Love at First Sight

Describes Max's first true sight of Alec. Max sees herself (literally!) in Alec's eyes.

setting: Gill Girl Drabble
pairing: Max and Alec
Disclaimer: I don't own Dark Angel or these characters

Part 1: A Question Looming in Green Pools

"How do you see me?"

The unspoken question looming in his eyes.

So he cares?

Forget it. It doesn't matter. He means nothing anyway.

"How do you see me?"

He won't look away.

I've seen him before.

But I never really saw him.

When we first met, I did look. I tried to see who he was.


Until he opened his mouth.

And that's when I saw him


"How do you see me?"

His eyes want to know.

How do I see him? What's the point in asking. How else could I see him? He's a cocky, self-serving, opportunist, show-off. A smart-ass, hence his name. What more is there to see?

And that's when I consider it.

Why does he want to know?

A part of him must care.

And I wonder as I reconsider…

How do I see him?

Part 2: The Answer Staring at Me Through a Hazel Mirror

A stare.

Across the room, two eyes meet. Two souls pour into one through the distant contact of a simple stare.

As eyes meet, souls meet, hearts conjoin, each beat becomes louder. Across the room you can hear the other heart beat in the stare.

A beautiful stare.

He's looking into my eyes. And beyond.

The beat skips. To the song and my heart.

I can't look away. The green pools swirl into one mesmerizing image that I can't deny.

I notice the golden twinkling of his mischievous nature and stare deeper.

A reflection of myself is piercing me in his eyes.

I see brown orbs looking back at me, ignited with emotion that only he can elicit.

The stare deepens.

My heart constricts with the stare.

The emotion that is now visible, the care.

Longing. Acceptance. Affection.

It's too powerful to ignore. I can't even blink while I process the truth.

I see something else that captures my breath.

Manticore would be so disappointed to know. To find out that their soldiers discovered the gift of oneself in its truest form.

I can do nothing but stare as I see more.

Passion. Desire.


The truth hits me like a fist to the gut, the wind knocked out of me.

I can't continue. It's too much.

My mind wants to move away from his eyes, from the truth.

I'm not ready to see.

I remember his eyes' question – his heart's pondering.

"How do you see me?"

And as I continue to stare in shock and wonder into his eyes, I know the answer.

I see the truth as I look into his eyes.

I see a reflection of myself looming in his eyes.

"How do you see me?"

I see me.

And all the emotions that stir within me only for him.

Longing. Acceptance. Affection. Passion. Desire.


I see my own reflection, my brown eyes' truth, staring back at me as his stare holds mine. The windows to my soul piercing my heart with their truth, lingering in green swirls, lit with the golden twinkle of Alec.

a/n: So what do you think? I've never written a piece like this before, I would love to hear your thoughts! oh, and as always, thanks for reading!