Pairings: Atobe x Fuji, Yuushi x Gakuto, Yuuta x Mizuki

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Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Romance

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Chapter 13

Piece by Piece

"Forgive me for interrupting, but my name is Yukimura Seiichi and I am here to take you, my dear back with me to Tokyo to show how big of an idiot you truly are."

Everything was a blur to Fuji after Yukimura announced his intentions of taking Fuji back to Tokyo. Fuji stood there speechless and in shock while Yuuta talked with Yukimura like old friends.

"Yukimura-san, I haven't seen you in ages. How have you been?" Asked Yuuta in an eager tone which made Mizuki slightly upset.

Mizuki immediately grabbed Yuuta's hand in a possessive manner and glared Yukimura silently.

Yukimura smiled and angered Mizuki further by kissing both of Yuuta's cheek before saying, "Yuuta-kun, it had been too long and you have grown up to be such a handsome young man."

Yuuta blushed before answering, "I will never forget how much Yukimura-san had helped me when I first started working in Paris."

"Nonsense, I saw your true potential despite your lack of experience and decided that investing in your company was the right thing to do." Stated Yukimura.

"Wait Yuuta; don't tell me that he's the one who invested in your company along with Atobe." Interrupted Mizuki.

"There is no point in talking about ancient history. I am actually here on a secret mission." Stated Yukimura with a smile.

"A secret mission?" Asked Yuuta curiosity.

"Yes, I like to call it "Runaway Bride." It seemed that Atobe's bride to be decided to vanish before he could propose and being one of his few friends, I had no choice but to help him." Commented Yukimura.

"Wait a minute, I am not Keigo's bride and for all we know Keigo has already found his new replacement." Stated Fuji angrily.

"Hello, Fuji-kun, I told you that we will meet again and this time I am taking you with me even if I have to drug you and tie you up." Commented Yukimura gently as he grabbed Fuji's slim waist.

Before Fuji could protest further, his vision started to grow blurry and before he knew it he was surrounded by a pitch of darkness.



"Don't worry Yuuta-kun and Yuuta's significant other. Fuji-kun is going to be taking a little nap. I heard from Keigo that Fuji-kun wasn't really a fan of flying and I thought that it would be a lot easier to convince a sleeping tensai than a fully awake one." Stated Yukimura.

"Yukimura-san, I am still not sure how aniki will react when he waked up." Commented Yuuta in a slightly uncertain tone.

"There is no need for us to worry about minor details because once we arrive in Tokyo it will be Keigo's responsibility to deal with Fuji-kun's unpleasantness." Commented Yukimura as he carried Fuji out of the door.

"Yuuta, are you sure Fuji is safe in his hand?" Asked Mizuki suspiciously.

"I know Yukimura-san would never do anything to hurt Atobe and if he knows how important aniki is to Atobe then we can rest assure that aniki will be safe." Commented Yuuta.

"I still can't believe he put sleeping pill in Fuji's drink." Stated Mizuki in complete disbelief.

"Yukimura-san is the kindest person I ever meet but he is also someone that you never want to piss off." Commented Yuuta with a shiver down his spine.

"Yuuta, I really hope that Atobe will be able to clear Fuji's doubt." Commented Mizuki.

Yuuta grinned before saying, "Don't worry, I am sure once aniki found out how foolish he has been he will welcome Atobe with open arms."

"What do you mean?" Asked Mizuki.

"I am not telling you because I can't believe you have the nerve to keep aniki's whereabouts from me." Stated Yuuta angrily as he stalked off.

"Yuuta, I am sorry." Yelled Mizuki as he ran after Yuuta.

The sudden departure of the four had made quite an impression at the exhibit but truth is, none of them could have care less about what others think of them. In the meantime, Yuuta was trying his hardest not to laugh while putting on an angry face because he knew that Mizuki was only doing what he thought was best for his aniki. However, that still doesn't change the fact that he is going to make Mizuki suffer a little bit for deceiving him.

On the other hand, Yukimura had managed to place Fuji and himself on the first flight back to Tokyo.

Yukimura gently traced his fingertip over Fuji's face before saying, "Fuji Shusuke, you really are a thing of beauty. No wonder Keigo had fallen head over heels for you."

Finally the plane landed in Tokyo and Yukimura proceeded to carry Fuji to his limo after telling the driver directions to Atobe's mansion. Atobe's servants immediately let Yukimura into the mansion once they saw his limo approaching the gate. After Yukimura had placed Fuji in Atobe's master bedroom, he couldn't help but leaned over and kiss Fuji on the lips.

"An indirected kiss from Keigo." Whispered Yukimura as he left the mansion with a sad smile on his face.

On the way back to his own house, Yukimura took out his cell phone and called Oshitari, "Yuushi, tell Keigo that I left a surprise for him in his bedroom and it is best if he hurry back before sleeping beauty wakes up."

"Seiichi, wait …….." Started Oshitari before he noticed that Yukimura had hung up the phone.

Fuji couldn't help but feel a cold chill after waking up in Atobe's bed. His emotions were running high but more than anything he felt trapped in Atobe's master bedroom. The last time he was here was when they made love for the first time. It was everything that he had hoped to be and it pained him to have to leave Atobe after that.

Fuji finally calms himself down long enough to make some rational decision and the first thing on his mind is that he has to leave the room as soon as possible. The thought of seeing Atobe again was still too much for Fuji but before he could make it to the door, the door sudden got busted open.

"Shusuke …….."

Even a miracle encounter can turn into an illusion with a single drop of tear. I never thought that I would ever see Keigo whispered my name again. Even as I started backing away from him, I know that I was wishing for his touch. I know that I still craved his warmth and wonder how it would feel for him to hold me tight against his body when the light in the city glimmers.

"Keigo, why am I here?" Asked Fuji as he finally started to crumble from the inside out.

"Don't leave me again. Please don't leave me alone again." Begged Atobe quietly as he held Fuji close to his heart.

Being in Keigo's embrace caused all these past memories to rush back. I remember your lips tasting like hot molten lava, sinking and leaving a permanent scar in my heart. I thought I was able to give up on you, I want to stop going after the illusion that we can be together but why is it that the heart always seem to have a mind of his own. The city lights fade away as the morning sun rises.

I never had my chance to whisper the last words to you, "Good bye."

I don't know what happened but I was shivering and you were holding me. I hate myself for being so weak and more importantly I hate myself for lusting after your body heat. Last night, I slept in the warmth like it was a glimpse of a dream. The whole time I was away from you I was never able to sleep and I felt like my heart was constantly wandering in the city.

For two years, I had never stopped running, running away to a lonely isolation.

"Shusuke, why did you leave me? I love you so much." Whispered Atobe in his sleep.

When I decided that I was going to leave I asked myself why do I exist and live. At that time I realized that the hardest thing one can feel was knowing that you are not needed by anyone in this world. The pain of being alone was completely out of this world and it saddened me.

The morning sun showed me how tired Keigo has become.

"I am sorry Keigo. I will never leave you again even if I was merely a replacement."

Atobe suddenly woke up and breathe a sign of relief when he saw Fuji by the window.

"Did I wake you up?" Asked Fuji.

"No, I thought you left again when I felt the absence of your body in my arm." Commented Atobe as he embraced Fuji from the back.

"Keigo, I am sorry."

"For what?"

"For being selfish, I realized that I rather be a replacement than gone from your life."

"A replacement?"

"Yes, you don't have to hide it from me anymore. I saw the painting and I know that the only reason you love me was because I look like him."

"Was that why you left?" Asked Atobe in disbelief.

"Yes, silly isn't it." Commented Fuji sadly.

"There was never anyone else. I was yours since the first time we kiss centuries ago. You taste like sin and I was never able to resist you, not before and not now." Stated Atobe.

My heart started to weaken at Keigo's words and I realized that strangely I believe him because to me Keigo was … everything in this world.


Hello and Goodbye

"Seiichi, I am forever in your debt." Commented Atobe.

Yukimura laughed before saying, "I just want to see you happy again."

Fuji left Atobe's side before walking over and embraced Yukimura whole hearty.

"Thank you Yukimura, I would still be hiding from Keigo if it wasn't for you." Stated Fuji.

"Nonsense, I know that you two lovebirds would find your way back to each other sooner or later. In the meantime, I will be going now and Fuji-kun try not to get jealous over your own portrait from now on." Commented Yukimura with a joking laugh before leaving the two alone.

Fuji blushed before waving goodbye to Yukimura.

"Keigo, I am always amazed how someone like you managed to have so many friends." Stated Fuji.

Atobe laugh before replying, "Because everyone just wants a piece of Ore-sama."

"Idiot." Commented Fuji.

"Yes, but I am your idiot." Interrupted Atobe as he sealed Fuji's mouth with a deep kiss.

Because to me Shusuke was everything in this world

On the other hand, Yukimura couldn't help but laugh as he got on the plane again.

"I think this idiot finally earned himself a vacation." Commented Yukimura out loud.

"I can't help but overheard your statement." Interrupted a stranger.

Yukimura glanced over and saw a man with kind eyes and silver hair.

"I just traveled halfway across the world to help the man I love reunited with his lost lover." Laughed Yukimura sadly.

"Seven years ago, I fake my own death so I could help the man I love reunited with his old lover." Commented the stranger.

Yukimura smiled before pouring wine in two glasses and said, "I believe a toast is in order."

"Yes, idiots like us deserve a toast." Stated the stranger.

"To us."

"To us."

"The name is Yukimura Seiichi and your is?" Asked Yukimura.

"Saeki Koujirou …"