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Epilogue: Goodbye Marcie


It was often a sad moment when visiting a friend you've lost. Some people wished to forget about it completely and move on, while others wished to contain those precious memories for as long as they lived. But Marcie Thatcher chose to remember Jill Rivers as the sister she never had.

Settling her flowers onto her grave, she made a few silent prayers. She felt for a second that Jill was watching behind her, as she heard her faint chuckle. Spinning round, she saw J.J. McClure and Victor Prinzi smiling back at her, having brought more flowers for the private occasion.

"It's been a while." said J.J., waving at her. "The whole world's been looking for you. What ever happened to the other Lamborghini Girl?"

"You haven't changed a bit." said Victor.

Even after twenty years, Marcie had still retained her beauty despite the scars on her delicate face. Indeed, it was a fact that she had locked herself away from the public eye all this time. In recent years, she wondered whether it was even worthwhile stepping back into her boots and onto the road once more.

"Boys….it's about time I made a move. So long."

Marcie zipped up her jumpsuit and marched back to her polished black Lamborghini.

"Goodbye, Marcie." said Victor.

The Lamborghini purred away, speeding across the empty highways under the setting sun.


The End




"IT STINKS!" Jay Sherman exclaimed in utter distaste. "Hotchie Motchie! That was the worst picture I have ever seen in my entire life! I can't believe I sat here for four hours viewing this awful piece of junk! I'd rather be watching a film directed by Ed Wood and Uwe Boll combined! Well…in conclusion, I personally have to rate this film a negative zero! Ouch! Now that the Cannonball Run series is finally over…you viewers can go home and cheer yourselves."

A mysterious package dropped onto his lap, addressed to the film critic himself.

"What's this?" he opened it, reading a special invitation. Pumped with adrenaline already, Jay Sherman leaped away and made a dash out of the studio, screaming: "Daddy's gotta buy a new pair of shoes!"

A gumball bounced by the foot of his chair, rolling silently away…