to check up, and you'll probably get out by late this afternoon by noon tomorrow at the latest."

"Sounds like a plan to me." I sounded like a peppy little kid from an old television show, I had no idea why, but I didn't think about it too much, maybe the painkillers were kicking in…

"Well, I'll see you soon then. Bye to all of you, ladies" He spoke like a gentleman and exited without a fault in his stride.

'Well isn't this just peachy…'


After a few grueling hours of being in that hospital I was finally permitted to go home. First stop, the pharmacy. Since the painkillers worked so well I decided to get a prescription made out for it. It gave me a nice little buzz too.

My mother, being the busy single mother that she is, had to leave my bedside to go to work and pick up my little brother. Have no fear; my dear friend Sango had just the thing:

Her brand. New. Car.

Yes folks, that's right. I do not kid you. Sango had recently turned 16, and her father, the rich CEO of his fancy-pants company, just had to buy her that little sports cat she's always wanted.

The sides were so smooth, you could see yourself in the fender, and Sango's favourite colours made her flip… out.

"Can ya believe it, Kags? Black and pink! I couldn't believe it. Can you believe it?" She kept rambling on like this for a while, and she was smiling so much it looked like her face was going to fall off. I just smiled back and said, "No, I can't." I had to be a supportive friend, right?

Sango beamed, and I just managed to laugh before seeing a small purple-ish dot in the distance waving frantically at us.

"Guess whooo?" I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively at my friend. Everyone knew about how she felt about this guy. No matter how much she denied it.

"Great." She muttered, her cheeks glowing a bright pink. "Well, I can't just blow him off, right?" She looked at me with those eyes that said 'Please say I can leave him' and 'I don't want to leave him'.

I just shook my head and she slowed down the car and the hyper boy plopped down the back seat, rubbing it affectionately.

"Ah, leather seating. Very classy, my dear Sango." He smirked at her through the review mirror, and his dark violet eyes flashed with wishful thinking.

Sango rolled her eyes at him. "Listen, Miroku. I only picked you up because I'm nice and I can't just leave someone on the sidewalk when I know them."

'Oh, good lie, Sango…' Even my thoughts were dripping with sarcasm.

Miroku casually moved part of his dark black bangs out of his face, and a devilish smile danced on his lips. "Why, Sango. You know that this car is only adding to my incredible attraction to you." He rested his head on the back of her seat and Sango floored the car, causing him to fly backwards, hitting his head on the speaker.

Sango was smiling behind her words. "Oh, I'm sorry Miroku. Were you not buckled in?"

Miroku shook his head, frightened, and quickly latched the seatbelt. "Oh, Sango dearest?" He batted his eyelashes at her in one big, fat cliché.

"Yes, houshi?" Sango muttered through her gritting teeth. I tried my best to not laugh at the scene.

"Would you be kind enough to pick up Inuyasha while we're out? I told him we'd do something sometime."

Sango sighed, "Sure… why not? Is that okay with you, Kags?" She looked over at me with one brow raised.

I put on a fake smile and replied, "Sure. Sounds fun." As soon as I finished my sentence my smile fell, but no one seemed to notice. My gaze also fell, glancing at the pale white bandages that were showing from beneath my shirt, and my arm in a small sling, 'Just to be safe'.

'Is it right… to ruin their fun because of my disability?'

I quietly shook those thoughts out of my head. This was no time to dwell on small things! My friends would find something we all could do… Suddenly a light bulb flickered inside of my mind.

"Oh, yeah! Miroku?" I turned my head to look at him, he was a little occupied staring at the back of Sango's head, but he was conscious.

"Yes, Lady Kagome?" He mumbled.

"I hope you and Inu won't mind if me and Sango take a quick stop by the pharmacy do you? I need to get something filled and the dose the doc' gave me is starting to wear off."

"Sure, no problem!" He seemed welcome to it… Probably just so Sango wouldn't beat the living hell out of him.

Before I knew it, Sango was stopping the car outside of an indigo two-story. Miroku hopped up, getting an alarmed look from Sango because she didn't want shoe-prints on her seat.

Of course, Sango and I suspected Miroku to jump out of the car and run to the door. Oh, how wrong we were…

"HEY!! HELLOOOO!!! INUYAAAAASHAAAAA!!! COME ON, MAN!!" Miroku screamed at the top of his voice. Sango and I covered our ears- I did one anyway, and squinted our eyes.

There was a few more moments of this before Sango screamed back: "MIROKU WILL YOU JUST GO TO THE DOOR AND GET HIM ALL-FUCKING-READY!!!!" There was a brief silence, save for Sango's panting, before Miroku slowly scooted away.

Shortly after, Miroku and Inuyasha hopped in the seats behind us, and Sango drove off, making sure everyone was buckled up this time.

There was a strange feeling in my shoulder… because someone decided to reach over the seat and begin to poke at it with his claws.

I was about to bite his head off, but the worry enlacing his voice made me forget about it. "What happened, Kagome?" He didn't cease the poking through his words.

"I don't know…" I pulled my arm away, like I was embarrassed. "No one really knows. I just got a few cuts, okay?"

He brought his head up to the part between the door and my seat, "Who did this to you?"

"I don't know okay. Would you just drop it already!" I don't know what came over me, but I was practically screaming at him for being worried. I don't usually do that…

Sango noticed too. I could tell by the way she was glancing at me.

I felt so guilty…"Oh… Inuyasha… I didn't mean-"

"Feh." He interrupted whilst crossing his arms over his chest. I could see his dark golden eyes dart around out the window, and his little silver ears fell ever so slightly.

I sighed involuntarily; I really didn't mean it.

'What's wrong with me lately?'

We rode in silence for forever it seemed, the tension was undeniable, and Sango and I sensed it.

A sigh eased out of Sango as she flipped on the radio. "So… How about we listen to some music?"

Inuyasha nodded and Miroku sounded a little too excited. "Of course, love!"

My friend glared at the teen behind her through the review mirror. "Call me that again, Houshi, and you'll be making out with the lines in the road."

Miroku eased back into his seat, terrified. No one really knew what Sango was capable of.

This is a public service announcement. This is only a test.
Emergency evacuation protest.

I took a quick glance at Inuyasha through my mirror, even if he didn't show it; I had hurt him… even if not much.

May impair your ability to operate machinery.
Can't quite tell, just what it means to me.
'Keep out of reach of children', 'Don't you talk to strangers!'
Get your philosophy, from a bumper sticker.

Sango pulled into the pharmacy parking lot and up to the drive-thru window. I deftly gave the attendant my information and prescription slip to be picked up later before we drove away. Everyone looked towards Miroku, whose stomach starting rumbling… loudly. Sango smirked, Inuyasha chuckled, and I giggled under my breath as 'Houshi' sunk in his seat.

Warning: Live without warning.
I said-a Warning: Live without warning.

Better homes and safety-sealed communities?
Did-ya remember to pay the utility?
Caution. Police line. 'Ya better not cross!
Is the cop or am I the one that really dangerous?
Sanitation, Expiration date, question everything!
Or shut-up and be a victim of authority.

Without even thinking about it, Sango quickly pulled into her favourite Burger-Stop and Miroku smiled loving at her. She blushed a little and looked away before deciding if she wanted anything.

"Do you guys want something?" She looked at Inuyasha and I from the corner of her eye.

I shrugged, "Sure why not. I could go for something… what about you Inu?"

"Feh." He scoffed.

I had to smile at his stubborn attitude. 'He's so cute when he's pissed off…' "I'll take that as a yes. I'll get a large thing of fries and we can split, 'kay?"

"Fine." I could tell he was getting over my yelling at him, he actually looked at me after saying 'fine'.

Warning: Live without warning.
I said-a Warning: Live without warning.

Sango ordered our food and, of course, the guys treated. Well, more like Miroku treated and forced Inuyasha to pitch-in because it was the "Gentleman-like thing to do".

Sango and I looked at each other and giggled a little, they weren't the best people in the world, but they were the best in ours.


Author's Notes—Well, this actually started as a one-shot… but it just kept getting longer and longer and longer so I decided to change it up. The plot was altered and now it's a full-fledged story.

Giving credit: Kudos to Green Day for the lovely song 'Warning' that fit ever so perfectly with the storyline. Much thanks!

Reviews would be greatly appreciated! (I'm just happy you actually read thus far! But reviewing ish going the extra-mile, especially if you have dial-up :O)


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