"Bam! C'mere!" Ryan shouted from his bedroom.

"Where are you?"

"In my room!"

Bam bounded up the stairs, blew through Ryan's door and flopped on the bed beside him.


"I brought you something."

"For what?" Bam asked.

"Because I love you, that's why…Dumbass. Remember when me and Vito's flight got all fucked up and we wound up in Canada?"

"Yeah…Vito had a great time."

"It's that damn Canadian beer." Ryan smiled as he dug through his closet, whilst Bam's eyes followed every movement of Ry's hips.

"So what is it?" Bam's patience was usually short lived or non-existent, and this time was no different.

Ryan lifted two white and blue cardboard boxes out of the closet and put them in Bam's lap.

"What the hell?" Bam looked at them quizzically as Ryan gave him a quick kiss on the ear.

"Open 'em. They're awesome."

Bam opened the first box and pulled out a stuffed dog; to be more specific, a stuffed Boxer. Bam eye's welled up immediately, recalling his beloved dog. The stuffed one was wearing a pair of cargo jeans and a t-shirt with some silhouettes of people skateboarding. Attached to the dog's paws was a blue, red and yellow skateboard. It was also wearing a blue helmet with yellow and blue elbow and kneepads. A lone tear slid down Bam's cheek as he tried to thank Ryan.

"Dude, look at this." Ryan reached in the box again and pulled out a piece of paper that said 'Birth Certificate'. "I named it 'Captain Bam' because you're my hero…and the girl that was working there said she named hers that because it was funny. Now press its paw!" Ryan fluttered his eyelashes at his lover before kissing him gently.

Bam pressed the paw and his DiCo's voice rang out followed by his own:

"What will He do next?"

"Whatever the FUCK I want!

"Where did you find this?" Bam's shaky voice asked, wiping his tears away.

"It's this store called the Build-A-Bear Workshop. It's the coolest thing! Now look at the other one…I think you'll like it." Ryan was fidgeting like a child on Christmas morning.

Bam smiled silently at Ryan before opening the other one. He grasped the other stuffed animal and laughed out loud as he looked at it. Ryan started to giggle as he tried to explain himself.

"It's a moose! And I dressed it up as this doctor with the X-Ray because he looks just like that doctor you had when you fell out of the window in High-School."

Bam's laughter subsided quickly as he stared at Ryan, who was still laughing like crazy.

"You-You remember that? You remember what he looked like and everything?" Bam asked, shocked.

"Of course I do. I remember every trip to the hospital, every ambulance ride, every cut, every skating accident…I remember everything that's ever hurt you Bam."

"Why?" Bam's lip quivered. Ryan wasn't usually a cutesy, romantic kinda guy.

Ryan's voice lowered as he looked into Bam's eyes.

"Because this way I can prevent you from ever getting hurt again. Well, at least getting hurt the same way."

Bam looked back at the stuffed Moose and Dog. He was never really into stuffed animals, even as a kid, but now they had a whole new meaning.

"I love you, Ry." Bam whispered.

"I know." Ryan smiled knowingly, and gave Bam a kiss on the nose.