Still here.

The clocks on the wall are ticking, always the same way, marking the time.But all I want now is to turn back time, or at least, to stop it forever.
How I'd like to see him again, with that grin of his. The grin he used to have.
I know I did everything wrong; how selfish I was, never leaving him be, always demanding the impossible with those idiotic whims of mine. But I was blind, and never saw all his love and devotion for me. Ironic, only now I can see them. Now that everything has come to an end.
I wish I was kinder to him, I wish I could love him the way he deserved; I wish I wasn't so stubborn because maybe, now he'd be still here with me. Instead…he's gone.
They say it's useless to cry over spilt milk, so I'll try to hold my tears back. I can almost hear Honoo and Yuki poking fun at me… but it's over.
I'm sitting at the table's shop like nothing has happened. I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday. And the clocks keep ticking.