Jeff winced and held his cheek as Dimitry and Chris laughed loudly at him.

"I fucking hate that Mamba." He mumbled.

"I wish we had the camera on, that was probably the most vicious Mamba attack on record." JP laughed as everyone started to leave Jeff's room.

"You ok man?" Dimitry asked him, taking the black tube sock off of his arm.

"That fucking killed, you asshole."

"Sorry." Dimitry grinned. "It looked hilarious though."

"I'm going to get you back so fucking hard for that one." Jeff stood up to look in the mirror that hung on the opposite side of his hotel room.

"Your hair's looks great, just go back to sleep." Dimitry flopped down on the bed, tossing the Mamba on the floor.

"I was seeing if you broke the skin. I know you only slapped me, but it really fucking hurt." Jeff came back to the bed and stretched out beside Dimitry.

"I really am sorry. Next time I'll film it, I promise."

Jeff glared at him before resting his head on Dimitry's chest.

"It's ok, but you seriously owe me."

"And how do you propose I pay you back?" Dimitry's eyebrow rose as he stared down at the top of Jeff's head.

"Y'know. The usual." Jeff smirked.