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Characters: Ecco (obviously), the Prime Mover, Pilot, a member of the Circle, and the last member of the Crimson

Type of Story: Romance and spiritual

Summary: What if the Prime Mover began to fall in love with Ecco after their little fight? This is her point of view, from when she meets him to when he leaves her and all the other dolphins of the past!

The Love I Felt for You

Chapter One: The Battle and Claiming the Harness

I swam around the wide cave, two entrances connecting it to the opening, where the other dolphins (the other Movers and the other two sects). After taking a good breath from the air bubbles at the bottom, I swam up, now seeing my son Pilot approaching me from one of the entrances, and a Bottle-nosed dolphin coming from the other one. Upon his head just in front of his blow hole, there were four stars. "Halt, stranger!" I called to him without fear (even though I've never seen a dolphin like him (accept in legends)). "A challenge! You understand us well! If you can defeat me I will tell you what I know!" I had the notion that he wanted to know about the Movers and the Temple; there was no doubt about it.

I magnified my sonar, trying to damage him with it, rather than charging like he would, and I managed to hit him once. That's right, I thought. You can't beat me, you outsider! We swam around the cave in a fast way, him charging, and me using my loud sonar. He called to me, saying that he did not want to fight, but I gave his plead no heed. I had to finish this. I felt his beak hit me hard, blood pouring out of me, and he gave yet another intense charge, the agonizing pain searing through my body, my tail, my stomach. After three more devastating hits from him (which would make five in all), I chose to stop the fight. "I admit defeat, Ecco," I declared. "I will tell you what I know of the Labor Harness. Legend tells us that when the Harness is used again, the Engine of Salvation will reunite our kind with man. But to reach it, one member of each dolphin sect must together sing the Hymn of Unity."

I swam with a steady pace, Ecco behind me. The current pushed us through faster though, and we were out in the open in no time. I moved to the Movers' Temple, where one of my guards resided. Ecco called to me, and I answered, "Now lead me. Take me to the Temple. Lead us all to the Temple. Unite us as we have not been united since man left us." We went up to the Temple, a few feet above us. Now the door to the huge building was in front of us, and I just stayed near it, swimming around it so as not to just be sill, taking breaths from the air bubbles that were located over the roof of the Great Temple now and then. Ecco used his sonar at me, as to call me and get my attention again. "I will wait here for the others to arrive," I replied in answer.

The brave dolphin swam away, getting ready to bring a member from the other two sects (the Crimson and Circle), and I was alone around this gigantic temple. He's beautiful, I admitted to myself. He's strong and courageous, too. Good fighter. It was all true. Although I haven't seen a dolphin like him before in all my years, he was great to look at, and he was great at dueling if he beat me the Prime Mover, the strongest dolphin yet. What made his appearance attractive was his skin, bluish-grey…and those four stars atop his head. Why did he have those stars? Was he born with them? I wondered silently in my mind. His eyes were only black, yes, but they revealed the experience and wisdom (though it was still a legendary trait that none of us (accept him) have) through many years, and regardless of how childish they may seem at times (they looked a little like that when we fought in the cave), they still were cute, absolutely adorable. Also, none of the dolphins in this world have that smile. It was captivating, exposing how happy he was despite the hardships and challenges he's going to face as the Chosen One. Yes, he is the Chosen One, the one that would unite us all, claim the Harness, and journey to the Engine of Salvation.

Ecco returned with a member of the Crimson. Those dolphins were black with a red tail and fins of the same color, and even though we had our differences, we sang together, giving Ecco our sincere thanks. I had the notion (sadly) that he was the last of the Crimson, the last of their sect. They believed their red fins make them the Chosen of Man. The Movers (my sect) were a yellow color, and our shape was fit and perfect for challenges. Our way of life was fighting, but we never challenge children. The Circle's color was brown with white fins and red tails. They believed the Circle is the most important thing of all.

After Ecco called to the Crimson member, he replied, "I sing your praises to the Mover. Bring a member of the Circle so that we might all sing the Hymn of Unity once more." He disappeared a second time to go get one of the Circle, and I was alone with the Crimson.

I thought yet again how angelic he looked, the appearance that made him look as if he came from another world, or even another time period. Soon, after a few times of singing the Hymn of Unity with the Crimson, Ecco returned with a Circle member. I got into position (exactly in front of the Temple's door with the other two dolphins), and, then, we started to all sing the Hymn of Unity at it, our sonar loud as we did so. The door obeyed our command, opening, finally revealing the Harness. Before Ecco swam inside, he called to the Crimson, who replied in determination, "The Temple opens! The Harness is revealed! Seek the Engine of Salvation so we at last may rejoin man!"

The Chosen Dolphin called to the Circle, who said, "The Circle solutes the Crimson and the Movers! As before, we three are as one! Unity! Unity! Unity! Hail Ecco!"

Once he called to me, I responded in joy, "Ecco, we were alone! Now we are together! We are forever in your debt!" It was true, except that we had no way of repaying him. My body felt kind of off-balanced as I saw his smile again, and those childish-looking yet cute eyes made my heart beat a little faster. I watched as he entered the Temple, claiming the Harness inside, and, then, he came back outside with it wrapped around his body. The Harness (not so surprisingly) seemed good on him, with that yellowish-orange color mixed with those silver lines that went across it. He swam deeper into the green water, disappearing before my eyes, and for some reason, my heart ached to see him leave.

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