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Chapter 18- love and epilogue

James lifted Lily off the ground and spun her around, laughing happily. "you're free Lils, you're free!"

She grinned down at him, "yeah. It feels so great! I'll never have to fall in Hugh's shadow again"

He lowered her to the ground, "I've got something to give you" he pulled from his pocket a tangle of silver. "here"

He clasped the bracelet on her wrist, then turned her around so her back faced him, sweeping aside her hair and snapping the necklace shut. "this one's my favorite" he whispered as he slid the ring onto her thumb.

"thanks" she said, "I thought I'd never get those back"

"I got them the night Hugh broke them. He never thought of magic, did he? Hey," he placed his hands on her shoulders, "does this mean... you know- now that Hugh's gone...- does it mean that... both of us... you and me... can we... you know, give it a try? I- I mean.. if you want to... you know... would- would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Lily pondered. And smiled. "yes James. I'd love to"

"really? Great!" he spun her around again, pulling her in for a kiss.

"I love you so much" he murmured.

"mmm... I love you back James. Love you back"


- - finite.- - -


Lily and James finally got together, after all their troubles, and became one of Hogwarts most famous couples.

Lily, James, Remus, Maggie, and Sirius, all went on to pass their NEWTs satisfactorily. Lily, James, and Sirius became top- notch aurors. Maggie became a healer. Remus had trouble getting a job due to his werewolf state, but his four friends took goo care of him and supported him through and through.

Lily and James dated for a year after Hogwarts, after which James proposed. Lily, of course, agreed, and they were married with Sirius as best man and Maggie as maid of honor. Two years later, Lily gave birth to Harry, and they named Sirius and Remus godfathers, though only Sirius was named legally. Maggie was godmother.

When the prophecy was heard, they went into hiding at Godric's hollow, where, a year later they were betrayed by their secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew, and murdered by Voldemort, though Harry survived and became the Boy who Lived.

Sirius was accused of betraying Lily and James, and was thrown into Azkaban for murdering Peter along with thirteen other people. He was innocent however, and broke out of Azkaban thirteen years later to fulfill his duty of a godfather to Harry. He ended up being on the run, however, and died when he fell behind a black veil in the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic, while fighting Bellatrix Lestrange.

Maggie was killed in a Death Eater attack on St. Mungo's, a year after Lily and James were murdered.

As for Remus, he is the only one out of the original five living today, and as he gazes upon Harry and Ginny in the Hospital Wing after Dumbledore's death, he is reminded of Lily and James, and the trials they had to go through.



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Lily is an adopted muslim living in jordan. She and her best friend Norma run a beauty salon for both men and women. When James Potter, an englishman visits Lily's salon, he's wondering about this green- eyed, red- haired muslim. Sparks fly from both sides, but religion and the laws of the Quran and muslims interfere... will Lily and James' love make it? Its based on a book called Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri. No offense to any religion at all.

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