Chapter 1

No worries, no secrets

"ha!! Checkmate, Padfoot!" shouted Remus in triumph.

"its not fair, Moony," whined Sirius, "you're too smart!"

"or maybe you're too stupid," said Remus dryly.

"he is right you know Sirius" said Maggie.

Sirius pouted. "nobody likes me."

Remus, meanwhile, was trying to wake James up from his daydream.

"Earth to James! James, wake up!"

James started. "what Moony?" he hissed.

"oh… nothing" Remus grinned devilishly, "you just zoned out" James glared at him.

"what's wrong James?" asked Lily, who was working on her Transfiguration essay

"oh… its… er.. nothing." He mumbled.

"Its not one of your girl problems again is it?'

"No!! not at all!" he answered. "I'm fine Lils, ok?? No worries, no secrets"

She smiled a bit unconvincingly.

"yeah… no worries.. no secrets"

Lily and James had been best friends ever since First Year. Sirius, Remus, and Maggie, were part of their group too. Their motto: No worries, no secrets.

But ever since Sixth Year, James had been feeling a sort of attraction towards Lily. As in wanting to be more than friends. 'come on, she's nice, she's smart, she's pretty. Its obviously just a crush' was what he tried to convince himself with. But it was a crush that never wore out, like most crushes do. He still liked Lily. A lot. In his eyes, she was absolutely perfect. Staring at her was nothing new. But, he couldn't bring himself to tell anyone- not even Sirius and Remus- about his mega- crush on his best friend.

Weeks passed by. At the beginning of October, Lily and James, as head boy and girl were planning the Hall 'o'Ween ball, along with the prefects. The food and music had already been attended to, and it was the decorations that had to be put up. James and Lily had decided to go along with the usual- jack 'o' lanterns, and live bats, but had added something spicier as well.

While James and Lily were busy decorating, Sirius, Remus, and Maggie, decided to have a chat about their two currently busy friends.

"hey Sirius, did you notice that Lily's been acting weird this year?" asked Remus.

"no" said Sirius immediately.

Remus sighed. "sorry, asked the wrong person" he said. "Maggie?"

"yeah, well Lily is acting sort of different." Said Maggie slowly, " she's not that cheerful, she doesn't smile that often, and she keeps staring at her hands when she has nothing to do."

"and she smiles kinda… forced, when she says, 'no worries no secrets' "

"James is acting weirder" said Sirius suddenly, "he doesn't stare at his hands, he stares at Lily."

Both Maggie and Remus turned their heads.

"Lily?!" they asked together.

Sirius looked surprised. "Well… yeah" he said, "he stares at Lily a lot now. "

"I think both of them have a secret." Said Remus decisively, "linked to each other, or it may be completely totally different. But, I'm betting the other doesn't know about it"

"we'll find out about it" said Maggie, "they are our best friends. We'll find out somehow"

"hey lils?" asked James, "who're you going to the ball with?" he levitated a pumpkin up to the ceiling.

"oh.. I think I'll go stag" she replied, levitating another pumpkin to the ceiling.

"howcome?" was the next question, "you've been asked by a million guys."

"no" she said firmly, "I'll just go alone"

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