"PUT ME DOWN!" Bam squealed, laughing.

"Only if you admit that I'm right!"

"Nooo! You're wrong and you know it! Now let me goooooooo!"

"Never!" Ryan held him tighter over his shoulder as he dragged him towards the pool.

"Ryyyyyyyyy! It's too cold! Don't! Please don't!"

"Admit it!"

"FINE! YOU'RE RIGHT!" Bam squealed, flailing his legs.

"Right about what?" Ryan smirked.

"You're right that I do!"

"You do what?"

"RYANNNN!" Bam whined.

"Bammmm!" Ryan mocked him.

"Put me down and I'll say it!"

Ryan set him on the ground, Bam's back pressed tightly against Ry's chest. He wrapped his arms around the skaters' waist so that he couldn't run away.

"C'mon Bammie, say it!"

"I love you! Now lemme go!"

"Aw, that's not good enough! Say it like you mean it."

"I fucking hate you." Bam smirked, trying unsuccessfully to twist out of Ryan's grip.

"Do you love me or do you hate me, Margera? Make up your mind!" Ryan placed a playful kiss on Bam's ear.

"I hate you but I secretly love you, how's that?" Bam broke free of Ryan's grip, but instead of running away, he turned to face Ryan.

"Good enough for me, but I still need to pay you back for hitting me with the tea kettle."

"I wasn't AIMING for you, I was aiming for Rake and you got in the way!" Bam tried to defend himself.


"Um, well…you distracted me."

"Bullshit!" Ryan laughed.

"You're just so incredibly hot, it was either throw the kettle at you or fuck you right there on the kitchen floor in front of EVERYONE." Bam grinned and kissed Ryan's nose.

"You can't redeem yourself now, you know that, right?"

"It was worth a shot." Bam shrugged.

With that, Ryan shoved him into the pool and then jumped in after him.

"This water fucking sucks." Bam pouted, shivering.

"Aw, poor Bam. Lets go get you dried off, ok? No sense in you catching a cold."

"I hate you Dunn."

"I love you too."