Chapter 12: Home Sweet Home

Without Claire, Cameron Mitchell's task of getting off of this planet just became next to impossible. He doubted that any of the villagers would be willing to help him, and getting past the Ori is an entirely different thing.

Now that they are here, this planet and it's people would accept Origin and the remaining members of the 'Do Run Hoi' would be hunted down and killed in cold blood.

Before he could do that though he would need to get past Adria.

'Cameron I'll be with you forever, now go!'

Claire's voice echoed through his mind. She was still alive! But where the hell was she?

'Claire where are you?' Cameron asked her in his mind. As he waited for her reply he heard her starting to whimper and cry.

'Don't worry about me! Just run for the gate! You're friends are waiting for you!' Claire said, but after that, Cameron felt her presence in his heart and mind grew fainter.

Adria stood there looking up at the sky, proud of her actions, although she hadn't been able to kill Claire it was highly unlikely that she would escape her eternal prison a second time, unless someone found her and freed her. But the chances of that happening were also unlikely.

As Mitchell took in his surroundings, he noticed that everyone wasn't moving, as if time stopped for him. Claire must have done this for him. She sacrificed her own freedom to be able send him home. Even the rain had stopped; Adria too just stared up at the sky.

Not giving it a second thought Mitchell stood up and starting pegging for the gate, even though he had know idea where it was on this planet he felt like he was being guided to it. After ten minutes had passed the rain had continued to shower it down. Looks like the stop time effect had run out. That meant that the Ori soldiers would be chasing after him now.

"There he is fire!" 'Speak of the devils' Mitchell thought to himself as he increased his speed, somehow he knew that he only had a few yards left to go as he heard his team's voices.

"Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Vala I'm coming!" Mitchell shouted out as he jumped over a log and dashed out of the forest into a giant clearing where he saw the rest of SG-1 standing guard near the Stargate. They all looked at him with smiles on their faces as Daniel began to dial the gate.

As Mitchell joined up with them, Sam handed him a handgun and started firing at the Ori soldiers as they entered the clearing. Luckily the Stargate had connected and Daniel sent the I.d.c through and SG-1 ran through the gate avoiding the Ori weapon blasts.

Landing on the ramp in the Gate room SG-1 walked steadily off of it and was greeted by General Laundry. "I take it you found him." He said as he looked at Mitchell. "Glad to have you back Colonel. We'll debrief in one hour." Laundry said as he began to walk to the debriefing room.

Mitchell was thankful that he had returned home safely, but he wished that Claire was standing beside him. Going to the infirmary, Dr. Lam had put his arm in a cast and he was cleared to go to the debriefing but after that he would have to rest.

Mitchell sat down next to General Laundry in the debriefing room. As the rest of SG-1 turned up and took their seats, Mitchell began his long story up until meeting Sam and everyone else.

"Nice to know there's someone with supernatural powers who's on our side." Vala said as she thought about Adria. "Well I hope you told my daughter she's grounded." She said trying to lighten the mood.

Everyone smiled at that.

"Unfortunately now she is gone." Laundry stated clasping his hands together. "So now we must continue to find Merlin's anti Ori weapon." Laundry sat back in his chair.

"I've been going through the information we have on it and well I think I'm making some progress." Daniel said as he looked at Vala.

"Well before then let's allow Mitchell to get better, then go kick some Ori but." Laundry said as he stood up and walked into his office as his red phone began to ring.

As everyone else began to leave Mitchell stayed at down. "Just how did you know where I was?" He asked because if he had been missing for two days then how would they have known where to look for him?

"We received a transmission from a lady that said she knew where you were." Teal'c said with his arms behind his back.

Mitchell stood up suddenly and gazed out of the window down onto the Stargate. "Claire."

Everyone left him to wonder in his thoughts except for Daniel who walked up to next to him and stayed silent.

"Remember when you said to me that when Vala had been sent to the Ori Galaxy you just knew that she was there somewhere?" Mitchell asked not taking his gaze off the Stargate.

"Yes I do, and I'm glad I was right." Daniel said nearly whispering, he hadn't told anyone else about it. Daniel turned and looked into Mitchell's blue eyes. He recognised that look anyway.

"Well I have that very same feeling that Claire is out there somewhere and just waiting for me to find her. You know I could hear her voice in my head, she told me to run. But-" Mitchell's voice went low as so no one else would hear him. "But I didn't want to, I wanted to stay with her."

"She's still out there Mitchell, and when you're recovered you'll find her. I promise." Daniel said and placed a hand on Mitchell's shoulder to try and comfort him. They stood there in silence for a moment and that's when Mitchell heard her.

'It's… so… cold…so… dark… so… empty… Cam…er…on…'

"Claire!?" Mitchell said out loud and Daniel looked at him funny. But as he tried to listen, her voice began to slowly fade away until it was gone.

Now Mitchell knew for sure that Claire needed him, and he wasn't going to let her down. He had decided that when he recovered he was going to search the entire Galaxy to find her and all of the Ori Galaxy if need be!

Daniel removed his hand and left Mitchell to his thoughts as he left the room.

"Claire is my Guardian Angel." Mitchell said softly.

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