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Scarlett Slipper


The old Scottish castle stood upon the large hill, ivy vines covering most of the structure. Nothing had changed for over a thousand years, from its stone walls, to the large wooden door that was always closed, to its emptiness. None had lived in the old stone castle for centuries. It was said that the castle held a haunted curse, or that is what the natives believed. For anyone who stepped within the rooms of the old stone walls, only death would follow. And because of this curse, no living man or beast had stepped in Castle McDarth. Many villagers claimed that things happened inside the castle- Druids journeyed to the old manor once every decade to recite a calming spell for the trapped spirits. While others believed that the Banshee, the guardian of the family's crest, guarded the castle with her wrath, and if anyone dared to walk inside the stone walls, death would greet them. Others believed that the curse was nothing but a story, so that the village and the castle will be legendary. But it was old Ian McTavish, the only living descendant, who lived in a small cottage on the castle's land, was seen running down the hills one eerie evening, screaming of snake men that caught everyone's attention.

The next evening, five silhouettes moved steadily across the dark hills, nearing the castle walls. The cold air surrounded their warm bodies, creating small white puffs from their breaths. They halted for a mere moment, studied their surroundings and then continued on. The pale moon light guided their path across the heavy brush that had overgrown from the long years of neglect. Swiftly, they crossed the stone bridge that connected the old unkempt gardens and the castle itself. A hand rose in the air, signaling to the others to separate. Three of them darted towards the left, while the other two ventured to the right.

From the south tower, a long straight object flew into the air and plunged into the solid stone wall. A rope dangled from the wooden weapon. At the same instant, a small arrow swiftly shot straight up from the bottom of the north tower and wrapped a second rope around a massive stone gargoyle. Two strong hands gripped the first rope and tugged several times before starting to climb the cold stone.

"We're going to climb that?" whispered a voice, indicating upwards at the tall tower.

"Would you like to go and knock on the door and just introduce ourselves?" came the answer.

"You know how I feel about heights!" replied the whisper, more annoyed.

"Will you two be quiet! We are going to be caught," came from behind them.

A large "Yaghh" came from the north tower making the trio stop and look. A silhouette hung in the air, upside down, swaying side by side and banging against the stone wall.

"Forget about you two announcing our presence, he is doing a much better job!"

They heard the swaying figure call for help towards the fifth member of the group who had already climbed on the north tower's roof, waving two hands in the air, indicating that the member was not pleased.

"Alright, Lady Jaye, you go first, Alpine you next, and then me," came the command

Lady Jaye titled her head upwards once more at the towering wall, "Why does it have to be lady's first?" She asked while gripping the rope tightly with her hands. She started to hoist herself on the wall, climbing slowly upwards and thinking to herself not to look down.

"Flint? Any idea why those snakes are here?"

"My guess is good as yours, Alpine. But from what the locals have told us, for a fortnight now, there has been some weird sounds coming from inside McDarth castle. Usually, they hear the unsettled spirits, but this noise is far different," answered Flint

"Oh great!" Lady Jaye's voice came from above their heads, "All I need tonight, Cobra and Ghosts!"

Alpine shook his head, "Don't worry Lady Jaye," he whispered towards the climbing figure. "I'll be there to protect you."

"Oh yeah? And who's going to protect you?" she called down towards him.

"From what? Cobra? The Ghost? Or the look that Flint is giving me right now?"

"Alright you two!" The second in command hissed, "Lets cut the chatter and get in there." He looked back towards the right, seeing that the other two members of their small unit had successfully climbed the northern part of the castle and were slowly closing in on one of the large open windows.

The rope became loose once more, insinuating that Lady Jaye had climbed to the top without any sign of Cobra. Flint held on to the rope and began to climb upwards, his feet molding onto the stone wall and using the ivy vines as stepping stones. In a short moment, his body crawled over the wall, and on to the slightly slanted roof.

"Glad to see you made it in one piece, Flint." Lady Jaye gave him a smile before punching him in the arm, "Don't ever let me do that again!"

"Fine by me, next time I won't let you climb a haunted castle wall. Duke will have the honors." He pivoted away from her second attack. "Can you leave some fighting for the snakes?"

"Oh, I have plenty of that, especially now," She replied with narrowed eyes.

"I should had gone with the other two," came Alpine's voice from behind the rope. "With you two talking, we're going to wind up getting caught, and thrown in the dungeon with the dead bodies."

"Dead bodies!" they said simultaneously.

Alpine gave them a mocking look. "Oh, come on! Every dark creepy haunted castle has skeletons in the dungeon or up in the towers. This one may have one hundred at least, if we are lucky, maybe two!"

"Well, I'm not seeing any skeletons tonight!" stated Lady Jaye as she began to move towards an opening which lead to a stone staircase. "This Rapunzel isn't sticking long enough to make new 'friends'."

"Rapunzel?" asked a confused Alpine.

Lady Jaye turned to him, "Oh, come on!" mimicking his own words. "Rapunzel, Tower, Fairy Tale? Ring a bell?"

"Yeah, only you don't have long hair." Flint had stopped short ahead of them, "The staircase is getting darker, I cannot see anything in front of me."

"Allow a Lady to use some magic!" Lady Jaye took one of her javelins out and with a short click, a flame shot up from the wooden pole. "And you have light," She said, handing the javelin torch to Flint.

They walked down the circular stone case in silence. There was no sign or indication of a Cobra Viper or any other members of the terrorist group. When they reached the first landing of the castle, they paused for any sound or evidence of the enemy, and finding none, they continued on. A small thud echoed straight ahead of them, making all three of the G.I. Joe members to hesitate moving forwards.

"What was that?" asked Alpine from behind Lady Jaye.

"Hope it's not a walking skeleton?" she joked.

"Funny!" mumbled Alpine. "But if it is, I'll be running faster than Cobra out of here."

Lady Jaye turned around and gave him an amused look, "Maybe your yodeling can scare it away."

"Cut it out you two." Flint growled, "Let's look into this."

"I was afraid he was going to say that." Alpine whimpered, as Lady Jaye nodded in agreement.

Taking a few short steps, the trio walked into a large room. Flint raised the torch searching the space for any sign of movement. Finding none, his eyes roamed over the covered furniture and cobweb walls. The room appeared as it was never used for centuries, mountains of dust covered the floor. He lowered the flame towards the ground, hoping to spot any footprints but found no trace of any.

"Looks like this is a dead end." He said to the others. "Time to check with Team B." Flipping his link comm. on. "This is Team A, calling Team B. Come in."

Static came from the small device, and then silence. Flint glanced at the other team members, slightly worried. "Team A to Team B, acknowledge." He hoped there would be a response from his other teammates.

Alpine walked towards the large stone fireplace, studying it for any recent use, but found only more dust upon the large cauldron.

Flint's link comm. still had no response from the other group. "I think we should--" His words were interrupted by a large crashing metallic sound coming from the wrist link. "What on Earth was that?" asking the question into the unknown.

"That Flint, was a soon to be on a lengthy KP Duty Shipwreck, crashing into a suit of armor!" came a voice from the other end.

Flint and Lady Jaye glanced at each other, and at the same moment Alpine sneezed from the dust that had gotten into his nose. They heard several attempts of metal being picked up, followed by the sounds of it crashing back to the ground with a loud clunk!

"Shipwreck!" Hissed the angry voice again, "Will you stop picking up the pieces! You are making enough noise to bring every Cobra agent down here!"

A short static echoed from the link, then they heard the sailor from the background, "But Scarlett! It wasn't my fault! He crashed into me!"

Lady Jaye could hear the red haired counterintelligence agent groan from the other end, "You've been watching too many Scooby Doo episodes lately! Armor doesn't walk on its own!"

"Well, this one did!" Shipwreck replied. "And for your information, I don't watch a lot of Scooby Doo. I watched a lot of Voltron! I think that Princess chick is hot!" More sounds came from the background. Shipwreck's voice sounded once more, but with a different tone. "Now...now...Scarlett, put that nice crossbow down!"

"Will you be quiet!" They heard Scarlett hiss at him. "Flint, I hear someone coming."

Flint's eyes widened. "Quick, both of you hide." He listened as scuffing sounds and then running footsteps, indicating that they were trying to find a good location to hide. "Oww, you stepped on my toe." and "Hush!" could be heard. Minutes seemed like hours, as the three friends waited for what could possibly happen if the others were uncovered.

"Coast is clear." came Scarlett's voice once again over the link. "Flint, you better get down here. ASAP."

"What did you find?" He asked through the wrist link.

"Ten Vipers just passed us holding shovels."

"Shovels?" asked Lady Jaye, "What's Cobra searching for?"

"I don't have that answer yet, Lady Jaye." Scarlett replied, then her tone changed once more, "Shipwreck! Leave that stone statue alone!" Another crashing sound was echoed from the other end.

"Scarlett," Flint said into the comp link. "What's your location?"

More static sounded from the small device before Scarlett's voice was once again heard, "We're in what it seems a large weapon chamber. It's located just below the ground floor." Her next words made both Lady Jaye and Alpine's spines shiver, "near the dungeons."

"Stay there, we're on our way." Flint commanded.

Then a clanking sound came from her background. "Stay away from the swords!" They heard her warning, but it was far too late as a massive vibrating clashing crash echoed within their ears. "SHIP-" The transmission suddenly stopped.

Flint looked at Lady Jaye and Alpine, "We better get down there quick, before a new skeleton resides in this old place.

Alpine nodded, "Yes, Skeleton Delgado." He then followed his teammates out of the room.