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Dean buried his family together. Already his mum, and his dad lay there, side by side, in death as they had been in life twenty-three years ago. He buried Sam next to Mary, because Pastor Jim Murphy, the stranger who took him in, told him Mary had died for Sam. And Dean believed him.

Leaving the plot next to his dad for him, Sarah was laid to rest near his future. They buried Mary and Jess with her.

And Dean left. He went with the Pastor, a thirst for revenge driving him like nothing had driven another human being ever. He was a storm before the supernatural beings he hunted. And Sam's final wish went unfulfilled.

He was still alone, at least for a time. Sure, he had Pastor Jim, but the man didn't really count. He was a teacher, a hunter, first and only, when he wasn't deep in his religious teachings. So Dean was left to himself, to his thoughts, except when he hunted. Only then did he feel any semblance of calm, or anything close to happiness. He wasn't bitter that they had all left him alone, just lonely, more lonely than he had ever been before. He wondered if this was what Sam had felt when he had been alive.

When Pastor Jim was finally caught by the hunted it didn't hit so hard. It was three years later, just three, but already Dean was a pro. He went out and did it himself, and he was even better, because he had no other distractions to keep his mind from the loneliness.

Seven years later he finally caught up to the demon who had taken his family from him and left him alone. When he had used the last bullet of the special colt, when he had finally watched that bastard writher into nothingness, he sat down and cried, because now he had nothing.

He settled back into society, no easy task after so long being solo, being alone, with just the hunt and the vengeance battling the loneliness and the desire to have died along with the rest of his family.

He married again, a year after he killed the demon. To a young girl, ten years his junior, named Tanya. He always remembered Sammy mentioning a Tanya with his dying breath, and wondered. Had Sam known? He knew, more than anyone, that it was possible.

She wasn't his true love, which she knew, but he did love her, with most of his heart. Though she already had one child, which he adopted, he never felt more joy than when their first child together came along. A boy, beautiful, and strong. Dean called him Sam, and vowed to never fail him. And finally, nine years after he had been left with only loneliness and the hunt, he wasn't so alone. The little boy, his little Sammy, began to fill the void that not even the love of a wonderful woman could fill.

He didn't stop hunting altogether. He taught his children, all four of them, everything Pastor Jim had taught him. And he made sure they would teach their children, and they promised they would tell their children to teach their children. And so Dean was content that no one would ever need to know the loneliness and desolation he had experienced.

He finally died. At the wonderful age of ninety-three, surrounded by loved ones, and his huge family, the Winchester family, which he had created all by himself. He told them all of his brother, and his father as he drew his last breaths. He told them that he loved them, words he never left out. And then he finally joined his family, his little brother Sammy, Sarah, his beautiful girls, his mum, and his dad. And finally, the void was filled.

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