Chapter 1: Isolated

Cameron Mitchell slowly opened his eyes only to be met by the blinding sunlight that burned. Closing them he grunted in discomfort before rolling onto his side and propping himself up by his elbow. When he opened his eyes this time, he was not surprised to find grass, dirt and ridiculously tall trees in all directions. Naturally he had woken up in a giant forest, not for the first time.

The million dollar question though was where was the rest of SG-1?

He tried to recall the events that had led him to his current situation but unfortunately his mind was all foggy and he could only draw up blanks. Just what the hell had happened to him? How did he end up here all on his own? And where was the Stargate?

This was looking to be the start of a very bad day.

He was relieved to find that he still had his weapons and supplies but when he looked down he noticed that he had a small cut on his side, close to his ribs. He pulled out his bandage and disinfectant and quickly cleaned the wound and patched it up. He wouldn't risk catching an alien disease or it getting infected due to his carelessness.

Once he was all sorted and deemed himself ready to begin exploring, Mitchell stood up and took another quick glance around at his surroundings. He thought about calling out his teammates names but considering he didn't know where he was and how he had gotten there, he decided against it for the time being, for all he knew the Ori could be nearby and even worse looking for him or his team.

To his dismay he couldn't see any footprints in the muddy ground that would suggest signs of humanoid activity of any kind. However that didn't mean that there wasn't the possibility of unknown foes in his general vicinity or wild animals who liked the taste of human flesh.

Mitchell let out a deep sigh and gripped his P-90 firmly and picked a direction at random and started cautiously walking. Unfortunately he had no way to tell if he was walking towards or away from either his team mates or the Stargate. But he kept his ears sharp for any disturbances that would alert him to any danger or rescue.

However approximately two hours later Mitchell discovered that he had in fact been walking around hopelessly in a large circle. As he ended up right where he started as he recognised the pattern inlaid into the ground when he regained consciousness.

"Damn it!" He cursed in frustration and kicked at the ground to release some of the pent up anger he had contained tightly. "Where the hell are you guys?" He whispered to himself as he scanned the area for any new developments but still found nothing.

A dozen scenarios flickered through his brain about how he ended up alone on this dreary planet but none of them held positive outcomes for the others or for a way home back to Earth. He'd have to hope his luck hadn't run out and that somehow against all the odds he'd find a way home with everyone safe and sound.

Contemplating kicking the ground again for something to do or perhaps gain a miraculous insight to the situation a sudden distorted groan burst through the air. Mitchell span round with his weapon aimed and ready to fire only to discover that the noise had echoed from a small distance away.

Running back the way he had come he found himself following the groans that were becoming louder and louder as he neared. After a minute or two he found himself standing on a narrow river bank, half expecting to find his team down there all happy and exasperated to see him alive and well.

However instead of the familiar faces of his friends and colleagues he saw something that he never expected to see ever again.

Crouching down in the middle of the river was a figure all clad in black, with a thin layer of armour covering the vital parts of the torso, shoulders and forearms. It was easy enough to recognise that it wore the armour of one of Anubis' super soldiers. Though it didn't make sense for him to encounter one for he thought that there wasn't any left but the sight before him proved otherwise.

Mitchell wasn't aware that he had made a sound as he observed his foe, but it must have sensed him somehow as it suddenly twirled around to face him, arm raised with its weapon ready to fire.

This was most definitely not going to be a good day at all for a certain Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. He just hoped it wasn't going to get any worse.

A/N: So I've decided that after all these years I want to update and improve this story. I thank everyone who read and enjoyed the original but I'm hoping you'll enjoy this version even more. I won't be changing the storyline too much, just giving it more details and a deeper character development.