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Sara opened the door to her apartment and went in. Dark and cold, the norm. She got her kit ready and just as soon as she came in, she went out. She pulled up to the crime scene about 15 minutes later. Grissom was already there of course and met up with her.

"Hey." He smiled.

"Hey." She smiled back.

"Uhh, later can we talk??" He asked.

"Sure." He smiled again and they walked over to Brass.

"So what do we have??" Grissom asked.

"Female, 24, name's Jamia." Brass said coldly. Grissom moved toward the young half naked girl.

"Looks like she's been strangled." Grissom said thinking out loud. "Bruising around her neck." Sara followed behind him, looking at her neck. "This is exactly like the other two. I think we can assume this is a serial."

"I thought you always said assume nothing." Sara smiled. Grissom just looked at her.

"Well yes, I did say that, but three dead, almost naked, young, nice looking girls, all dead in the same month, and all found near and now on Fremont Street.

"I was just kidding around." Sara said.

"I know." Grissom smirked at her. "Moving on. You have a last name Jim??"

"MaloneaLena." Brass said. "You know she looks like a prostitute. All the girls have. Maybe it's the same pimp. Gone mad."

"I don't think so Jim. These girls look too nice to be prostitute."

"Looks can be deceiving, Gil."

"Yeah I know. Where's David??"

"He's in route." Grissom just nodded.


Back at the lab Grissom and Sara were going over Jamia's clothes.

"You know these are kind of big on her." Sara said.

"Yeah, the other girls were the same."

"This whole thing is weird."

"When is murder not weird??" She just stared down and the clothes.

"I guess it always is."

Grissom looked over at her for a moment.

"Well there's nothing really here, so let's go to autopsy." He said.


Grissom and Sara put Jamia's clothes back into evidence and went to autopsy.

"Hey doc." Sara smiled as she walked in, Grissom behind her.

"Hello you two."

"What do you have for us??" Grissom asked.

"Well you were right in thinking it was a serial case."

"Why is that??"

"Because you see this mark??" Grissom and Sara leaned over Jamia's body and there was the letter 'G' branded into her sink.

"What the hell is that??" Grissom asked.

"Apparently this guy branded her and the other two girls. Both have the same 'G' branded in the same place, lower hip."

"This is so bizarre." Sara said.

"You're telling me." Doc Robbins said.

"Anything else??" Grissom questioned.

"She and the others were raped, beaten, and then strangled to death. Other than that no."

"Thanks doc." Grissom smiled and turned and left. Sara thanked him too and went after Grissom.

"So what do you think Grissom??"

"I think this is déjà vu all over again."

"What are you talking about??"

"Nothing, nothing, forget I said anything." Then Grissom walked out of the building and left her standing there.