Authors note: This is my first attempt at fan fic. Tenchi Muyo is the propertyof Pioneer and AIC etc...I hope you enjoy this fic . All contents of this story take place after OVA 13.5 and are in the story line of the OVA series. I would also like to apologise in advance for any intrusion or seemingly inadvertant using of someone else's ideas in this fic. It is not nor has ever been my intent to use someone else's ideas to create this story. Well any way on with the story.


I really can't believe it's been a year and a three months since the accident. So much has happened since then. You never seem to really know what the future has in store for you, and that time was no different. It changed my outlook on life so much, but for the better, I am more confident and stronger in mind and soul than I was before. Grandpa is still himself, dad still works hard but is really happy with the way things worked out. The girls are in seventh heaven and as for me, well I found out what true love really is: Self sacrifice.


Chapter one: The Departure

It was a fine spring morning and the sun was just rising over the mountains of the Masaki residence. Tenchi was just getting up and wondering when Ryoko was going to make her usual entrance. He quickly got up and pulled on his pants and was just reaching for his shirt when she phased in thru the wall.

"Good moring Tenchi" she spoke in a sultry voice gazing at the bed, then relizing that he wasn't there. Looking over to the dresser she saw him. "I see I just missed waking you up didn't I"?

Not by much thought Tenchi. "Oh no, I have been up for a while." he figured the small fib wouldn't hurt. "What do you want Ryoko"? Tenchi asked.

"Why the same thing I always want,YOU!" she replied.

"Jeez don't you ever give up"? Tenchi sighed out.

"Not when it comes to you, my Tenchi". Ryoko replied.

A knock at the door saved him from further harassment.

"Tenchi, breakfast is ready! and if you see Ryoko tell her too." said Sasami from the other side of his door.

"OK" replied Tenchi. "I'll be down in a minute. Come on Ryoko let's not keep everyone waiting".

"Tenchi, why don't we stay here for once"? whined Ryoko.

"Come on you know as well as I do that if I don't come down, Ayeka will come up and I don't need that kind of fight to break up, especially after the last time. It cost dad about 20,000 yen to fix the wall and the door". Tenchi repied cinically.

"Aww come on Tenchi, you know it was all Ayeka's fault anyway, so why didn't you make her pay for it"? said Ryoko with a smirk.

"Because it takes two to fight and the way you took great delight in blasting her, I'd say it was as much your fault too". replied Tenchi.

Ryoko looked down at the floor knowing he was right but not wanting to admit it to him.

"Let's go eat". said Tenchi.

"Oh all right, if you insist". Ryoko replied.

Down at the breakfast table Sasami was just finishing putting out the last of the food. Ayeka was silently fuming about Ryoko harassing Tenchi.

"I'll just bet that monster is bothering Lord Tenchi right this minute, and furthermore why is she allowed to just live here rent free and not doing anything to help out"? She questioned out loud.

"Come on Ayeka, you know that Tenchi wouldn't put any of us out in the cold just because someone doesn't like another person around here". answered Sasami.

"Yes, I know. But it still doesn't make it right." replied Ayeka with a defeated look on her face.

"Why don't you go get little Washu this morning Ayeka, Tenchi seems to be a little afraid to go down into her lab lately"? asked Sasami.

"Ok" replied Ayeka. She got up and started to the lab to get Washu. When she got to the door, she saw Tenchi and Ryoko coming down the stairs. THAT is it she thought.

"RYOKO!! What right do you have to bother Lord Tenchi like this? It is bad enough you stay here without helping out and eat all their food with no thought of paying them back, and furthermore you insult ME daily. I ask you why Lord Tenchi should allow a monster like you to even live, let alone even breathe the same air as us normal people do"?

"You little witch"! snarled Ryoko. "You have the nerve to talk to me like that? I'll have you know Tenchi is mine and he loves ME!!, He could never even like a stuck up, egotistical, self centered, arrogant little snob like you."

"Alright you two, knock it off. I don't want you fighting like this". said Tenchi.

"Stay back Tenchi. It's time this demon gets what she deserves." Ayeka seethed.

Ayeka started up her defensive screen while Ryoko willed her light sword into being. Tenchi started to come between the two of them when Ayeka let loose her first assault. Ryoko blocked it with the sword and sent an energy ball towards Ayeka which she deflected, unfortunatly it went straight at Tenchi. No one saw what came next except Sasami who had come from the kitchen at the wrong time. The symbols on Tenchi's forhead flared and a Light Hawk wing came into existance and bounced the energy ball from him and into Sasami. Only then did Tenchi realize that in saving himself he had just possibly killed Sasami. As Tenchi's eyes filled with tears his mind filled with grief and rage at this needless fight.

He screamed at Ryoko and Ayeka "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!! I JUST KILLED HER"! As Ryoko and Ayeka turned to him they saw Sasami slumping down the wall leaving a very bloody streak behind as if to punctuate Tenchi's words. Tenchi screamed at Ryoko and Ayeka to get Washu now. Both Ayeka and Ryoko went white when they saw what had happened. Ryoko immediately phased out to get Washu. Ayeka just stood there, to stunned by all the blood coming from her sister, to even move. Tenchi quickly went to Sasami tearing off his shirt to use to stop the blood flow all the while sobbing to Sasami how sorry he was.

"I didn't even think, it just happened, I am so so so sorry Sasami." wailed a deeply hurt Tenchi.

Sasami looked at Tenchi and quietly whispered "It's all right Tenchi, it doesn't really hurt that much, in fact I don't feel much of anything right now, except that I'm a little cold.

Where is Washu? thought Tenchi as he tried to stop the flow of blood from Sasami's wound.

The door to the lab flew open as Washu came out with a med kit.

"What happened to her? All I could get from Ryoko was she was hurt bad". asked Washu as she started to treat Sasami with the kit.

"It can wait till later" exclaimed Tenchi "will she live"? he asked thru teary eyes. "PLEASE WASHU WILL SHE LIVE?" he wailed.

"I don't know Tenchi she is hurt real bad. Pick her up and carry her to the lab. NOW"! yelled Washu to snap Tenchi out of it. There was no time to waste and she needed Tenchi to focus on the task at hand, saving their friend. Down in the lab Washu had set up her emergency triage center and was desperatly working on Sasami wounds.

"Well she will live, but her recovery will be long and difficult. The blast shattered part of her spine, but I can repair the damage. The rest of her injuries will heal up just fine". Washu spoke at last. Everyone breathed a grateful sigh of relief. Tenchi look at Sasami lying there deathly pale and shuddered.

"To think I have that kind of power and I almost got her killed through a careless action". Tenchi spoke very softly.

Ayeka and Ryoko heard him, and both at once tried to comfort him.

"It's not your fault Tenchi, if Ryoko and I had not had that stupid argument none of this would have happened". Ayeka cried.

"YOU"RE RIGHT"!! yelled Tenchi his grief welling up in him again. "You're pointless bickering and fighting were all part of this. But you can't put aside you're differences and look at who gets hurt, the innocent bystander, in this case Sasami. What if my Dad or Mihoshi walked by then? They could have been killed from the shock of it alone. I do want to thank you two for one thing though, and that is you both helped me make up my mind. I love you both, but I can never trust you again". Tenchi sighed and with that he left the lab, with a word to Washu to please take care of her, he was gone.

Both Ryoko and Ayeka were in tears, devastated at his words and what they had done, but neither could bring themselves to speak to him. Up at the shrine Tenchi was talking to his grandfather.

"I just don't know what to do now Grandpa. I hurt her very bad and I know it was an accident but that doesn't make it hurt any less for me" cried Tenchi.

His Grandfather was searching for the right words trying to comfort him in this terrible time.

"I haven't felt this bad since mom died" Tenchi was saying.

Yosho asked Tenchi" Do you believe Sasami when she said she doesn't blame you"?

"Yes." replied Tenchi "but that doesn't make me feel any better. No one should ever cause a person that much grief and heartache. I've come to a decision and I know every one will be hurt by it but I just can't stay here now. I am leaving to try to come to terms with my powers. They scare me and what I might do with them as well as who I might hurt by using them on pure reflex. I hope you understand Grandfather".

Yosho knew this cut deeply into Tenchi's soul and did not try to disuade him from this decision. Instead he only said. "I understand my grandson. This is part of the reason I still remain here on earth as I too have not come to terms with my destiny to rule the Jurian empire".

Tenchi had a small glimpse into his grandfathers soul with just that small statement, and it was enough to realize he needed time alone. He just didn't know how long it would take.

"Will you tell everyone for me, I don't think I could face them right now and if I do I wouldn't have the will to leave. Please look after Sasami for me? and tell everyone not to worry" asked Tenchi.

With that he turned and walked away. Tenchi walked to the one place he felt he could go and be alone, yet not be lonely. At his mothers shrine he made the appropriate clap and bow to show his respect. Kneeling down he started talking,

"Hi mom. I am sorry I don't come here as often as I should. Today I caused something terrible to happen to Sasami". He cried as he told her the events of what had happened. The wind stirred lightly blowing across his face like a gentle caress. He could almost feel his mothers presence as if she were trying to reassure her son that all would be ok. As he was talking to her he felt a peace come over him about his decision to leave for a while. It was nice to have someone to talk to who could just listen even if she had been gone for all this time. He talked to her for over an hour just unburdening his fears and doubts. After he finished talking he apologized for the time he would not be able to visit her in the future. He also felt a reasurring calm settle over him about his decision to leave. Lastly he thanked her for being there for him then he stood and walked away.

A few hours later back at the house the famly listened to Yosho telling them of Tenchi's decision. Both Ryoko and Ayeka cried out to him and begged him to tell them were Tenchi had gone. Even Nobiyuki wanted to know but respected his sons wishes enough not to ask.

Ryoko looked at Ayeka and yelled at her.

"THIS is all you're fault, if you hadn't been so jealous of me he never would have left".

"Me" cried Ayeka "you were always hanging on him and making him crazy".

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU" yelled Yosho. "You two are the primary reason for Tenchi's leaving". In a calmer voice he explained that Tenchi was in a difficult position. Forced to chose between women he cares for, then throw in his jurian powers which were starting to appear more, it is enough to make any sane man go over the edge. He went on to explain Tenchi was at a crucial stage in his life and making the wrong choices could be devastaing not only for him but for the Earth and Jurai maybe even the rest of the universe as well. Ryoko was at a loss for words and merely phased out of sight to go look for Tenchi.

Ayeka was looking very meek at having been chastised by Yosho. "I am very sorry for my behavior it was not the kind of display expected from a princess of Jurai and I have acted shamelessly and I am very sorry".

"We accept you're apology Ayeka, but we are not the two who you should really apologize to" replied Nobiyuki.

"Yes you are right of course" said Ayeka, "I will apologize to Sasami and Tenchi immediatly".

"Those are not the two that I meant" replied Nobiyuki, "I mean Ryoko and Tenchi".

"Ryoko? why should I apoloigize to her"? asked Aeyka.

"Let me ask you a question, Why are you so jealous of Ryoko? Are you so afraid that she will win my son's heart that you must resort to petty snide remarks and displays just to drive a wedge between them? Do you really think that Tenchi is so shallow that he will overlook what you do? If so, then you seriously underestimate him. He may be young but he has a level head on his shoulders and he sees everything wheather you realize it or not. My son loves both of you, but each of you have different qualities that he finds very appealing. Your fear should not be which one of you he chooses, but if he mets a girl possesing yours and Ryoko's qualities. His choice would be quick and final if that happens." Every one was looking at Nobiyuki not really believing these words of wisdom were coming from him.

"What are you looking at"? he asked. "Just because of my eccentricities, doesn't mean I am totally blind to my surroundings".

Down in the lab Washu was making some minor adjustments to the equipment maintaining Sasami's life support system.

"Come on out, I know you're here" Washu said into the air.

Tsunami then came into view and smiled at her. "I guess I can't hide from you can I"? she said.

"Not in my lab anyway" replied Washu.

"Will she be alright"? Tsunami asked.

"She will be fine, as long as she has freinds who love her, though I am worried about Tenchi. Sasami loves him very much and she knows he loves her too, but the guilt she saw in his face has her very worried he might do something rash". Just then Yosho came into the lab and inquired about Sasami's condition, and to tell them of Tenchi's decision.

"What my guinea.. I mean Tenchi left?" asked Washu. "I've got to find him before he does something extreme".

Tsunami's reaction was more tearful as she knew how this would affect Sasami when she woke up.

"He will come back soon won't he? Sasami will be heartbroken if he is not here when she awakens". Tsunami asked.

"He left hours ago and I do not know when he will return. The hurt he caused her was a crushing blow to his soul. His fear of his powers and the constant struggle between Ayeka and Ryoko has made his situation unbearable to himself". replied Yosho. "It is a journey only he can make and he must do it alone, and yes I fear for him as well".