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"This is stupid, Sam."

Sam didn't respond. He just stood in front of the Impala's driver-side door, blocking Dean's access to it. Across the street, in what could only be described as the town square, under a cupola for christssake, the town mayor had begun a speech about civic responsibility.

"We're wasting daylight, Sam."

He held his ground, arms crossed in front of him, eyes resting on Dean's face. They'd had this argument already-- twice. The town square was packed with rows of pretty white chairs, each chair occupied. When the rows of chairs had ended, people had taken positions behind them and a crowd stood on the sidewalk. The mayor expanded on the anonymous trend to everyday modern life.

"With the stuff we do, that was not heroic, Sam."

Sam was pretty damn sure the parents of the boys who'd toppled over a section of rotting wood in the bridge and fallen into the cold river below, would counter Dean's assertion. Dean had seen them fall and, of course, being Dean had jumped right in after them. It was just bad luck, Dean had said, that the town was fully aware of the rotting wood and workers had in fact been replacing those beams at the other end of the bridge, when it all happened; workers, who although to far to make the rescue themselves, had seen the entire thing. The mayor professed that there was hope to humanity, still.

"It's not like this matters, Sam."

Except, Sam thought, that it did matter. They got arrested all the time. They got driven out of town all the time. They got threatened by sheriffs and police officers all the time—so this… it mattered somehowThe mayor was beaming, he enthused that here in this town they'd already been privy to such hope, that a stranger had come along, and at risk to his own person, saved the lives of two of their own...

"It's not like we're ever going to be here again, Sam."

Sam almost smiled; oh, they were going to be here again. Absolutely.

... and that now it would be his honor to make this stranger one of their own, an honorary citizen of Spring Cove, and to present him with an award for his humanitarian nature and act of heroism...

"... Sam..."

Sam did smile then. He couldn't help it. The mayor was searching the crowd, the people assembled on the sidewalk, and finally past those people onto the street where they stood. The man grinned and waved his arm out towards them, the crowd shifted to look...

... would Dean Winchester please step up there, the mayor called...

Dean's glare almost made Sam's grin falter, "I can't believe you gave them my name," his brother hissed.

Sam shrugged, unfolding his arms and taking a step towards Dean. He reached out to turn him towards the crowd. Dean scowled again and turned away from Sam-- towards the crowd.

"They're waiting, Dean." Sam prodded, standing behind him.

Dean elbowed him in the ribs, hard. Sam's grin faltered for a moment, thinking that maybe his brother really wouldn't accept this, really wouldn't--

But then the boys Dean had rescued-- brothers, 10 year old Simon and 7 year old Adam-- were standing on the stage, waving him over, grinning him.

"I hate you." Dean whispered venomously.

And Sam's grin returned full force. He watched Dean take a deep breath and start crossing the street. The crowd started standing, applauding, even before he reached the cupola. The mayor actually presented him with a plaque and a sash. People took pictures.

Sam started listing the beauty queen jokes in his head.

But then the boys and their family were surrounding Dean-- their father shaking his hand, their mother hugging him long and hard. They were thanking him.

And he was more positive than before-- it mattered.