Abandon all Hope ye who read this….

Okay maybe not that bad, but this is my first fan fic, it was inspired by many of the other great fan fics I have read, which are to often are left incomplete… I've read dozens of Love Hina fan fics (okay I admit nearly every single one here), but I'll confess I've only seen a few episodes of the anime and read one or two the manga.. hehe. To put it blunt I have a lot of second hand knowledge so try and bear with me. So if you have any comments or corrections I'll try taking them into consideration. I'm not so sure if this will turn out good. All I can promise is I'll do my best to finish it. I just hate incomplete fics. I thought about using more Japanese, I just love their title system of Chan and Kun etc. Way more interesting then Mr., Ms etc. I decided not to though, since not everyone knows them, and it's a lot extra work making sure I'm using the proper title in every situation.

As for the fic itself, basic idea is a what if Keitaro and Motoko met just before arriving at the Hinata sou, and what if Tsuruko came to call on Motoko early as well. I plan for both Motoko and Tsuruko to get closer to Kei, as far as final pairings go I'm not sure how it will turn out. Except of course I rather dislike Naru's abusive nature, so I highly doubt her ;)


Disclaimer: I do not own Love Hina; it's characters or anything of the sort. I've read a lot of fan fics, books, played games etc over the years. As such I expect some idea's to be inspired by other sources, so in advance let me say I don't own those either.

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Guilty Pleasures

Prologue: The Meeting

Stepping off the train Motoko sighs, she starts rambling threw her thoughts as she walks down the street. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with Kendo camp. I enjoy teaching the other girls how to protect themselves, especially from those vile Males!

Sighing while sitting down on a bench, Motoko looks up to the clouds. Still, even the best of them lack any real focus, and their all so weak, unable to give me any real challenge. I fear I've only grown weaker my time here, instead of stronger. I will never beat Sister this way.

Shouldering her bag once more, she resumes her path home, to the Hinata sou.


Walking out of a shabby beef bowl stand Keitaro looks around once more. So many memories here.. and yet I still can't find it!

"Guess I better start looking for Grandma Hina's place again. How can an inn that no one can find stay in business?" he grumbles to himself.

Pulling out the map Kanako sent him, Keitaro tried to ponder where he was. You're my sister and I love you Kanako, but some times I think you're a bit off.

A normal person might give directions, circle a spot on the map and be done with it. Kanako how ever was not normal, always helpful and a little protective of Keitaro she went a little over board. Circling several points on the map, labeled them with different numbers, letters, pictures, combined with several different colors of arrows and lines leading from all the places. All with an attached Key to the map on a separate page, of course the second page never faxed threw properly, deciding to jam right after the word Key was printed out.

Perhaps I can get some help. Looking around for some one helpful, Keitaro notices a sad little girl on a nearby bench hunched over crying her eyes out. "Excuse me miss, are you all right?" Keitaro ask, gently picking up her grocery bag as he gives her his best smile.

Cautiously lifting her head, trying her best to wipe away her tears the girl can't help but smile a little. Oh my.. he's so nice, she thinks. With a small blush the girl tries to calm her herself and manages to stutter out a response. "Yes, thank you"

"I'm glad, a smile suits your face much better." Giving her the best bow he can manage while still kneeling down, Keitaro introduces himself. "Keitaro Urashima, and here is your bag miss?"

Accepting the bag the girl hides her blushed face behind it. "Shinobu Maehara!" She exclaims still a little to excited.

Scratching back of his head Keitaro pulls out his map again, pointing out the Hinta Sou to Shinobu. "Well.. now that your feeling a little better. Do you think you could help me find this place?"

Noticing the bag she is holding, Keitaro quickly lets go of his map, dropping it into her grocery bag, and tries to hold the bottom together. "You might want to be careful, the ground must of been a bit wet and I'm afraid the bottom of the bag is starting to split."

Upon hearing the word 'split', the girl bust into tears all over again. "Auuuu how could you?" Shinobu cries as she runs off.

Confused and no longer having his trusty map, Keitaro starts to wander the streets again.


Tsuruko smiles to her self as she walks down the street towards her destination, ignoring the attention of men and women alike that always seems to follow her around. Tsuruko grins, Little Motoko, I'm coming for you.

Tsuruko pauses for a moment to cover her mouth and break into an evil laugh, "Fuuu fufufu."

A few eyebrows raise, but the pedestrians on the street quickly hurry on. No one wants to be around the insane women with a deadly sword.


Approaching the stairs leading to the Hinata sou a brief smile comes to Motoko's face. A sharp pain and quick trip to the ground snaps Motoko out of her thoughts. Reaching for her sword Motoko rolls to her side to combat this threat. Her quick actions and deadly glare failed to intimidate her opponent however, as he was to busy being buried under a pile of heavy bags.

"Mrlghrph" exclaimed the moving mass of bags.

Motoko relaxed her grip on her sword and had to suppress a laugh at the sight, her would be attacker that was buried in a combination of her bags, and what must have been his own, with only his arms and legs flailing about helplessly.

Finally freeing himself Keitaro looks around, and his eyes narrow on her sword. Shifting to the hand holding the sword he slowly looks up the arm, and notices the rather irate look in the sword wielder's eyes. Quickly apologizing Kietaro backs up a bit waving his hands wildly. "So sorry, I didn't see you there miss. I was just a bit lost and…" Keitaro trails off noticing her expression hasn't changed.

Motoko narrows her eyes, briefly noticing how weak his Ki is. I've felt more fight from a rock, it's a miracle he's able stand up with such a weak spirit.

Getting more nervous from her continued silence not to mention her glare, Keitaro decides to take some action to get on this girls good side. "Please, just let me help you with those." Quickly he picks up both of their bags, and handing back most hers to her.

Seeing her anger die down some, Keitaro decides to push on with this one sided conversation. "I'm really sorry I bothered you miss.. but since you have already had to stop…." Keitaro trails off to her slightly twitching eye brow.

"Just spit it out" Motoko said, the other eye brow joining in her frustration.

"Err yes… that is… I was wondering if you could show me the way to the Hinata sou!" Keitaro quickly sputters out, sweat pouring out from the effort.

Motoko's face quickly changes from restrained anger.. to pure furry. How dare this vile male! First sneaking around to feel me up, and now ask me directions so he can plan his perverted strike!

Seeing her flushed face, and twitching muscles, Keitaro began to worry this girl was going to have a heart attack. Ready to reach out and see if she was okay, Keitaro was luckily saved from his stupidity by a primal survival instinct, a strong one deep down. One that simply says Do not poke the bear. Panic stricken, his legs lock and his brain turns to mush, only able stand there to watch his approaching doom.

Grabbing her sword with excessive force, Motoko was ready to punish this vile male, like so many others. However, fate seemed to be giving Keitaro some back pay that day, before the moment of impact a high pitched, sickingly sweet voice pierced the street.

"Little Motoko, oh my little Motoko dear!" Waved a somewhat crazed looking clone of Motoko up the street.

Freezing in her attack, and almost dropping sword, a very rigid Motoko slowly turns around. Oh please let it be some ravenous demon to corrupt my soul. With that silent prayer Motoko looks to the source. Paling visibly Motoko stutters a greeting. "So nice to see you big s-sister."

Tsuruko just smiles at the obvious lie and looks over at Keitaro who is still holding most of Motoko's bags. Smiling even more Tsuruko turns to Motoko again. "Are you planning on introducing me to your boyfriend there Motoko dear?"

Motoko instantly waves her hands franticly. "Sister!! He's not my boyfriend!"

Tsuruko nods, and suppresses a grin like only she can. "Oh, I am sorry how could I not notice it, of course he is your husband then. I am disappointed in you Motoko, I would have thought I would been invited to the wedding." Tsuruko trails off with a fake pout.

Keitaro just blankly stares at the two, remembering vividly the first girl, who is apparently called Motoko and how quickly she pulled out her sword. While his brain was still trying to cope with his first near death experience, he quietly noticed Motoko's sister was also carrying a sword. Not liking his chances Keitaro tried to will his feet to back away.

With a furious blush an even louder protest Motoko tried to deny her sister again. "Sister! How can you say such things? What could I possibly see in this Male"?

Somewhat shocked by all the hate directed at him, Keitaro remained rooted the spot. To caught up in the exchange to even think of his own survival any more.

At this point even Tsuruko had trouble suppressing her grin. You are so easy my little Motoko. With the smallest of grin, Tsuruko pushed this game just a little further. "Oh Motoko dear, I'm so ashamed of you. Using your feminine wiles to make this poor man carries your bags." Tsuruko shook her head in mock shame.

"Feminine wiles?" Motoko stuttered as her brain tried to comprehend the words as her anger reached the boiling point. "I would never! I wouldn't even know how!" Motoko turns to Keitaro and rips her nearest bag out of his hands.

Unfortunately for Keitaro, he was still to stunned with the exchange to remember to let go of the bag. At this point an unlucky man might be pulled to the ground, rip the bag, or have it's contents spill into the air. Keitaro, being Keitaro had the amazing luck (or bad luck) to have not only all three happen, but the bonus of landing on top of Motoko as well.

As Keitaro was quickly tossed off by Motoko he landed a few feet back dazed but still waving his hands franticly. "I am sorry, it was just an accident I swear!"

Motoko grabbed her sword again and muttered. "You vile pervert!"

At that moment Keitaro's luck truly bottomed out as a pair of Motoko's white panties fluttered down and landed on his face.

Reaching a level of anger that would make the Incredible Hulk jealous, Motoko released a huge wave of Ki at Keitaro. "Pervert banishing blade!"

With red glow and a nasty crunch Keitaro is sent flying threw the air, and ironically towards the Hinata sou. Before blacking out from the pain, Keitaro ever the optimist his last thought is. At least this cannot get any worse


Sorry it's kind of short, but I am a very lazy writer, barely do more then a paragraph at a time. Next chapter should not take to long, as I know what is going to happen, just have to tough out all the dialog I will have to do. Enjoy the cliffhanger!

PS: I just had Motoko come up with that attack in her anger. If it has been used before I apologize. Think of a big, think angry and very painful Ki wave.

Edited to be easier to read because they took out my scene change stars pff...