Drabble Soup for the Zutarian Soul


"So there I was, battling Azula. She was starting to separate energies to create lightning when I –"

"Zuko –"

"– crawled over the brace and grabbed a hold of her hair –"

"Zuko –"

"– and she starts screaming like I was killing her –"


"– even though we were just playing a game."

"I know what you mean about sisters. Katara's always been the exact same way –"

"– but not evil –"

"– nah. Not evil."

Katara had finally had enough. "Zuko! I'm trying to talk here!" she squealed in frustration, stamping her foot.

"Geez. You could be more dramatic about it," Zuko retorted.

"…was that sarcasm?"