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The petal headed female sat behind the mahogany desk, pen hovering over a blank sheet of paper.

Sakura sighed and lay her head down on the table with an angry thump. She knew she should get a note to someone in Konoha. Not that she figured out how exactly or what she would say. What could she say? "This is Sakura Haruno, as you've probably guessed I've been kidnapped and I need help. I don't know where I am and I can't try to escape because I'm an emotional wreck"? Oh yeah, THAT would be a LOT of help. Shaking her head, she pushed the chair back and flopped down on the bed of her room.

Concentrate Sakura, you'll figure this out.

The room suddenly went blurry and Sakura closed her eyes waiting for the nausea to pass. It kept happening. Random bouts of sickness attacked her at the least opportune moments. She wasn't an idiot. She knew she'd been poisoned but….how? She had been careful to test her food and drinks before she consumed anything. It was the top poison detecting jutsu in the medical field but it always came back negative on everything she used it on. Hell, she'd used it on her clothes and toothbrush! Even though she sent healing chakra through her body countless times nothing seemed to help. Sakura stirred as a quiet knock on the door brought her back to reality.

"Come in." the door opened and Kimi smiled at her.

"Resting so soon Sakura-sama?" Sakura suppressed a sigh and forced a smile. After all Kimi had been nothing but kind to her.

"Yes, I've felt a bit sick recently." Sakura pushed herself up into a sitting position as Kimi moved further in the room, something in her eyes that Sakura couldn't place.

"Oh that's terrible! Do you need the doctor? I'll be happy to fetch him for you."

Sakura peered closer at the maid's face and detected the small amount of glee. What the hell? Was she happy that she wasn't feeling well? No, that'd be jumping to conclusions; maybe Kimi just liked the doctor and was looking forward to having an excuse to see him…or her…she hadn't seen the doctor so who knew?

"Um…no that's fine. But if you want can you see if he has some herbs for a tonic?"

Kimi smiled happily.

"Of course Sakura-sama! You just rest now, I'll be back soon." With that Kimi rushed from the room, black hair whipping around the corner.

Eyeing the door thoughtfully, Sakura lay her head back down and fought off another wave of nausea. Damn.


"Gaara! GAARA!!!" Naruto hovered over the red headed ninja anxiously as the ground began shifting into small waves. "Hey now snap out of it!"

Gaara's unfocused eyes snapped to Naruto's clear blue ones and the ground stopped moving.

Giving and internal sigh, Naruto laid a hesitant hand on Gaara's shoulder.

"She's….she really is alive?" the question was Gaara's line between sanity and insanity. A fragile line indeed and he was dangerously balanced on it.

"Yes." Naruto's voice was soothing. "She's alive."

The sand ninja let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. She was alive. Gaara's eyes flicked over to the unconscious group of bandits lying not too far off. Naruto had caught up with him just in time. Another second and they'd be nothing but a pile of broken bones and torn flesh.

Those two words had been their savior. "She's alive."

The opening line was all Naruto said, all he had to say.

"Gaara." Gaara looked up from his position on the ground, focusing at the angry tone in Naruto's voice. "I saw Sasuke." Gaara was on his feet so fast Naruto stumbled backward and fell.


"Listen Gaara I already…" Gaara tilted his head in Naruto's direction.

"Where?" he repeated venomously.

"Listen to me Gaara! Dammit." Naruto winced as he moved on his still injured leg. He had been keeping it bound rightly with chakra and was able to ignore the pain for a while, but it was beginning to fade and the pain was coming back to get revenge.

Concern overcame anger and Gaara kneeled down beside his friend.

"You idiot, you're supposed to rest." Helping Naruto lean against the tree, Gaara sat beside him and closed his eyes.

Sakura was still alive. He would bring her back even if it killed him.


Kimi laughed to herself as she watched the poison drip like blood from her fingertips onto the herbs bitch-sama had requested. The slut was walking further into the web she was spinning. Soon she'd be at her disposal, and then she'd make her beg. Beg like the weak annoying girl the whore always was.

Feeling a presence by the doorway Kimi spun around, eyes going wide when she saw who it was.


Sakura stood, framed in the doorway of the dark room, eyes wide before narrowing to slits.

"I knew it." Kimi hovered near the table mouth agape in surprise.

Sakura pushed away the hurt feelings making its way into her heart. She had trusted her.

Kimi, gathering herself together, drew herself up and stuck out her chin, smiling menacingly.

"You don't look well Sakura-sama."

Sakura glared and gripped the doorsill as another wave of sickness rolled through her.

"What the hell did you do to me?"

Kimi smiled and shook her head.

"Whatever do you mean?" she stared into Sakura's eyes tauntingly.

Gold clashed with emerald.

Gasping at the pain in her abdomen, Sakura slid to her knees, gritting her teeth together angrily.

"Oooh. You mean the poison? Well for a stupid slut you sure figured it out pretty quickly. Ha, not that you could do anything about it. This poison is a blood trait I've received from a long line of family. Terribly painful when you come in contact with it. And undetectable no matter what, even if you know what to look for." Kimi moved toward Sakura standing just out of reach.

"Why…why the hell did you do this?" Sakura looked up at the woman before her whose face shadowed in anger before delivering a hard kick in Sakura's side. Sakura hissed and slumped to the ground, coughing.

"Why? WHY!? This is your entire fault!" Kimi knelt down and gripped a handful of Sakura's pink hair, yanking her head back painfully. "Everything was going fine until you showed up. Sasuke-sama loves me! And I love him! But you just had to come and ruin it!" Kimi slammed Sakura's head into the ground.

"But with you out of the picture everything will be fine again." Kimi laughed insanely, throwing her head back and giving Sakura the chance to leap at the maid. They tumbled on the ground in a pile of shrieks and flailing limbs. Sakura sat on top of Kimi, pinning her to the ground and holding a Kunai to the scared woman's neck.

"I didn't choose to come here!"

"Liar! Then why didn't you even try to leave?"

Sakura opened her mouth to say something but shook her head.

"I couldn't."

"You expect me to believe that?" Kimi laughed bitterly from under Sakura. "You love him too!"

Sakura looked down at Kimi sadly.

"I did. I did love him. But not anymore. How can I love a monster?"

"HE'S NOT A MONSTER! He's….he's special. He's MY love!" Sakura kept a tight grip on the maid.

"He is a monster! And it's no use loving him. There was never any use."

"Maybe not for you! But for me there is! We love each other." Kimi's eyes flashed angrily before she managed to get an arm free and jab Sakura in the stomach. Sakura gasped, loosening her grip as she began coughing, vision going blurry as blood dripped from her mouth. Her blood.

"You'll die you stupid bitch. And I'll be there to love Sasuke-sama. Always."

Sakura pulled a kunai from the emergency strap she kept wrapped around her thigh before plunging it deep into the maid's chest.

"I'll take you to hell with me." Sakura muttered before falling to the ground.


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