The Littlest Shepherd

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A/N: Can't believe I'm writing a MerDer. ha-ha. -hits herself in the head- And I should be studying right now for my major exams... -hits herself in the head once again- Now that I'm done bashing myself... Hope you enjoy this short fluff! My intention is just to make you smile and make you go 'awww...'

Summary: Pure Fluff The littlest Shepherd's got a lot of mischievous tricks up his sleeves...

Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one.

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Mischief # 1 - The Fatty Song

"You're a fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty. You're a fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty," the little boy in a blue sweater, khakhi pants, and red sneakers wiggled his small butt as he playfully pointed at and chanted towards the fat lady who was looking at him in disbelief. His bright blue eyes twinkled in delight and a hint of laughter was evident in his cute, squeeky voice. "You're a fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty, fatty..."

Derek Shepherd emerged from room 1114 and headed to the nurses station to drop of the patient's chart. His eyes went wide in horror as he saw his son wiggling his butt and chanting the fatty song at one of the patient's family member. "Oh god."

He immediately dropped the chart on the counter and headed towards his son and swooped him in his arms. He smiled apologetically at the lady. "I'm sorry, I terribly am."

"You're a fatty, fatty, fatty..." the little boy continued to chant, only stopping as Derek's hand covered his little mouth. Derek smiled at the lady once again. The lady shook her head in disgust and disbelief and headed off. Derek sighed in relief as he watched the lady walk away without saying anything. He shook his head in disappointment as he propped his son on the counter.

"Braeden!" Derek spoke his son's name out sternly as he looked at him in the eye. Blue eyes met blue eyes, the other one twinkling the other one blazing.

"Dada!" Braeden giggled, not sensing his father's anger.

"Where did you learn that song?" Derek asked him.

"Scwubs! Scwubs! Scwubs! Scwubs!" Braeden chanted, pumping his small hands up in the air.

Derek held on to his small hands and brought them down. "What did Dada tell you when we're here in the hospital?"

"No talk to stwangers!"

"And that lady? What was she?"

"Stwanger!" Braeden grinned proudly at getting the answer right.

"And why were you talking with her?"

"Fatty, fatty, fatty!"

"Braeden!" Derek called his attention once again. "Did you follow Dada's rule by talking with that lady?"

"Noooo, Dada," Braeden shook his head furiously.

"And what are you going to say to Dada?"

"Sorreeee, Dadaaaaaaa," Braeden placed his small hands on Derek's cheeks and placed numerous kisses on his face.

"Okay," Derek tried to hide his smile but failed nonetheless. "You're forgiven, buddy."

Braeden grinned widely and wrapped his hands around Derek's neck. Derek sighed deeply and gently untangled his son's hands from him and he placed him down on the floor. "C'mon, buddy, let's go find Mommy."

Braeden's eyes went wide in happiness in hearing his Mommy's name. He eagerly followed Derek down the hall, walking as fast as his short legs could take him.

Derek opened the door to the on-call room and found exactly who he was looking for. She was on one of the beds, lightly chatting with the rest of the residents, namely Izzie, George, and Christina. He opened the door widely and stepped inside.

"Dr. Shepherd!" Derek called out.

"Hey," Meredith looked at him with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

"How many times have I told you not to let Braeden watch Scrubs?"

"What? You never told me that before!"

"Well, I should have," Derek told her.

"It's just a harmless TV show, you know," Christina rolled her eyes.

"Could you be any guiltier?" George shook his head as he looked at Christina. All eyes were already on her.

"I only made him watch one episode!" Christina told Meredith and Derek. "One!"

"Well that one episode taught him a really bad habit," Derek told her, disappointment evident in his tone.

"What did he do?" Christina asked.

"Wait, where is he, anyway?" Meredith asked her husband.

Derek turned around and was expecting to see his son standing behind him but to his shock, he wasn't. He immediately walked out the door and looked around for his son. It didn't take him two steps from the door to find his son who was at least a three feet away from the door doing what he was doing earlier, this time with a different lady. "Oh god."

"What is it?" Meredith got out of the bed and stood behind Derek to take a look at her son.

"That is what he picked up from Scrubs," Derek pointed at their son. All the other residents also got out of their spots and they all peeped outside to see what Braeden was doing. He was chanting and wiggling his little butt and all the residents, along with Meredith, giggled.

"Oh my god, that's so adorable!" Izzie gushed.

"That is not adorable, Dr. Stevens!" Derek sternly said as he walked towards his son and once again swooped him in his arms, apologized to the lady, covered his son's mouth, and walked over to Meredith and her friends. Derek uncovered his son's mouth who was clearly enjoying his self and his little act.

"Mommy!!!" Braeden reached out his hands and Derek passed him to Meredith. Meredith smiled at his son and placed a kiss on his light blond hair.

"Hiya, baby," Meredith greeted.

"You need to do something about that, Mer," Derek told her. He passed Christina a cold glare. "And Dr. Yang? No more making my son watch Scrubs. He's barely three and he's already picking up bad habits!"

Christina rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You need to be thankful he didn't pick up the other thing the little boy was chanting on the episode..."

"And what exactly is that other thing?" Derek raised his eyebrow at his wife's friend.

"Oh," Christina shook her head slowly. "You wouldn't want to know, Dr. Shepherd, you wouldn't want to know."

"My Mommy had an abwortion! My Mommy had an abwortion!" Braeden suddenly started to chant out loud.

"Oh god!" Meredith's eyes went wide in horror and she immediately placed a hand on her son's mouth. She looked at Derek in horror.

"That was the other thing the little boy was chanting... Braeden here's got a good memory."

"DOCTOR YANG!!!" Derek called out loudly.

"I think you need to run now, Christina," George told Christina, gently pushing her.

"I think I do," Christina agreed and without any other thought, ran down the hall.

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I really did get the 'Fatty song' from Scrubs. Adorable little kid... ha-ha. And I got the name 'Braeden' from the kid actor who played the autistic kid on House MD.