Ants in the Pants

One day, the Rokkaku Tennis Team decided that they were going to have a game marathon. No, not a tennis marathon. A GAME marathon. So they all got together, except for Bane who said he was going to be a little late, and made a list of the games they wanted to play.

The first one on the list was the splendid litte game Twister because it is the hot spot. Then they played Dream Phone and then Mall Madness.

"Where is Bane anyway?" said Itsuki.

The rest of Rokkaku all shrugged at each other as they put away Mall Madness and took out the next game, which was called Ants in the Pants.

"What game is this?" said Saeki. "Who brought this game?"

"I did," Kentarou admitted.

Saeki picked up the instructions. "Ages 3-6," he pointed out.

"This game is SUPER FUN," Kentarou said. "Trust me."

Everyone gave heavy sighs and started setting up Ants in the Pants. Since it only permitted four players, the four people who touched their noses first got to play first, and those four happened to be Saeki, Kentarou, Itsuki and David. (This left Ryou out in the cold because everyone else on Rokkaku is basically irrelevant.)

"Okay, the object of the game is to fling as many ants into this pair of pants as possible," Kentarou explained as he set up the pair of pants.

Everyone looked at David.

"What?" said David. "I don't even NEED to make a pun out of THAT."

"What else could you have expected from a game called Ants in the Pants?" Itsuki shrugged.

As it turned out, Ants in the Pants turned out to be pretty fun. They played a couple of rounds of it, every time fighting over who would have to be the yellow ants. The games got so intense that they drew up a tournament and started playing intense one-on-one Ants in the Pants.

They were at the finals between Saeki and Kentarou, and everyone else on the team were placing bets, when suddenly the door swung open.

"It's about time!" said Kentarou, looking up from his game.

"Wow!" said Bane as he walked in. "You guys have NO idea what—"

Bane stopped mid sentence, however, and his mouth fell to the floor like a cash register.

Everyone else on Rokkaku looked at each other and then back at Bane.

"Something wrong?" Ryou asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Oh," said Bane, sounding more offended than anyone could possibly be. He made elaborate gestures towards their game.

"What?" said Saeki. "We had to start without you. You said you were going to be late!"

"It's not that you started playing," said Bane. "It's WHAT YOU PLAYED."

"Ants in the Pants?" said Itsuki.

"It's actually pretty fun," David commented.

"OH YEAH," said Bane. "REAL funny. You wouldn't be laughing it happened to you, would you?"

Then Bane burst into tears, buried his face in his hands and dashed out the door, slamming it behind him.

The team flinched as the door nearly fell off its hinges due to the intensity of Bane's slam.

They looked at each other quizzically, then gave flamboyant shrugs, deciding to ignore Bane's major prejudice to Ants in the Pants and just continue their crazy tournament until Hell froze over.

This is dedicated to Bane. Because he has ants in his pants.

Oh and this is also dedicated to us. This is our SIXTH birthday! It's our birthday present to US! We're SO happy! We have been apart of fanfiction dot net for SIX WHOLE YEARS! OMFG. And to all you folks who have been with us since the beginning and also to you folks who have just joined us... thnx. : )