The little boy tried to bite back his tears. His golden eyes were already bulging, teardrops wanting to burst from them. No, he wouldn't cry. He promised himself that—he wouldn't be a sissy anymore. He was tough, he was a big boy. And big boys don't cry no matter how rough a game is.

He lightly touched his swollen knee, wincing at the pain it caused him.

Ohhhh… Every minute felt like hell. But no, he still wasn't going to cry, that was for sure.

To interrupt his agony was a mirror image of himself, running and breathing heavily.

"You… okay?" His mirror asked, extending a hand towards him.

The little boy paused for a while.

And gave a very unlikely reply.

"I want to fly."

"Huh?" The other scratched his head gauchely, not quite sure if he heard everything right. "I think you also bumped your head when you tripped a while ago…"

The little boy with amber hair stared at him strongly— urgently.

The little boy spread his arms as if they were wings and stretched them as far as he could. He almost felt like he could reach the sky…

They were so near, yet so far…

"I can fly, Hikaru, I can fly!" He shouted ecstatically.

The other boy smiled in return. "Yes, Kaoru, you can fly." Then he tightened his grip on the younger boy's legs and ran around the flower garden as fast as his feet could carry him.

They were flying—somewhere even higher than the sky.

Infinity and Beyond.

You can make everything possible if only you believe.