Pairing: Atobe x Fuji

Author: Denite

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me.

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Romance

A.N. Yes, I am writing a sequel to Heaven's Tear. My reason for writing a sequel is because in my mind I want to offer a different angle to this poem from Heaven's Tear.

What is love?

Love is a drug that we can never quit

Love is an addiction that will ultimately destroy us all

Love is a weakness that no one can conquered

I believe that everyone needs a weakness because you can only feel love if you have an vulerable spot within you. A person without weakness wouldn't be capable of giving love.

Sorry for my mini-rant. Please R & R. I would love to know what you think of the sequel and it goes without saying that the story makes more sense if you read Heaven's Tear first but it is not required.


Chapter 1: Once Again


My lover had passed away in my arm. My tears had been dry but my heart was no longer whole. In one day, I had changed. I had taken up photography and planting. I had given up on tennis because nothing matters anymore now that he is not here. I try to mold myself into him because I want to live his life for him.

It is the least that I could do after he sacrificed himself for me.

The moment his heart stop beating was the moment that I erased Atobe Keigo from the world.

I taught myself to enjoy the feeling of dirt in between my fingers because I realized that being one with nature made me felt closer to him. I taught myself how to take black and white pictures from various angles because those were his favorite.

I had changed and no one knows why except for the three people who were present.

I waited.

I searched.

I wrote.

Yes, I wrote down everything that had happened and I wrote down everything that I had saw and experienced. I recoreded everything till the moment I passed away on my death bed because I fear that I would forget him once again like I did many life times ago.

Present life time:

(Atobe Keigo - 25 years old, heir to the great Atobe industry, ruthless in business, currently not in any relationship and ranked as one of the most eligible bachelor in Japan)

Atobe sigh as he looked out his window. He stood high and mighty above the world in his multi-million office and yet he felt empty.

Empty and Alone

Atobe traced his finger tip slowly over the wound on his wrist and smile. He had remembered everything from last life time because of his rather foolish action at the last moment.

A single blade had caused the two to become one again. Their blood joined in perfect union. In this lifetime, Atobe Keigo was a curse one because inside him lies Fuji Shusuke's curse blood.

Yes, one single drop of a curse blood will be enough to taint a pure breed.

To love or not to love?

In the beginning of every relationship, the two people involved would wonder if they should love or not love their significant others. After much thought they would both discover that beneath the obvious choices there lies a third option. Each will discovered on their own that being in a relationship doesn't mean that they have to love the other person. At the same time they will realized that ending a relationship doesn't mean that they have to stop loving the other person. The reality is most people learn to live by the third option.

If one day you were able to find someone who loves you with everything that they got then you are considered lucky. The reason is if you ever asked the people around you if they love their significant others with their whole heart most would find it hard to say yes without feeling guilt.

Like an infinite number line, there lies a huge gap between to love and to not love. Sometimes the gap would get so big that it makes people dizzy and confused. For instance, sometimes you feel like you really love him and sometimes you don't feel like you love him at all. When he is not around you, you miss him. And when he is around you, you would think of someone else. Even if that is not the case, you would always argue with him over pity issues and soon you will realize that he is not what you need and at that moment you wish you were alone.

Yet, there was a time when you loved him so much that you thought you had gone insane. Everything about him screams perfection, but then there was time when you don't feel anything for him. You don't want to kiss him and you don't want his hug.

In the end you start to wonder if you truly had loved him. You question yourself because if you don't loved him then why do you miss him? On the other hand, if it was love then why do you want to give up?

At that exact moment, you realized that there was still the third option and you felt sane again. Yes, as long as we have our doubt the gap that lies in between will continue to grow and strengthen.

Atobe's pov

I was staring at that passage for quite a while before I finally decided to close the book. A book consisted of random drabbles and for some reason every time I open the book I would always end up on page 145. The title of the passage on page 145 was "To love or not to love."

Why can't I let go? I can't seem to move on. I have the world at my feet and I am still not satisfied. I guess material items will never be able to fill the void inside of me. Over the years, I had targeted all my frustration into building my company and as a result I had earned the respect of many business leaders and was well known for being absolutely heartless and ruthless in the field.

Yet at the same time I would laugh almost pitifully at myself because if I don't have a heart then why does it ache and why does it bleed?

I walk over to my office window and stare at the sky. Four years ago, no one would have thought that I would be standing here and they would have been right if it wasn't for Yuushi. I am forever grateful for Yuushi, because without him I don't know where I would be today.

Why didn't I fell for Yuushi? He was always there for me. When my father had passed away, Yuushi was the only one who stood by myself and help me took control of the company from the greedy hands of my father's business partners. When the whole world was watching and anticipating my defeat, Yuushi had stayed and helped.

He offered me his help and took a gamble on me when no one would. We were both just twenty-one years old at that time. We were both just fresh out of college, inexperienced but far from naïve. Yuushi was my best friend and the only person that I had ever trusted. There was a time when I try to replace Shusuke with Yuushi but no matter how much I cared for Yuushi, we both know that it wasn't love.

I remembered right before our one year anniversary, Yuushi broke up with me. He told me that if he can't have all of me then he rather have nothing. Yes, that is exactly how Yuushi is and I don't blame him. I try to love Yuushi for both of us. I know that he still love me but I respect his decision when he broke off our relationship.

That was my first and last relationship. I really wanted it to work for my own selfish purpose. I was lonely and I wanted someone warm to hold on to at night but it wasn't fair to Yuushi.

I continue to stare in space and wonder why all the money in the world can't buy me the warm embraced that I long for.


I turned around and saw Yuushi walk in with a wine bottle in his hand.

"I thought I saw the light in your office. What are you still doing here at this time of the night?" Asked Yuushi as he walks over and took 2 wine glasses off my wine cabinet.

"Yuushi, I think the better question is what are you still doing here and with a bottle of alcohol no less." I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"I know you would still be here so I took it upon myself to bring your favorite wine here so we can celebrate." Replied Yuushi with a smile.

I could feel a genuine smile appearing on my face before saying,"Yuushi, thank you and I mean it. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

"Now don't get all sentimental on me. I was merely making a business investment four years ago. I know you had the talent to back up your promises and I was right." Said Yuushi as he handed me a wine glass.

I took the glass and said,"I believe a toast is in order."

"Yes, that is much better. A toast to Atobe Keigo for surving all these years of backstabbing and blackmailing." Said Yuushi with a grin.

I am grateful that Yuushi is here tonight to offer me his company,"Yuushi that is a very interesting toast but I will drink to that."

"Keigo, I will never understand why you like this wine so much." Said Yuushi as he hold up the wine, the label read, "Eyes like Yours."

For some reason I never told anyone why I enjoy that particular wine and in an attempt to change the subject I said, "I guess I just like the taste."

I never told Yuushi the real reason was because it came as an unexpected gift. It was my eighteen birthdays when I received a bottle of "Eyes like Yours" from an unaddressed box and since the first taste I was immediately hook. Maybe it was the way the color blue seemed to shine in the bottle. Maybe it was the way the liquid come alive when I pour it into a wine glass. Or maybe it was the simple coldness that I experienced when I devoured every single drop of the liquid. No, I think the real reason was because the drink reminded me of Shusuke. Yes, blue like him. So vibrant and yet calm at the same time as if nothing can ever disturb him. Nothing, not even death can disturb Shusuke's peace.

I was lost in thoughts before I heard Yuushi's voice.

"Keigo, I think it is time that we get you a secretary. I don't want to watch my best friend work himself to an early grave here." Said Yuushi in a worry tone.

I could feel a headache coming on before saying, "Yuushi, you know how I feel about the secretary issue. I don't want another gold digger or someone to spread rumors about sleeping with me."

"Tomorrow we will have a new batch of interns coming in and I will personally see if any of them is fit to be your new secretary. In the meantime, try to get some rest. Keigo, I am worry about you." Said Yuushi as he embraces me from the back.

I smiled and thank him.

The hug feels so warm and soothing. Yes, thank god for Yuushi.