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Good Times

Cameron woke up to the sound of her alarm and she was one happy woman. When Serena called her to inform her that she got the job with House and will be living with her she squealed in excitement. She now had someone to defend her from House's cruel remarks because if Serena felt that her family was being hurt in any way she would swing into full action and give it to them good. However she wondered why she didn't walk in her father's footsteps and become an assassin, she had a lot of knowledge, she knew how to fight and she knew her way around the streets. Cameron shook her head and got ready for work, it will be another 4 hours before Serena's flight landed and House demanded she be at the office, Cuddy then stepped in and gave her the rest of today off so she will be able to pick up her niece.

As usual she was the first one in the conference office and occupied herself by making coffee and sorting out House's mail when she heard a familiar voice come right through the door.

"Morning ducklings, or should I say duckling" said House eyeing Cameron suspiciously, she was really happy and seemed to ignore him, then it hit him her niece will be coming down in four hours the cardiologist that he had hired or should he say Cuddy forced him to hire.

"You know it's very rude to ignore your boss" said House

"aw, poor baby, not getting enough attention from your whores on the side, like I give a damn, you ignore people all the time, so I will do the same thing to you" replied Cameron.

This shocked House no way had Cameron ever turned around and said something so rude, something changed and that intrigued hum while at the same time angered him, how dare she say something like that to him

"Ouch, that hurts" mocked House making a baby face and putting a hand over his heart

"Oh drop the act, it's getting so old"

"Excuse me what gives you the right to say those things to me?" asked House a hint of bitterness in his voice

"Because, I can, get use to it" replied Cameron turning around facing him, not a hint of regret or fear in her eyes, she had become stronger and she was daring him to say something with a cold narrow stare. The thought of Serena coming down who was a whole lot stronger then her and has more of a foul mouth gave her the confidence to face off House, she knew that she would be proud of her after their discussion the other night.

"Stop reacting to him that's what he wants, when he something nasty to you, say something right back to his face, stand up and fight for yourself, don't let a bastard like him walk all over your heart. You are way better and stronger then that, you deserve more, you deserve respect!"

House was shocked, she had changed, she knew how to fight. Where did it come from but? Just yesterday she was crying her eyes out and now today she came in to the hospital with her head high, a smile on her face and throwing nasty comments at him. He then walked straight up to her, backed her up until her back was pressed up against the coffee bench and put both arms on the bench to block her from escaping. This always worked and she would crumble, but not this time she stared up at him with no emotion in her eyes and then before he could react she took his arm and twisted it.

"Ouch, you are hurting my arm Cameron, let go before I whack you with my cane" threatened House

"You won't have a chance to do that because I will break your arm before I hit the ground, so don't tempt me"

Cameron let go and went back to sorting out the mail when Foreman and Chase walked through the door, none the wiser.

House was totally caught off guard, how did Cameron do that?

Even Cameron was shocked, where did that sudden move came from? The rest of the day was full of clinic duty since they did not get any new cases. Cameron had left to meet her niece at the airport leaving House alone to ponder about this morning's events when Wilson came in with the impression something happened between him and Cameron.

"What's up with you, you look like someone had just turned around and twisted your arm" asked Wilson

"That's because someone DID twist my arm and it really hurts"



"WHAT! HOW, WHEN, WHY?!" asked Wilson who was shocked to the core, he knew that Cameron was angry with him but she wouldn't take it all the way by physically hurting him, but still he got to hand it to her she was standing up for herself he didn't know she had it in her.


"What do you mean wow?!"

"Didn't know she had the guts to do something about it"

"She has changed

"What do you expect House? She is fed up with you, there's only so much a woman can put up with, if you don't treat her with respect she will treat you the same way"

"I don't treat anyone with respect"

"Well in that case she's giving you a dose of your own medicine, I think it may have something to do with that conversation with her niece that she had the other night"


"No her fairy godmother, of cause Serena!"

"She starts work here tomorrow"

"From what Cameron says, she's a whole lot worse and is capable of much more hurtful things then what Cameron did to you this morning"

"Maybe she got it off her, I'll confront her about that"

"Not a good idea, you should watch yourself when you are around Cameron and Serena"

House just stared at him as he walked out of the room. House got on his motorbike and headed straight for home, it looks like he was going to call one of his hookers and get smashed tonight.

But for most of the night he couldn't take pleasure in his usual distraction because all he could think about was Cameron and imagining it was Cameron he was having sex with until he just couldn't take it. He sent the hooker home with five hundred bucks in her wallet while his dreams was haunted by Cameron.


Cameron was waiting for Serena outside the airport. Serena appeared wearing a pair of low rider jeans, high heeled boots and a black glittery strapless top that hugged her curves. A pair of black sunglasses on and a silk scarf around her neck while her bright blond hair was out and free flowing. She was all grown up, her mothers looks but her fathers no nonsense attitude she made a lot of male heads turn. Her ipod was turned on so she didn't even notice the comments or the wolf whistles that was being thrown at her. Cameron was amazed at how nothing fazed her, a confident sway of her hips and a bitchy attitude.

"Hi Ally cat, missed you" said Serenity as she hugged her aunty

"My gosh you have grown, did the you see how many men turned around

"yeah, but I always ignore them, men are pigs, I will wear what I want to wear whenever I want"

"I did what you said and took the bus up, do you have your own car or something?"

"I have got someone meeting us, he's a good friend of mine.

"N" who in reality was Major David Rodgers had a spunky, sports car with it's roof down waiting for Triple X, his department was sent to a secret location by Brown to assist triple X throughout the mission.

"Wait here Ally Cat" Serena said as she walked up to N

"N" how are you?

"Most unhappy, thanks to you triple X

"What did I do, its not like I want to be here" said Serena

"never mind, this is the new Laser sports car, with all the gadgets that you use to have in the old one but in a new hip style, something to match that smart ass atittude of yours, be careful with it Triple X"

Cameron who was now standing by the new car was gob smacked, this car must be worth a fortune, and it belonged to Serena. Wait a minute her father use to have fancy expensive things but just shook the thought off and jumped in the passenger seat.

"The rest of my belongings are being delivered to the house including the bike" said Serenity

"On it's way" replied N

"Now Serenity be careful with this delicate piece of machinery"

"N have I ever let you down"

"Frequently!!!" replied N

As Serenity drove away N just closed his eyes and groaned.

On the way to Cameron's apartment the girls had a round of catch up time, while the music of "Sexyback" blared throughout the entire car.

"This car is amazing" said Cameron

"Cool huh?"

"Did you took my advice and stick it to him?"

"Yeah, and I'll tell you right now, it felt so damn good to have some control"

"Good on you honey, tell me all about it"

Cameron told her about House and twisting his arm and even Serenity was shocked

"I thought you didn't have it in you, you did good honey"

That night the two girls had a small get together with Serenity's old friends who knew why she was here but kept the mouths shut because they knew she was here undercover.

Once the party was over Cameron made her way to bed and for once in her life her dreams wasn't plagued by House.

In the other room Serenity was unpacking she was expecting a phone call, just then her mobile went off.

"Triple X"

"Hello Triple X. it's detective Tritter, you know that I will be working with you along with the police department"

"Yeah Brown told me, you were working on House weren't you?"

"Oh don't get me started, I'm so sorry you have to work for him"

"The one who will be feeling sorry is him"

"Why did you mention House?"

"Because I want you to make me copies on your files that you have on him and anybody else that he works with in that office and give them to me tomorrow morning when I come in for our meeting on my way to work"

"We'll do and in the mean time Serenity don't blow your cover"

"You'll sound like my boss"

"Night Triple X"


Serenity then went to bed but not before making a few calls to some under dogs that she knew from her time being a street fighter, she had a feeling she was going to need their help, because knowing Dr Gregory House he will not rest until he discover her secret and if he does it will blow her cover and put everyone in that hospital in danger….and that was something that she wasn't going to risk.