Chapter 15

Italics- Thoughts

Bold- Flashbacks

As Neji and Tenten entered the communal sitting room, the small group that occupied it immediately fell quiet.

Gai turned and gave them the good guy pose "Don't worry Tenten; Your secret is safe with us. We won't tell a soul."

Tenten shuddered slightly, then replied " Well as reassuring as that is, there is no secret my purity, as you put it, is just fine. We are still in stage one, thank-you-very-much."

Neji looked around, bewildered. What is stage one? What is she talking about? They all look surprisingly calm about it, so it can't be all that bad. "Neji, you looked puzzled. Please tell me you know what stage one is?" Ino was sat in between Naruto and Sakura and the far sofa, with a look of pure smugness on her face. "You don't do you. Oh-My-god. (In a VERY mocking tone) Hyuuga Neji has never had a girlfriend before!" Ino clapped her hands together glee fully, looking as if Christmas had just come early. "This is great! Oh what will people think when they realize that Tenten is the only person to hold the key to his cold, mean, shriveled black heart... just think Sakura- it could be a musical. 'Only one person could save him'" At this point Neji's pride had taken a rather large hammering, and he had already heard enough; he turned on the spot and disappeared off. Ino promptly stopped talking, but only to grin. "Now he's out the way, are you really only on stage one? He hasn't even... you know? – ow!" Sakura slapped Ino round the head sharply. "Don't be so dirty, of course he hasn't done anything like that to her! We only managed to get them together less than a week ago!"

Alarm bells started ringing in Tenten's head get them together? But I made 'the move' on Neji. Not them, what are they talking about? , these thoughts faded as Gai stood up to speak. "Well" he announced in booming voice. "It is time for us all to get back to Konoha. I have spoken with the leader and now to report back. So Tenten please go and find Neji and pack right away. We will meet at the city gates in one hour. Understood?"

All : "Hai"

Tenten found Neji in the foyer, speaking wit the hotel owner. He quickly ended his conversation and followed her upstairs. As they walked she filled him in on what Gai had to say.

"So one hour, very well" his face was passive, and he didn't seem at all bothered that they were about to go home, Tenten however was feeling somewhat unhappy about returning home.

"Don't you think you will miss this place? I mean it's like a palace compared to my home. It's going to be a bit of a shock to go home after two weeks of paradise…" as her voice trailed off Neji stepped forward, and surprisingly enough, chuckled.

"My home has better facilities than here; you may stay over once we return. That way you can get used to living in poverty again."

Tenten stared open eyed at her new boyfriend I can refer to him like that can't I? I mean we haven't been officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but that doesn't matter. But to stay at his house? Oh my... what a strange idea. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have believed my ears if Neji had invited me over to stay, but now… it was then that a wonderful thought sprung to her head. "Neji! I know, we can hold our next sleepover in your bedroom!" judging by the look on Neji's face, that wasn't quite what he had had in mind, but he didn't comment.

"And what exactly did you mean by 'Living in poverty'? What has Hinata been telling you?" Neji, who was bent over his suit case, straightened up and said "Nothing, but when you live in such a place as I do, even the largest houses seem small in comparison." Tenten folded her arms and scowled smug basterd, I should wipe that smirk right off his face. Just then her eyes fell on Neji's kimono.

Tenten seemingly glided over to it, and held it up against Neji's chest. "Neee-ji pretty please put this on one more time, just for the memory." Neji stared blank eyed at her for a second, before answering "No" in the bluntest way possible.

"Aw, please Neji, you looked so cute in that kimono, are you scared that Gai will see?" Tenten grinned to her self; she had forgotten just how much fun it was to torment the Hyuuga prodigy. It was a sport she was more than happy to practice, even if it meant a Hyuuga sulk at the end of it. Yes, I expect that any minute now, this kimono will be ripped out my hands and thrown in the bin or out the window… what the?!

Neji snatched the kimono out of her hands, but instead of throwing it in the bin, or effectively destroying it, he walked into the bathroom and slammed the door. A few minutes later he emerged dressed and wearing a smirk. "Happy now, now you owe me."

Tenten stared at Neji as if she was transfixed. To Neji she looked like a rabbit hypnotized by a bright light, just stood there gawking.

"Snap out of, or I will get changed again. We are supposed to be meeting Gai in less than half an hour, so hurry up and get packed." But Tenten didn't seem to hear him. Instead she developed a large burst of energy. Tenten ran full pelt at Neji, and threw her arms around his neck, laughing and squeezing him tight.

"Thank you soooo much! You don't know what this mean to me!" Neji sighed, he had only put the damm dress on to cheer her up, as she had looked so down about leaving. But now they were going to be late, as it was going to take ages to disentangle her from around his neck. His thoughts were broken when Tenten pushed him backwards onto the bed. Neji pinned her down for a second, before swooping down for a kiss. This felt all too familiar, last time they had made out so passionately, Naruto and co had arrived, then Gai and lee- but this time there was nobody left to arrive and embarrass them, so Neji just lost himself in that kiss. Tenten ran her fingers through his hair, dislodging the hair tie, and causing a wave of brown hair to surround them.

From the door there were screams. These screams caused the couple to pull apart as if their lives depended on it, but it was too late. All they saw was a green streak of a boy running down the corridor in the opposite direction shouting and wailing. Tenten frowned. "What's up with lee? Can you understand what he's saying? Why is he wailing like that?" Neji frowned and concentrated on what their teammate was saying. His eyes widened in shock as he understood, and he jumped to his feet. Tenten looked at lee, and then at Neji's horrified face, and put two and two together. "He thought you were some one else didn't he? He thought you were female…" One the word female, Neji spun round, his eyebrow twitching something terrible. "C-can you pl-p-please finish my p-packing for me. I-I will b-e back in just one m-moment. " Neji couldn't contain himself any longer, and ran full pelt down the corridor towards where lee had gone. Moments later shrieks of pain and fear could be heard, not just from lee, but from the whole restaurant.

Tenten rolled her eyes. It's a good thing he's rich, it's going to be expensive to patch up that restaurant after he's finished with Lee-kun. Maybe I should go down and try and cool things down a bit, after all it was only a slight misunderstanding... Oh who am I kidding? That was hilarious! Neji isn't going to live down being mistaken for a woman for years to come!

Tenten finished all the packing and headed down to the still noisy restaurant. Neji and lee were circling, and I looks alone could kill, Lee would be dead. Lee looked as if he had already taken a severe beating for his misunderstanding, but it seemed Neji wasn't satisfied. The whole room had been put into turmoil, chairs and tabled were not only upturned, but looked suspiciously like they had seen life through Neji's Kaiten; and to the side stood the rest of the team from Konoha, shouting at Neji in a failing attempt to calm him down. Tenten made her way over there; Gai spoke to her in a despairing voice. "We have tried and failed to physically restrain Neji, but as you can see that failed. This is the vocal attempt to reach him, but it doesn't seem to be working. Have you any ideas? For the outcome is looking grim, I'm afraid that the whole hotel will be destroyed at this rate…"

Tenten inhaled deeply, and boldly strode into Neji path. "Neji STOP, we can get lee later, but let us not be late getting back. Besides, you are still wearing the Kimono and we have to return it to Yuki." Neji's stance instantly dropped, and he turned to face her in alarm, then ran off back to the bedroom, his face burning, while the others all sniggered.

He returned a few minutes later wearing his usual attire, along with a look that could make small children cry. He calmly walked past Tenten and simply said "Let's go then." And that was it. They all obidiently followed, though wearily and at a safe distance, they all knew how dangerous a mood Neji was in; although most of the group foloowed sniggering and whispering, Neji didn't seem to hear. Tenten however caught a few of the sentences being said

Ino- "Oh how I wish we had had our camera then"

Naruto ( In a much louder voice)- "Does Neji wear things like that at home Hinata?" Hinata simply squealed and shook her head.

It was on this note that they departed back to Konoha.

One day of hard travel later...

The group now stood in front of Tsunade-sama, and Neji had never been so embarrassed in his entire life. Before them, was the video footage, and still photos of the 'activities' that had taken place in the land of stone. Hiashi stood with his arms crossed, and an amused look on his face. As the video finished he turned to his nephew with a very wide smirk on his face.

"well, it seems like we will be having a wedding soon. I will see to the preparations this afternoon."

Neji opened his mouth to argue his case, but Tenten beat him to it.

"Please sir, we have only just found each other, and I do not wish to marry yet." She glanced at Neji and gave him a weak smile.

Hiashi however, seemed to have different ideas. "But in Yuki's report it said that Neji had taken her purity, which by Hyuuga rules means that a marriage is called for." Following this sentence was a number of shouted questions, which all got jumbled up and were impossible to understand. Eventually some sense could be made of them, after a calm tapping of a glass from Tsunade. Tenten almost growled her question. "what-do-you-mean-by-yuki's-report?" Tsunade grinned, but it was Hiashi who answered that particular question. "Did Tsunade not tell you? Yuki was the key participant in operation Neji plus Tenten on two week vacation equals love. She was told to write daily reports on how your relationship was growing, and take evidence, such as pictures and videos, did you not know this?" Two sets of jaws dropped. Tenten just about managed to stammer the next question. "N-Neji plus Tenten on two week VACATION? You mean that whole thing was just a big waste of time?" Hiashi smiled and turned to Tsunade for the answer, who was once again grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Well... it was good for your deception skills, and you DID find each other, so I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time at all, in fact what we set out to achieve has been completed – so in actual fact he mission was a success."

Neji felt like banging his head against something hard. Our new Hokage has just gained a new title.

Tsunade: the fifth Hokage to Konoha, gambler, drinker and matchmaker extraordinaire. He didn't think he would be telling her the new title any time soon.Who ever would have thought of pairing him up with Tenten...

Hiashi calmly walked forward, and put his arm around Tenten shoulders. This was both creepy and shocking, Hiashi Hyuuga; both the imperious head of the Hyuuga clan and even more arrogant than Neji. Neji went into a state of shock at his uncle, whereas Tenten just smiled up at him nervously, she didn't know the man well enough to be afraid, but that was all going to change, naturally…

"Come Tenten Your parents are waiting at my estate, let's not keep them waiting any longer, besides you have still got to see your new room."


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