Running With Love

Chapter One- Finding the Gateway

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Warning: This is a slash story, and will contain sexual situations in later chapters.

Story Summery: The much anticipated sequel to "When Harry met Susan"... Harry and Peter are reunited at last, but troubles are quick to follow.

This story starts at the point where "When Harry met Susan" droped off. You don't actually need to read the first story, but it'll help you understand better what the hell is going on here.

Co-written with InsaneGiggles, her incredibly free roaming mind has been quite the source of inspiration. Million thanks.

Chapter summery: Alone in Narnia, Peter is having a hard time to forget Harry. The opportunity to reunite with his loved one present itself, will Peter take it?

"All kinds of sadness I've left behind me.
Many's the day when I have done wrong.
But I'll be yours for ever and ever.
Climb in the saddle and whistle along."

(Jethro Tull- The Whistler)


Seven, eight, nine, ten, turn, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, turn, one, two, three…

"Peter!" Peter's head snapped and whipped at the direction of the accusing voice, "What are you doing?"

"Pacing." He replied in a tone that indicated it was rather obvious and if Susan couldn't see it than something must be a little off with her,

"In the Thrones room?" Peter shrugged, and slumped into one of the gloriously decorated thrones,

"I'm bored." He declared and gazed at the ceiling. Susan sighed deep and walked over to take a seat next to her older brother.

"Peter…" she started but he stopped her with an impatient wave of his hand,

"Stop, Susan, spear me." They sat quiet for a few minutes, each trapped deep in his thoughts, when all of a sudden Susan jumped to her feet in annoyance,

"Damn it, Peter, I can't believe that even after all this time all you can bloody think of is that stupid Harry!" with that she ran out of the room leaving Peter bewildered and gaping after her.


"Peter, Peter, where are you?" The cheerful voice of Lucy brought him back from his musing and he turned to see his youngest sister bounding into the room. When Lucy saw her brother sitting on his window ledge, looking rather solemn she immediately sobered up and stopped her bouncing,

"Hey, Lu, what's going on?" Lucy carefully took a seat next to her brother and studied his face seriously,

"You're not happy." She stated,

"What? What do you mean?" Lucy heaved a great sigh,

"I overheard Susan talking to Mr. Tumnus the other day," she said and Peter immediately bristled, "Susan said you're not happy because you're in love." She hung her huge eyes on Peter, studying his reaction carefully, he chose to turn his head away looking outside the window, "Its true then, isn't it. You miss her." Peter's head wiped around in astonishment to face his sister,

"Her? Who are you talking about?"

"Pansy, of course, you're in love with her and now that's she's gone, you miss her." Lucy concluded with a proud voice, Peter tried to smile,

"Lu, I hardly think this is an appropriate topic of conversation for you." He tried to sound kind and understanding rather than furious- as he felt; I really should have a word with Susan as to who and what she talks about me.

"Oh, please. Mother told me all about love and how children come to the world. You see, when mummy and daddy love each other very much, they sometimes…"

"Yes, yes. I get it." Peter stopped her hurriedly, his face turning slightly paler, "Mother had the same talk with me, back when I was your age. And speaking of mother, you shouldn't go around listen to other people's private conversations. It's impolite." He added sternly, falling once again into the older, responsible brother niche.

"You love Pansy…" She teased, "Peter and Pansy sitting in a tree…" Peter effectively cut the rest of the teasing song by clamping his hand over his sister's mouth.

"Come on Lu, let's go." He said as he rose from his seat dragging the giggling Lucy behind him,

"Where are we going?"

"To play something, any game you choose." He told her and her face broke in a huge smile. She immediately grabbed Peter's hand and started dragging him instead.


"What are you two so happy about?" Peter asked as he walked into the breakfast room to find his young siblings chatting amicably,

"Nothing!" They both replied cheerfully and Peter narrowed his eyes suspiciously at them, glaring until Edmund started shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Lucy looked from one brother to another and rolled her eyes,

"Mr. Tumnus has just been here to discuss plans for the anniversary celebrations."

"The anniversary celebrations?" Peter asked confused, it seemed to him that his mind been so off things lately he couldn't keep track of the simplest things anymore.

"The end of war anniversary, silly!" chirped Lucy cheerfully, cutting Peter's musing and he realized that once again his mind went there. He shook his head to clear it and looked at Lucy, slightly confused,

"But that's months away."

"Actually, it's only three months away. Mr. Tumnus said there is a big party planed, to honour us and to celebrate the fact that one year ago we won the war." Lucy always loved parties, and this one promised to be huge and magnificent. Peter smiled absentmindedly and sighed mentally, god, it's been nearly a year already. Nearly a year in which he spent almost every waking moment thinking about him, thinking about how much he missed his voice, his touch, missed looking at him, talking and laughing with him, kiss him and just being them.

"Peter, Peter!" Peter snapped back to reality at his brother's cry. He looked down and realized Edmund must have said something he completely missed and that Lucy was gone.

"Where's Lu?" He asked, trying to sound as if he didn't just phase out for who knows how long.

"She went to hide; Susan wants to sit her down for a hair cut." Edmund said rather smugly while buttering a piece of toast. Peter groaned desperately, Susan took upon herself the unofficial role of "Mum" and was determined to make sure the rulers of Narnia looked as presentable as possible at all times. Needless to say, none of her siblings were too happy about her ministering. "Peter, did you listen to what I said?"

"Hmm?" Edmund sighed deep and tried again, speaking slowly and clearly as if Peter was soft in the head,

"I said- I found the mirror Aslan used to send Harry and Pansy back to Hogsbrain, Hogsbreath Hog… something." Well, that sure got his attention, he thought with a mental roll of his eyes. Though Peter rarely spoke of the subject it was obvious to all the other Pevensie children that his mind was ever occupied with the two teenagers that were long since gone from the Narnia view.

"You found it? Where is it?" Peter's voice was eager and Edmund prided himself for finally managing to catch his brother's attention and interest, he jumped from his seat, buttered toast at hand and called,

"Follow me!" The two brothers ran through the castle's corridors and halls, down towards the dungeons and Peter made a mental note to himself to forbid Edmund to go down there in the future, the stone walls seemed so much closer together down here, so much more menacing- hardly a place suitable for children. Edmund, unaware of Peter's concern, finally skidded to a halt in front of a small door and gestured proudly at it. Peter approached it cautiously and reached for the door knob. The door cricked ominously and he briefly wondered why on earth the door wasn't locked to begin with. But the thought fled his mind when he saw the mirror. That big, ancient, scarred mirror and a wave of almighty joy swept over him, Peter bit his lip hard trying to hide the smile that was threatening to creep up and turned to Edmund.

"Ed, this is no place for a kid to play," he said in the sternest voice he could muster and Edmund gasped in disbelief, "This mirror is dangerous and I'm going to make sure it is moved to another location. Now, run along." Edmund shot his older brother a venomous look and turned to leave muttering his discontent with Peter under his breath.

Peter, in the meanwhile, entered the room and walked towards the mirror in awe. Here it was the thing he wanted to find for the last eight months… the object that hunted his dreams and caused him to wake up abruptly with cold sweat all over him and a raging hard-on. The key, door and gate to Harry- At last. Peter wasn't exactly sure how to work the mirror as he never witnessed the actual departure of Harry and Pansy, so he slowly circled the mirror, which occupied most of the tiny room and took a deep breath before placing a tentative hand on the frame. Nothing happened, Peter exhaled in frustration mixed with relief. He then stood and stared at his reflection for a while, suddenly overcome with second thoughts.

What if Harry didn't want to see him anymore? It's been nearly a year, after all, and while Peter had little other choice than to think of Harry (being one of the only four humans in Narnia, and having the other three being his siblings), but Harry came from a large school, full of people that were not related to him. Not to mention that the last time Peter saw Harry, Harry had a girlfriend- Hannah, whom Peter realized quite soon after Harry left, he hated with a passion.

And besides, who can guarantee the mirror would send him to Hogwarts even if he did find out how to work it. He took a deep breath and tapped his foot on the floor distractedly, what to do, what to do… Well, he reasoned, I don't really have much reason to stay here, so I might as well do it. If nothing else, at least it would allow me to tie some loose ends with Harry and maybe then I could finally move on and not wonder around like a bloody zombie. With the decision forming in him he reached out and touched the surface of the mirror, not entirely sure what he was doing. To his immense surprise his hand sank right through the surface of the mirror, Peter pulled his hand back hastily, gulping and trying to calm his heart that was beating a mile a minute. What do you know; he thought to himself, I found how to work that blasted thing. Now it all came down to whether Peter Pevensie was brave enough to take the next step and face what he's been dreaming and dreading of for the past eight months.

It seemed to Peter that an age had past while he stood there in front of the mirror and gazed at himself, though he long ceased seeing his face in the mirror, buried deep in his thoughts. At long last he reached forward and let his fingers sink in the reflective surface of the mirror again, the sensation wasn't at all unpleasant, he mused- it was almost like putting your hand through heavy mist or something. He watched carefully as his hand disappeared, then his wrist and forearm. He stopped when he was elbow deep in the mirror and took a deep breath to calm his nerves again. Suddenly the door crashed open and a frantic Susan was on the threshold panting and pale,

"Peter, Stop!" Peter turned to see what the commotion was all about and lost his balance, falling sideways into the mirror. Susan, with lightning fast reflexes tried to catch him but since Peter was much stronger and heavier than her she found herself being dragged along. The last thing Peter saw was his sister's wide-eyed petrified look, before everything turned black around them.