Chapter One

Italics Thoughts

Bold flashback


It was around two in the morning, and unusually, shrieks of laughter could be heard coming from the Hyuuga estate.

The four girls erupted into yet more uncontrollable laughter as Sakura toppled over, spilling the glass of water that had been carefully balanced on top of her head.

x x x Sakura POV x x x

Sakura sighed I knew I shouldn't have said dare…


"Ok Sakura – I pick you! Truth or dare?" Ino grinned with a evil glint in her eye.

Sakura- "Dare"

Ino-" umm… balance a glass of water on your head and walk to the door and back!"

Sakura (smirking) "ok easy…" or so I thought…

Sakura gets up and slowly balances the glass on her head and starts walking, she reaches the door and turns around, taking slow and careful steps.

Just as she reached her sleeping bag, her foot met something other than the floor, a stuffed teddy named Mr. Cuddles.

Mr. cuddles sent Sakura and her glass of water flying into a sprawled heap on the floor.

"oh poor Mr. Cuddles! Are you ok?!" cried Tenten.

By now Ino was in fits of laughter. "Oh.. I wonder how that got there."The fact that Ino was giggling herself senseless only angered Sakura more, damm Ino! No Damm stupid teddy!

"Right that's it! The teddy dies now!"

"No! Sakura-chan- just you leave Mr. Cuddles alone! It's a wonder he's alright after what happened!" was the short tempered reply from Tenten.

"Ooh so the teddy fine! For gods sake it isn't even alive..!"

End flash Back

"o-ok s-s-shall we m-move on? Hinata blushed when Sakura's rage turned on her, but to everyone's surprise, the response was "ok, my go correct?"

"Ok -Hinata since you have escaped so far- truth or dare?" Sakura grinned widely when the girl replied truth.

Now what shall I ask…

"ok Hinata- who do you like at the moment, like boy-wise?"

Sakura smirked upon seeing Hinata's face turn a deep shade of red.

"AtthemomentIlikeNaruto-kun" she said this at lightning speed, and thus had to repeat herself- painfully again twice.

Hinata nearly died.

It was Tenten who decided to rescue her friend from the stream of questions coming from Ino and Sakura.

normal POV

"Ok Hinata your turn" she said with a glance at the other two kunoichi.

Hinata smiled, recovering herself slightly.

"ok Tenten- truth or dare?"


Ok.. Hinata thought… what shall I dare her to do… a good dare uses its surroundings nicely… Oh! I know!

" I d-dare you to t-tell Neji that he is .. um that you love him and t-that you w-would go to the end o-of the world for him."

There was a series of strange noises shortly following this sentence. One was Ino as she shreiked and claped her hands gleefully, one was Sakura falling over backwards laughing, and one was the strange strangled sounding shriek that came from Tenten's throught as she properly understood the dare.

Ino grined "well off you go Tenten!" oh this is going to be good….

Tenten, somewhat reluctantly, got up and slowly made her way to the door. She glanced back at the others without a word and made her way down the corridor to Neji's room.

"Do you think he'll kill her?" asked Sakura, after regaining her composure.

Hinata giggled

"Well you want to know what I think? I think he'll be very happy about it!"

Sakura rolled her eyes- "oh Ino come on we're talking about the Hyuuga prodigy here!"

"I still think he'll like it- oh come on haven't you seen, she's the only one he ever talks to- isn't that right Hinata-Chan? He fancies her soooooo much!"

Hinata couldn't hide anything, she smiled shyly… "Well his m-may… j-just a b—bit…"

"I KNEW IT" bellowed Ino.

Meanwhile Tenten hovered out side of Neji's door.

Ok… how am I going to do this?! She thought. Well if I just calmly knock, walk in and say those dreaded lines he'll probably think I'm crazy! After a moment she was satisfied with a new thought.

If I just run in, shout it at the top of my voice and run out- he hopefully won't understand and everything will be good! That is (said a small voice in her head) until he asks you tomorrow at training, what the hell you were on about!

Tenten pushed these thoughts from her head as she boldly opened the door and went... where (well she thought) were no kunoichi has ever gone before….

When Tenten burst into the room Neji was sat on his bed in sweatpants, meditating, by the looks of things.

Tenten stopped in her tracks- she hadn't expected him to be awake!

"N-neji! Why aren't you asleep?!"

"Just in case you havent noticed your "sleepover" is making a lot of noise,and attempting to sleep would be futile- now what do you want?" He snapped at his teammate.

Tenten realised just how long she had been stood in his room.. staring at his well toned chest mental note to Tenten- your standing there still! Just say the line and get out!

Tenten burst through the doors to Hinata's room moments later, looking redder than Hinata had been earlier.

The three other girls giggled amoungst them selfves at what they had just been discussing.

Neji POV

What the….? What was she doing in my room? And just exactly WHAT was that she said? My hair?????sigh girls…

Neji was in shock. That was the first time ANYONE had ever entered his room without permission, let along shout what he thought she had shouted. How dare she- to him no least, first he actually gets injured in training and being sent home by Gai-sensai (how humiliating for a Hyuuga!), and now the noisy sleepover (which was preventing him from getting that all important sleep) were targeting him as part of their games! This was not Neji's week. Yes he decided, he would disallow Hinata from holding any more sleepovers if the noise didn't stop now!

normal POV- Back with the girls

Tenten buried her face into her pillows... I can't believe I just said that1 AND I said more than I was supposed to!


"NejiIloveyouandIthinkyourhairisgorgeouseandIwanttoplaywithit!" queue the curious look from Neji.

Then running feet back to Hinata's room.

End Flash Back

I just told the Hyuuga Neji,child prodigy, that I loved him and that I wanted to play with his hair!

"Hey- Tenten, can I ask- ow hey!"

Ino had been hit round the head with a pillow thrown from Sakura (avoiding the topic of her question) … and thus total chaos erupts.

30minutes later and the girls were worn out.

"I-I think w-we should (yawn) sleep n-now?" said Hinata quietly.

There was a silent agreement and the girls settled down to sleep.

Tenten POV

Tenten silently walked toward the training ground in which she, Neji and Lee always trained. It was a beautiful cool winter's day, and despite being lunch time, Tenten didn't feel like eating. She walked silently towards the compound.

However her walk was interrupted, a messenger quickly ran up to her.

"Tenten-Chan? Tsunade-sama requests you in her office, now if you would please" the messenger delivered his message, and turned on his heel and ran off. Leaving a slightly bewildered Tenten. What could Hokage-sama possibly want from me? A mission, no the others would have been asked as well… oh dear... I have a bad feeling about this.


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