Originally, I wasn't planning on doing an epilogue

Originally, I wasn't planning on doing an epilogue. But then I figured, hey why not?

So here you all go!

Thank you! And enjoy.


Epilogue: The Perfection

Tory awoke the next morning feeling utterly contented.

He could tell from the crisp dim light peeking from between his drawn window shades that it was still early. His bleary eyes focused on the red digital numbers on his bedside table. It shone 8:16am.

Tory's heart flipped excitedly as he remembered his night with Colin.

After confessing their feelings to one another and indulging in their second kiss, they stayed up for half the night talking. Well, talking and kissing.

Tory learned more about Colin than he ever thought he would, even thought the red-haired teen did the majority of the talking. He didn't learn anything about the Gaia Project but Tory didn't care. Truth be told, he didn't even think to ask at the time.

He figured that if Colin wanted to tell him, then in time he would.

For now, Tory was just happy to have Colin as an ever-growing part of his life.

Tory rolled his head to gaze fondly upon the lean, sleeping teen beside him. Strands of strawberry red hair fell over Tory's eyes as he admired the still form. He blew a sharp breath straight up to scatter the wavy locks out of his vision.

His heart swooned as he studied his friend's smooth, peaceful face, the urge to kiss him surfacing once again.

Colin lay on his side, facing Tory. He was only a few inches away from were Tory lay.

The sky blue comforter that they shared was draped over Colin's lower half, his head buried in the pillow he brought down from the top bunk late last night. His dark eyelashes caressed his cheeks in a stark contrast from his pale face.

Tory's heart sped up as his path of vision honed in on Colin's flawless hand lying palm down on the bed a mere four inches from him.

Without hesitation, Tory reached out and carefully laid his warm hand over Colin's. The dark-haired boy stirred and his eyes slowly opened. Blinking the sleep from his vision and thoughts, he focused them on Tory's freckled face.

A smile curved the corner of his mouth up.

"Hey," Tory murmured affectionately, propping his head up on his hand.

"Hey," he replied groggily. Colin squeezed his eyes shut and stretched for a long moment before relaxing and smiling at up Tory.

A feeling of serenity and peace filled Tory's soul as he gazed down at his friend. Once again, Tory felt a burning completion by Colin's side. He knew from the very depths of his soul, that this was where he belonged. This was where he wanted to be for the rest of his life.

"I was thinking," Tory began, his eyes sparkling as Colin's hand wrapped around his. "Do you want to go out to eat for breakfast at Nonnys around the corner? It's only like a five-minute walk. I'll pay! And maybe after we can go take a walk in the park?"

Colin's ashen eyes mirrored Tory's excitement but he spoke with a faux disapproving frown on his face.

"We should probably finish the physics project and start on some of the others today. School should be our main priority, Tory," Colin couldn't keep the playful smile from tugging at his lips as he spoke.

A fierce grin tore across Tory's face and he swooped down to place his lips a fraction of a hair above Colin's. The unsuspecting teen sucked in a tiny, excited gasp.

"Screw the project." Tory whispered, emotion thickening his voice as he pressed his lips passionately, lovingly to Colin's smiling lips.


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