With Alpine's stone in his pocket, Bazooka whistled all the way to Sci Fi's quarters and knocked on the door. He glanced around, smiling at the Joes walking by, which all returned his greeting. Waiting for Sci Fi to answer, he continued whistling the theme to Transformers. He listened for any indication of Sci Fi inside his suite by pressing his ear against the door but heard only the silence.

"Guess he's not home," he mumbled disappointed. He wanted to show him the Kryptonite and wanted for Sci Fi to examine the stone, to be certain it was indeed Kryptonite—then he was going to destroy it. He thought hard how he was going to accomplish the task and he decided the best way was to take his baseball bat and hit the Kryptonite until it turned to dust. Then he would take the dust, put it in an envelope and sent it to—well, he didn't know who exactly yet. Maybe he would ask Alpine.

"Sci Fi?" Bazooka called out and this time knocked on the door, slightly harder. The door creaked, wiggled and then fell toward the floor with a loud thud.

Bazooka looked down at the door. "Wow."

"What in Grayskull?" Sci Fi came rushing out of his bedroom, still in his Joe uniform, minus his mask. "How did that happen?" he asked, looking down at the door.

"Termites," Bazooka shrugged, scratching his head.

Sci Fi glanced up, his hazel eyes showing only surprise. "Bazooka, no termite can do that!" He pointed to the door.

"Okay, big termites," Bazooka added, taking a step onto the door, walking over and into laser trooper's suite. "Want to see what I got?"

The other Joe looked from the door to Bazooka's excited childlike expression. "Did you get the newest comic book in the X-men series?" he asked eagerly.

"No, better!" Bazooka walked over to the table and turned around to face the science fiction fanatic.

"What?" Sci Fi asked, now getting more intrigued. "It's not the signed copy, is it?"

"No, better!" Bazooka started rolling on his feet, back and forth, swaying with anticipation. His dark brown eyes sparkled and his grin could not open wider enough. He felt giddy, like a child in the candy shop for the first time.

"Okay, I give up, tell me!" Sci Fi walked over to the baseball card collector.

Bazooka looked around as if someone could've been spying on them. He grabbed Sci Fi by the arms and even looked behind the man just to be sure. Leaning as close as he could, his mustache inches from the other man's ear, he whispered, "Kryptonite."

"Kryptonite!" Sci Fi replied in a loud voice.

"Shh!" Bazooka motioned him to be silent. "He will hear you!"


"Superman! He'll know we have Kryptonite!"

"Bazooka," Sci Fi started to explain, resting his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Trust me, Superman will not hear us. Now tell me what's all this about with Kryptonite?"

"I have some in my pocket," Bazooka whispered, still making sure that no one else could listen. He kept glancing around Sci Fi's room, nervously.

"You have Kryptonite in your pocket!" Sci Fi said bewildered, his eyes widening.

"Yep!" Bazooka stated proudly. He patted his pant's pocket with his hand. "Oh no!"

"What?" Sci Fi asked, now turning alarmed. Had his friend lost it for sure? Maybe he should call Alpine, not to mention Psyche Out too!

"I—I lost it!" Bazooka answered solemnly. "It was in my pocket!"

"Bazooka, calm down, just look in your pocket first," Sci Fi stated, trying to keep him from panicking.

Bazooka slowly nodded with a grim face. From the corner of his mouth, his tongue poked out while he inserted his hand in his pocket, reaching all the way to the bottom. He started pulling out the contents of his pocket and placed them on the table. A few crumbled baseball cards, five packets of Yo Joe gum, a plastic fork, a yellow yo-yo and seven paperclips lay on the table, before he reached in and pulled out a few more odd and ends, placing those next to his other treasures.

"You have a grenade pin in your pocket?" asked Sci Fi, picking up the pin itself and studying it closely with amazement in his eyes.

"Yeah, don't you?" Bazooka asked casually.

Sci Fi shook his head. "Why you have one? One second thought, forget I asked."

"Okay." Bazooka looked around and then to the items on the table. "What was I looking for again?" He scratched his head, thinking, hard.

"The Kyptonite," Sci Fi patiently reminded him.

"Oh yeah!" Bazooka once again reached into his pocket, but this time came out empty handed. "No Superman killer."

Sci Fi looked down at the items. He frowned. "Well, you put it in your pocket, right?"

"Right," Bazooka answered, then suddenly his eyes widened. "No!"

"No, you didn't put it in your pocket?"

Bazooka nodded. "I did. I put it in my left pocket!"

The other Joe smacked his forehead, shaking his head, not surprised as the missile specialist reached into his left pocket and pulled out a green stone.

"See! Look!" Bazooka stated proudly, placing down the green stone on the table for his friend to examine.

Sci Fi blinked, still in amazement. "Is that it?"

"I think so. It's green. Shiny. Alpine found it."

"Well, I'll—" Sci Fi went to reach for the stone when the deafening sound of a loud explosion rocked the building, sending them both down to the floor.

The alarm echoed throughout the G.I.Joe base, its high pitch sound alerting all members of a Cobra attack.

"Snakes!" Sci Fi sprung to his feet, wasting no time and rushed out of the suite, leaving Bazooka behind.

Left alone, Bazooka looked around in a panic. "Oh no! They know about the Kryptonite!" He grabbed the stone, placed it back in his pocket and ran out of the suite, his heart thumping mad in his chest. He couldn't let the Cobras get the stone! Superman depended on him! He was not going to fail his favorite hero! No way, he was going to let that happen!

He raced toward the Sky Strikers, his feet flying beneath him, and his muscles tensing up in adrenaline which pumped in his veins. His face set, hard, ready for action and his army hard hat flying off his head. His hair flew around by the breeze.


"Watch it!"


"Get those Strikers in the air!"

The cries of Greenshirts and several other Joes raced to his ears. He halted in front of the hangars and turned, spotting Duke in front of the Motor Pool, several hundred feet away. He'd heard the first sergeant's command for the planes.

"Where's Duke?" came from his left, making him turn and spot Ace, nearing the hangars. "We need to get the planes up in the air!"

"Busy," Bazooka answered. "He ordered the Strikers in the air!"

Ace blinked. "I didn't hear that."

"I did! Move!" Bazooka ordered. He spotted Ripcord, Mutt and Wild Bill right behind Ace. "Ace, take your squadron, head the Cobra off, go round the mine field. Wild Bill, take your Dragon Fly group, attack from the rear and Ripcord, use the Tomahawks, follow the Strikers!"

They all blinked at him, their eyes wide and mouth agape in surprise.

"Did he just do a battle strategy?" asked a bewildered Wild Bill.

"Am I hearing right?" Ripcord asked, glancing around, in confusion.

"Maybe he's a synthoid?" suggested Ace.

Bazooka grumbled under his breath. "Move it now or I'll have you facing Beach Head's obstacle course in the morning!"

Another set of explosions rocked the ground and the Joes needed no further commands. They raced towards the planes and another voice filled the air, this one belonging to the field commander.

"Ace, head in with the Strikers, Ripcord, back him up with the Tomahawks, Wild Bill, bring the Dragon Flys from the rear. Move!" Duke commanded.

"All ready on it, Duke!" Ace replied, racing to his plane, jumping in and starting the engine. In moments, his plane was rolling out of the hanger, passing both Duke and Bazooka and lifting into the air, heading for battle.

Wild Bill and Ripcord both nodded, saluted and raced to their aircraft.

Cobra Rattlers flew above their head and they watched them head toward the barracks.

"Blast!" Duke growled, starting to run at top speed towards the barracks.


Bazooka turned to see Alpine heading his way. "Alpine!"

"Get in your Striker!" Alpine ordered, running towards his own.

"We need to head off Cobra before they obliterate this entire base," Bazooka stated, rushing to his Striker, passing Alpine and jumping in the pilot's seat.

Alpine halted for a moment, blinked in surprise, shook his head before he climbed in his Striker.

Both Strikers rolled out of the hangars, ready to enter the battle. From above their heads the sky had turned dark, dominated with black smoke.

Bazooka followed Alpine's lead, as always, pushed the lever forward to accelerate the speed of the aircraft and readied himself to fly the plane into battle. He watched Alpine's plane in front, lift off the ground and to the smoked filled air. His Striker though remained on the ground, its wheels still on the pavement.

"What the—?" Bazooka asked, glancing around confused, and spotted the other Strikers airborne, but his own craft remained grounded. He frowned, pushing buttons, increasing the speed of the Striker, but it did not ascend in the air.

He was running out of airstrip! Making up his mind, he pushed the lever forward to full speed. Red lights blinked on and off, warning him that the craft exceeded the weight capacity, unable to fly!

"Weird!" Bazooka exclaimed, pulling back on the lever, causing the Striker to halt, inches away from the end of the airstrip. An explosion came from his right and he turned to spot several Cobra Rattlers fighting with Sky Strikers.

"Bazooka, what's wrong down there?" Alpine's voice came from the radio.

"Striker won't fly," he replied, opening the cockpit, ready to exit the plane.

"What do you mean, it won't fly? All Strikers can fly!"

"Well, you tell that to Mary Jane, she won't fly!" Bazooka repeated.

From the radio, Ace's panicked voice cried out, "Duke! The front barracks are about to crumble! There's three Joes trapped by Cobra B.A.T.s!".

Bazooka didn't waste time, he jumped out of his plane, running at full speed toward the barracks. He could feel his feet fly underneath him and in seconds he was right near the barracks. He halted, turned, scratched his head in bewilderment and glanced back to the hangars, which were halfway across the base!

Several Greenshirts blinked at him, their faces in deep surprise.

"Did you see that?" one of the Greenshirts whispered, still looking straight at Bazooka.

The other Greenshirt numbly nodded. "Yeah, it's like he came out of thin air!"


Bazooka heard the command and he glanced about it, trying to pin point the location.

"Scarlett! We're outnumbered!" came from Gung Ho.

"Red, there's too many of them!" came from Shipwreck.

"Keep firing!" Scarlett ordered, her voice filled with fire.

Bazooka turned around, gunfire racing past his ear, yet, no bullet passed near him. He spotted a cement wall to his left. "I wish I could see what was going on!" he muttered. Then his wish came true as on the cement wall, a small oval hole appeared and he caught sight of Scarlett, Gung Ho and Shipwreck —all fighting for their lives. The B.A.T.s, Cobras robotic troops had pinned them against the other side of the wall. The image then disappeared, and once again the wall became whole.

He blinked, anger rushed through his veins and he found himself charging around the building toward the B.A.T.s. With a swift move, he charged at the Cobra B.A.T.s, single-handedly.

"Stay away from my friends!" he growled, grabbing one of the robots and flung it against the other ten, destroying them instantly.

"What the devil?" Scarlett blinked in bewilderment, her eyes drawn to the missile specialist who continued to demolish the rest of the B.A.T's by only using his hands.

Bazooka let out another growl as he grabbed two B.A.T.s and shoved their heads together, crushing one against the other before they fell to the ground with a clunk.

"Well, someone is eating his spinach!" Shipwreck commented, his own face showing his surprise.

The B.A.T.'s mangled, Bazooka turned to his friends, finding them unscathed and safe.

A voice shouted in the radio, "Ace look out! You have a Cobra Rattler on your tail!"

Bazooka looked to the sky, spotting the Sky Striker fleeing away from the Cobra Rattler and his heart raced. Something took over his entire body and he knew that he had to save his friend! There was no other choice. He started running again, ignoring the awed comments coming from his comrades. His feet once again flew underneath him, faster, harder, until he no longer felt the ground and he found himself nearing the Rattler. His thoughts set hard, determined to keep Ace safe from Cobra's clutches.

The Cobra Rattler continued to chase the Joe Striker, the pilot's face in full concentration but when he turned to the window, the Cobra pilot's eyes widened.

"Stay away from my friend!" Bazooka shouted at the enemy pilot.

"AGHHH!" the Cobra soldier screamed and twisted the plane away, flying away from Bazooka and the Joe base.

"And stay away!" Bazooka shouted at the ever-growing smaller blue dot, shaking his fist in the air. He huffed, turned and glanced around, finally let reality hit him like a cement wall. "Holy Cow!"

He glanced down, all around him, seeing the ground hundreds of feet below him and he looked up, finding nothing but dark clouds above him and then he twirled around, feeling only the air around him. "Wow!"

Cobra Rattlers passed him, some twisting in mid air as if the pilots lost control. Then the blue planes turned around and started fleeing, following the first Cobra Rattler.

Bazooka watched the Cobras retreat, watched the Sky Strikers chase the rest of the enemy away and watched the ground troops stopping their vehicles, hands in the air, cheering for winning the battle. He smiled and let out his own cheer. With his arms in straight out in front of him, he started to descend down toward the ground, near the team.

"What's that?" he heard Flint ask the field commander.

"Is it a bird?" came from Cover Girl, her hand above her eyes.

"Is it a Sky Striker?" came from Clutch, sitting on Cover Girl's Wolverine.

"No! It's Bazooka flying!" Duke's amazed announcement sent a ripple of mummers around the rest of the troops.

Bazooka could feel the excitement dominating his body. He was flying! He smiled down at them all, but his smile vanished, discovering that he could not stop. "Help!" he cried out, covering his eyes with both hands and waited for the crash. It came! Several moans flew to his ears and he felt his entire body twist around before it stopped abruptly.

"Are you all right?" came several voices from both his left and right.

He let out a moan, opened his eyes and his hand went to his head, finding a lump. "No. Got headache."

"Bazooka, can you tell me what the bloody blue blazes just happened?" Duke asked, his blue eyes only inches from the missile specialist.

Bazooka's eyes widened in surprise, realizing he had fallen on top of the field commander! He slowly rose to his feet. "I...uhh… forgot." He scratched his head again, shaking it, not knowing what fully had occurred. He glanced around, spotting a few more Joes racing towards them.

"Duke, you all right?" Scarlett knelt next to the field commander, her eyes filled with concern.

"Yeah, if you can call a broken head all right," Duke replied, shaking his head slowly. He turned to ask Bazooka one more time but saw the man walk away, his head lowered and with Alpine's arm around his shoulders.

Scarlett frowned. Her keen eye caught a shimmering object on the ground next to Duke. "What's this?" she thought, reaching and taking hold of a green stone.

"Briefing room, on the double!" Duke barked at the Joes, now on his feet. "We need to make sense of this Cobra attack!"

While other Joes started to follow the Joe leader, Scarlett glanced down at the stone, her mind fighting to recall where she had seen a similar looking stone, but it failed her. A small black creature crawled on her yellow glove and she sharply inhaled. She cringed, shook her hand profusely, flung the spider off and smothered it with her boot, killing the creature instantly.

"Scarlett?" Duke called out to her. He had stopped and waited.

"Coming, Duke." Scarlett placed the green stone in her pocket and rose to her feet, following the rest of the team.