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Summary: Pilot asks the Prime Mover how she felt about Ecco before he left, after catching her in the Temple alone… How will she answer? Will she tell her son the truth about what she told the Chosen One? Read and find out!

The Truth

It has been years since I've last seen Ecco, and I missed him day and night, but the memories of him never faded in my heart, no matter how long ago that was. I was in the Temple, staring at the middle of the huge room, where the Harness used to be, and where the Chosen One claimed it. The four dolphin statues were still around that ball of bright green light and strong energy, each of their beaks touching it, symbolizing unity. "I love you," I whispered to the exact spot where the Harness was. "I'll never forget you, Ecco…"

"Mother?" asked my son's curious voice. "What are you doing in here?"

"Nothing, Pilot," I answered, trying my best to keep the truth hidden, even though I hated to lie to him. "I'm just looking at where the Harness used to be…"

"I see that, but I also heard you say some stuff about Ecco. Did you?"

"Yes," I admitted. "I was…"

"What were you saying about him?"

"I can't tell you…"

"You can tell me; I swear I won't tell a soul what you said if you don't want me to."

"Well," I began, "I guess I...had feelings for him…"

"You loved him?" Pilot asked, though it was more like a statement than a question.

I turned around, nodding at him in embarrassment. There was a long silence between us, and I broke it, confessing, "I loved him…dearly…"

"I can see why! He was very courageous and caring!"

"Yes… He was…"

My son eyed me happily with understanding, his black eyes shining in the light from the ceiling of the Temple. "Would you like to join the rest of us, Mother? We're singing the Hymn."

"Yes, I would," I replied in joy.

"Someday, I'm going to be just like him!"

"You already are like him, son. You're growing strong, intelligent, and brave as you grow older."

"Thank you, Mother. I'll never forget the time he found those Globes. We were smart after that, and we had a lot more determination to gain what we wanted."

"Yes," I said. "Parts of our souls have been born, and opened."



"Did you ever tell Ecco you loved him?"

I gulped, my heart beating faster, and my nervousness expanding at the thought of my last words to Ecco years before. "Well, yes…"

"Tell me what happened!" Pilot forced me. That little Mover was growing each day, and his body (from fluke to beak) looked in excellent shape and condition. Over the years, I have taught him how to fight, and he was now able to take down any predator face-to-face (very much unlike he could when I rescued him from that shark that attempted to harm him before, when we were doing our best to catch up with Ecco and witness the destruction he caused on the heart of the Engine of Death).

I was going to confess what happened now; there was no holding back. "Well, I simply said I loved him, and he said he loved me back…and then…and then we said our farewells…" My heart sunk, remembering every moment, and every word Ecco and I spent and uttered before he parted from us.

"Oh," Pilot said with shock. "But it couldn't have been that easy to say…"

"No, you're right," I agreed. "It wasn't. Someday you'll understand when you fall in love."

"Well, are you coming? We're about to sing the Hymn of Unity."

"Yes. You go first. I need to be here for a second."

"Alright. We will wait for you, Mother."

"Thank you." I heard him swim out of the Temple, leaving me to my solitude. I resumed my usual stare at the green ball in the center of the room, where the Harness was before Ecco claimed it. "Ecco… I can't say good-bye because you're always in my memories, in my heart… I hope you're happy wherever you are… I am joyful here, but I still miss you… I love you, and I will never forget you…" I said all this to the bright sphere, as if I expected it to answer or express its opinion, or perhaps Ecco's. The Chosen Dolphin was far superior to the mate man has forced me to have. Man has given me a mate not to my liking, and they made us have a calf. How I hated it! But when Ecco arrived, my world was saved… I swam out of the Temple, joining the rest of the dolphins gathered in the outside. I gave my son a satisfied glance. I had the notion that he wouldn't let out my personal secret to anyone; I didn't need to command him not to. I got into the correct position in front of the Temple with everyone, and I sang, "Sing the Hymn of Unity at every rising sun! Sing the Hymn of Unity! It binds our three as one!" We did sing it, and as we did, the memory of when we did it to allow Ecco to obtain the Harness came into my mind, making me grieve slightly inside, and yet making me joyful to remember such an event.

"Unity! Unity! Unity! Hail Ecco!" we all sang loudly with our sonar.

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