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Summary: Uzumaki Naruto needs to head back home for a family reunion. But he desperately needs a date. On Kakashi's advice he buys five million dollar slave Sasuke and makes a deal. Pretend to be his boyfriend for a month and he'll set him free. But what happens when they really fall in love?

Chapter 1:

The boy…man really rolled over yawning widely. What the heck is that beeping noise? He stretched and got out of bed. He trudged to the bathroom and blearily peered at himself in the mirror. His blond hair was sticking up again and a bit of goo covered his left eye. Uzumaki Naruto the richest man in the country of Konoha brushed his teeth in morbid silence. Then he located that the beeping noise was coming from his answering machine and went to switch it on.

Oi gaki! It's me. It's your uncle Jiraiya's birthday this Saturday…that's day after…so you better be here… and we're planning to have a big bash, since it's his fiftieth. That was Tsunade his aunt. She was a little mental like the rest of his family. He noticed her voice had dropped a bit. Please come, Naruto. Yes your father will be there, but you don't have to talk to him. Her voice brightened. Oh and bring a hot date, ne? A really cute guy would be nice. Jiraiya says congratulations on the merger. So that's it. See you soon. Ever since Tsunade had found out he was bi, she'd been trying to get him the perfect love…be it guy or girl. Though she preferred it to a guy.

Naruto frowned a bit, scratching his head. He'd have to go; there was no doubt about it. Tsunade would kill him if he didn't and Jiraiya would feel hurt. Meeting his father was a different matter though…he'd rather be forced to spend time with his fan girls, rather than face his dad. But then it was inevitable.

Then came the date issue. He couldn't take anyone who liked him, because he never got close to those who liked him. He didn't trust them…but then the great cheerful Uzumaki Naruto-sama didn't trust anyone. Not his clients, not his friends and certainly not his family…maybe Tsunade and Jiraiya a bit, but that was it. He pulled on a blue shirt, grey trousers and threw on a grey jacket. Then he pulled on an orange tie as an after thought…he had to keep up his loud and cheerful image after all.

After a quick breakfast, he donned the most important thing…his wide happy smile. Picking up his brief case he got into the elevator and went down. The man at the reception smiled at him. "Uzumaki-sama. Have a good day…I'll send the maid to clean the pent house if you like, sir."

Naruto nodded. "That would be great thank you!" he said louder than necessary. He could read the minds of all the guests staring at him wondering how this loud young man could be the great Uzumaki Naruto…the richest man in Konoha and the youngest to have accumulated it.

He found his limo waiting at the door. His driver Kakashi saluted smartly. Naruto slipped in smiling at the rest of the world, though his own world inside was crumbling to dust. "Good morning, Naruto-san. You look tired…family troubles again?"

Naruto sighed. "I knew you'd guess. I'll have to go home for a while, Kakashi. This time she'll force me to stay a month…it's Jiraiya's birthday. So I really can't not go."

Kakashi nodded sympathetically. "It's ok, Naruto-san. I've known you for all your life…I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. But that's not all is it? I can see from your face that there's more to come."

"She wants me to bring a date. I could tell she meant it this time. I can't…I don't love anyone, Kakashi. I can't stand those girls at work, except maybe Sakura-chan. She's dating Lee. Neji would have been great to take, but then he's out with Gaara now I think. I have no idea what to do…" Naruto groaned.

They'd reached Naruto's office. Kakashi turned around and regarded him with the eye that was visible. "Naruto-sama…if you'd care to let me take you somewhere this evening, we might find you a date. Don't worry it'll be no strings attached."

Naruto stared at the man before smiling a genuine smile. "Yeah maybe I will…thank you."

He let Kakashi take time off until he'd finished work. He walked into his office and flopped into his chair. Going through some files, he began signing everything that he approved off. His secretary Himuri brought him some coffee… chugging it down, Naruto called his manager Shikamaru and they discussed what else they could branch out into.

Obsidian eyes looked up as someone walked in at the door. They narrowed when they saw the person. "What do you want?"

"You should know by now, Sasuke-kun. If you behave we might make a sale…a good owner maybe? You surely don't want to stay here all your life? Though if you do I could…"

"No." Sasuke stood up, glaring at the man.

"Thought you'd see it my way." The man grinned, his golden eyes sparkling with amusement. He let his pale, almost white hands wander up Sasuke's chest, flicking his dusky brown nipples. The younger man shifted.

"Stop." Sasuke moved out of Orochimaru's grasp. "You're supposed to be selling me…not feeling me up for yourself."

Orochimaru smirked. "What if I decided not to sell you? I could keep you here, you'd be my toy. I could treat you gently, Sasuke-kun."

"Then you'd lose money. Remind me again what I'm worth, Orochimaru-san." Sasuke retorted cockily. He might be a slave for sale, but that didn't mean he had no pride.

Orochimaru grit his teeth. "Five million dollars." It was true, as much as he wanted to, he wouldn't be able to keep the Uchiha…too much money going down the drain. He wished he could punch the smirk off the man's face…but it would damage the goods. Instead he lifted the syringe he was holding.

"Strip, Sasuke-kun. We have to get you ready, don't we? Why don't you pray we have a customer who can afford you this time?"

Sasuke stripped off the navy pants he was wearing. And walked to Orochimaru…he hated that injection…it was a powerful aphrodisiac. That meant he'd be sporting an erection all day as he was displayed to customers. He'd have to wait till closing time to be able to jack off and get some sleep. It stung a bit as the needle punctured his skin. The moment Orochimaru removed the needle; he walked to his normal position at the display windows.

Orochimaru stalked past him catching hold of his shoulder. "No…today we try something different. This is bound to attract a customer who'll have to have you." Orochimaru let him to a bed frame. It was made of iron…there wasn't any mattress on it and it was just a rectangular frame with a thick bit of leather hanging across it.

Sasuke's eyes widened. "No way. Let me go…I'm not getting into that! You can't! Orochi…" he got cut off as Orochimaru grasped his half erect cock, stroking it lightly. Sasuke felt the breath get knocked out of him, the aphrodisiac was beginning to take effect…even the smallest touches were driving him insane. Orochimaru let him go and he fell to his knees.

Before he could protest he was being picked up and made to lay on the swing. Orochimaru tied his wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed frame. So Sasuke was hanging in the empty space between the bed frame with a leather strap holding up his back. He felt so vulnerable…spread out and exposed like that. Then he felt something fingering his entrance and opened his eyes to see Orochimaru slip a finger into him. He cried out, but couldn't get away from the intrusion. Three fingers stretched him and he felt something slick about the size of three fingers placed at his entrance. He saw it was a dildo. He tried to struggle, but the drug had left him feeling weak and aroused…and Orochimaru had placed the dildo brushing his prostate.

He thought he'd go insane. Orochimaru grinned down at him and then left him to his own devices. Sasuke prayed hard…please let someone buy me.

Naruto had finished work early. There hadn't been much to do really, Shikamaru took care of everything nowadays…he refused to let Naruto fret over work or take on a heavy workload…that plain sucked. Naruto took those work loads to forget…but then no one was able to see through his mask.

He smiled at the doorman and stepped out to see Kakashi patiently waiting for him. He grinned at the driver and got in. "So where are we going to get this date of mine?"

"We'll first be driving into Rice country…it's an hours drive. The capital Otogakure is right at the border. I made sure Iruka gave me your passport and got you a visa. I hope you don't mind but that's the only way." Kakashi said in a matter of fact tone.

Naruto started. "What do you mean Rice country? Are you nuts Kakashi? Why can't we find someone in Konoha?"

"Please give me the benefit of the doubt, Uzumaki-sama."

Naruto wanted to say something more…but he snapped his mouth shut. He hated it when Kakashi called him 'Uzumaki-sama' just like the rest of them. Like those people he didn't care a bit for…people who just liked serving him because of who he was. "Okay." He said in a very low voice.

"Listen, Naruto-san…you're just too well known here. Wherever we went we'd have the paparazzi following us. I made sure Iruka didn't tell anyone anything…so we're safe." Kakashi explained.

Naruto scratched his head, a very worried expression on his face. "Kakashi, the Rice Country is where they sell those slaves right? Please tell me we aren't buying a slave! I don't want one."

Kakashi stopped the car at a side and turned to regard Naruto very seriously. "Naruto-san…yes we are going to buy a slave. You said you needed someone who didn't know you…I'm sorry about there is really no one in Konoha who doesn't know you. You're face is up all over the place. Suna is too. Otogakure is one place where we can find perfect people. You do what you like with him/her after that month."

"Why does it mean so much to you?"

Kakashi turned away and stated up the car again. "Because I was one of them… twenty three years ago, my master died….but he set me free in his will. He was a former slave too…he'd acquired a name though…made a fortune because he'd worked so hard. It's just an idea….if you don't like any that we see, you can forget it ok?"

Naruto nodded and they drove on. He closed his eyes and promptly fell asleep….sleep wasn't a luxury he got. Too many nightmares ripped through him when he slept…but he felt safe here. Otogakure….so much had happened there….just so much he wanted to forget.

Kakashi leaned over to wake Naruto up. They'd reached in forty five minutes instead of an hour. "Naruto-san…we're here."

Naruto woke up and looked around grinning at the shop until he realised the number of naked people in its displays. The board read…Orochimaru's Slaves for the Rich. Naruto gulped and adjusted his jacket. "Kakashi…I'd like to go in alone please."

Kakashi nodded and slipped back into his seat after opening the door for Naruto. The blond ran and hand through his hair and assumed a childish disarming grin. Then he confidently walked into the store, looking at all the naked people in interest and awe. He finally reached the counter…wondering how people could let themselves be exposed in such a disgusting manner. He had no idea about slaves…he'd never had to deal with any aside from those of his clients and they didn't speak to him.

The man at the counter smiled at him…it was a creepy smile. "How may I help you, sir?"

"Hey! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I'm looking for a slave!" He knew it would irk the man. And it did. Orochimaru's smile slipped a bit.

"What's you budget sir?"

"Give me the price range first, old man! You can't expect me to enter with a budget ne?" Naruto cried looking interestedly at a long haired male. He wanted to leave…he didn't want to do this. He didn't like any of them…they were so pitiful; trying to look pleased about the fact that he was looking them over.

"Five hundred dollars to five million."

"Oh….five million? That suits me fine. That's my budget then."

Orochimaru stared at him for a moment before a greedy light sprang into his eyes. "Let me show you what you can get for five million then. Please come over to the back." Naruto followed the man wondering what there could be for five million that was any better then what he'd seen.

When they got there, he saw the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. Icy obsidian eyes gazed at him defiantly…as the pale arms strained trying to break out its bonds. He didn't look in the least submissive or docile. Naruto could see he was ashamed…that it hurt the man's pride to be trussed up like this.

Sasuke glared at the two of them…one looked like an over grown child and Orochimaru looked like the snake he wanted to kill. He hated this…if only he could do something. Then his eyes met deep blue ones, which were no longer smiling…Sasuke, saw a flash of something, replaced by understanding then reverting back to the childish, I'm so happy look. Sasuke blinked…for a moment he'd seen something so much deeper….so much pain… it must have been imagination.

"I think I'll buy him." Naruto ventured.

Orochimaru smiled. "Why don't you try him first? Don't worry he's been trained in every manner of pleasure….but he's still a virgin. Virgin Uchiha's are hard to come by and this is one of the last ones around."

Naruto hesitated. If the Uchiha's were well known then, the paparazzi might recognise this man. He couldn't have that happen. "Uchiha's are well known?"

"Not really no. four or five of them have been set free….so if you're using him as a disguise, then you don't have to worry about people recognising him." Said Orochimaru…perceptive as usual.

Sasuke watched the blond, suddenly hoping desperately that he would buy him and not leave him behind with Orochimaru. Naruto caught that look. "Maybe I'll try him after all. But in private please…"

"We have a room at the back sir. He'll take you there…please don't penetrate him or vice versa…you can try him for a blow job. No damaging the goods unless you really will buy him." Orochimaru ushered him into a room.

It was a small room, with not much light. There was a bed at one end, table next to it and a calendar on the wall. Naruto went to sit at the chair in front of the desk. The door opened and the Uchiha walked into the room. The dildo was still there, making it hard for him to walk…the door shut behind them. Naruto beckoned to him and reached out…slipping the dildo out of him. Then he smiled at the Uchiha. "Feels better, ne?"

Sasuke just glared at the idiot. Then he decided to get this over with and caught the waistband of Naruto's pants, tan hands stopped him. "Listen…I don't want you to do something like this, unless you want to ok? I'll turn away…please finish quickly, we have to go."

"Didn't you tell Orochimaru that you wanted to try me out, before buying me?" came a deep cold voice. Naruto turned to look at the man.

"Teme!" he said in a loud whisper. "That was so that you wouldn't have to suffer…you're desperate to jack off aren't you? So just do it, so I can buy you and go home."

Sasuke stared at him. "Tch….what a moron." He felt a little happy inside though. He seemed to have found a master who would be good to him. Turning around he began stroking himself, hard and fast.

Naruto tried to cover his ears…those sounds were making him aroused. He fought it down and bit his lip to keep quiet. Finally a hand touched him, he looked up, it was the Uchiha. "You done?"

The Uchiha nodded.

"What's your name?"

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Nice to meet you Sasuke! My name's Uzumaki Naruto!" The blond man shook his hand with a sweet wide smile coming on. It didn't seem right, but who was Sasuke to question anyone?

"Ok, Sasuke I need to explain a few things to you. I need to return to my family home for an uncle's birthday party and a date is mandatory. I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend…for a month. After that I'll set you free."

Sasuke stared at him. "Set me free?" Freedom? Sasuke couldn't' help the yearning that came into his eyes. To be free of all this? He couldn't comprehend what the blond was telling him. He'd been in the slave trade since he was ten. The moment he'd turned twenty they'd put him up for sale, but in the last three years no one had bought him because they couldn't afford it.

"It's a deal. I don't go back on my word. Be my boyfriend for a month and get your freedom as payment. With salary of course…I wouldn't let you go without making sure you had some money on you. Is that a deal?" Naruto looked at him, his face in its business mode.

Sasuke swallowed and then he nodded. "Deal."

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